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Zine #4 - 89 - Interview With Level 4 (3/4)

on Sun 18 May 2008 by Chester author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in ZINE powered by BitFellas > ZINE #04

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Interview With Level 4 (3/4)
by Chester of Brainstorm

9. D.I.S.C. is the magazine of yours. Tell us the story about it, the cooperation with Phaze 101, and perhaps with Vision in the future ...
-I began to reflect about making an own diskmagazine when none of the present magazines satisfied me. I thought about making a magazine which will be mainly dedicated to coders but then I decided on making a magazine which should be interesting to every freak. Another reason maybe is that I wanted to write articles without being censored and without to have care of the article's length. I just wanted to avoid those things other diskmagazines failed to do. I asked TORCH from Phaze 101 who was making the 'NEW PHAZE' whether he was interested to join DISC or not. Against all my expectations he agreed. On the APEX-party I met Yankee (I think you know him!) and he also joined DISC. Vision promised to join DISC but till now no articles were made by them.

10.We know that it's hard to publish a magazine, many groups just publish one to have such stuff. What's your opinion about the 'magazine-boom'?
-Making a good magazine requires serious ambitions and interest from people involved. Most groups that make diskmagazines just make them to become famous (people generally tend to release every shit). Many magazines are needed to gain knowledge about different styles and topics. If there weren't no other diskmagazines, the quality of the dominating magazine (CJ) would have declined much more than it already did. The only disadvantage is that it sometimes happens that an article about a big event is reported twice.

11.CrackerJournal and ZINE, what's your opinion about these two leading diskmags?
-The CJ is still the leading magazine because it's contents don't differ from the interests of the majority (wars, news, quarrels, ad's...). I do not like the way aricles are written. They seem not to read what they have previously keyed in because sometimes even a word is missing. Besides the bad English they tend to become self-content by praising their own magazine and being arrogant in a certain way. Anyway, I like the CJ somehow (though they kept 4 disks of mine without having published my advertisement... cool, cool !!!). ZINE is a good magazine, too. The English is much better than in the CJ and the interviews are more intelligent. Some articles do not even interest my dog but the general impression is good (If ZINE or CJ were perfect it would be no use to make DISC !!!).

12.What are you doing in D.I.S.C.?
-I'm translating articles, correct articles which are already written in English, collect advertisements, make charts, demo-corner, chatterbox, Assemblerkurs, diskstealercharts.

13.How many members do you have and what's their function?
-We are now 14 actve members (and passive ones):


This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #4" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in april of 1990.

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