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Zine #5 - 21 - Miracle Fairlight Horizon Party Report

on Sun 15 Jun 2008 by Big Al author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in ZINE powered by BitFellas > ZINE #05

comments: 5 hits: 3020

Miracle Fairlight Horizon Party Report
by Big Al of Ecstasy

After things were getting pretty hot in England, Havok and I decided to get on the plane to Sweden. The party looked to be one of the best and after continues nagging from Conqueror & Zike we decided to go.

When we had unpacked we decided to check out the party place the day before it started. When we arrived in downtown Gothenburg Conqueror pointed out the building to me, even though we were a mile away from it the place looked massive! The school had 5 floors with a massive hall as an extension there was another building with gound floor showers, 1st floor had 2 gyms and the 3rd floor was a 5-a-side pitch. The building was supposed to be where guys can sleep. When we inpected the main building each floor had 11 big rooms with each room having to be reorganised for computers. When the first day of the party came many guys came to the school. The entrance to the party was 8 kronars and the organisers (guys in Miracle/Horizon/Fairlight) got in free. The ground floor had toilets and a food stall, first floor had the videos and some guys from Legion. The 4th and 5th floor was packed with computers with the 5th floor being the elite section. There was a small bbs room at the end of the 5th floor. During the party each group had a room but most groups shared rooms. The main groups that turned up were Miracle, Fairlight, Horizon, Vision factory, Scoopex Finland, Rebels, Red Sector, Oracle, Defjam, Razor 1911, Piranhas, Trilogy, The Silents, Northstar, Duel Crew, Link, Dmob, Legion and many, many other groups!

Some of the things that happened at the party was Reward of Scoopex buying 55 bottles of beer 1 bottle of tequila and a bottle of whisky and getting pissed all the time. The main fight between Strider of Fairlight and Stalker of Classic came to nothing, both just slagged each other off and walked away. Outside the school some guys put an army grenade in a commodore 64 which completely destoyed it. After the party the school had many windows broken, a wall had a big hole in it, school books were being thrown out of windows and loads of stuff being broken. The on-line bbs had a few problems to start but many guys phoned it. The food stall was too expensive with a can of coke being 10 kronars (a quid) and a roll being 20 kronars. The arrangements of the school were pretty stupid meaning that if you wanted to go to the toilet and you were on the fifth floor you had to go down 10 flights of steps to the toilet and 10 flights up again (fucking knackering!!).

At about 4am the demo competition started, it took place in the big hall with about 200 guys sitting. The first prize was a 14.4 hst modem, second prize 2 megs and third prize was an extra drive. The demos were shown on 2 T.V. which was pretty stupid because many guys at the back of the hall could not see a thing! There were many good demos among the 21 that were entered. After the voting had been done and counted the final results were in 5th place The Silents, 4th place Hypnosis, 3rd place Dual Crew, 2nd place Fairlight and in 1st place was Scoopex Finland.

Altogether the party was a great success with over 500 guys turning up and with guys from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, England, Germany, Holland it was quite an international party! With this i just can not wait for Summer Conference!! Just a message to any guys going to Sweden that its fucking expensive!!!

This article originally appeared in the Amiga diskmagazine "Zine #5" by Brainstorm 1990.

Some content may refer to activities that are illegal in some countries. BitFellas does not support such activity.
Addresses and other contact information were only valid when this magazine was originally published, in june of 1990.


magicnah | 2010.01.31
Comments: 154

Registered: 2006.07.13

Reward/Scx buying 55 bottles of beer and 1 bottle Tequila
Fight between Strider/FLT and Stalker/Classic came to nothing

nice that you can win a 14k4 modem for first price in demo compo

AMItac | 2010.02.02
Comments: 59

Registered: 2006.05.27

Outside the school some guys put an army grenade in a commodore 64 which completely destoyed it. After the party the school had many windows broken, a wall had a big hole in it, school books were being thrown out of windows and loads of stuff being broken

....nice prices and dangerous special FX..

LiNCOLN | 2010.02.09
Comments: 31

Registered: 2006.03.27

those were the times...

Serpent | 2010.02.12
Comments: 428

Registered: 2006.06.01

Mental Hangover won the demo compo

s!nk | 2010.02.22
Comments: 67

Registered: 2008.02.01

kick ass party!

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