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2 - Scene Extreme - 8 - Dov'e la scena italiana - Where is the Italian scene?

on Sun 20 May 2007 by Kaosmaster author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Diskmags > Jurassic Pack #17

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Dov'e la scena italiana - Where is the Italian scene?
asked by Kaosmaster

Italy is famous for Berlusconi, Spaghetti and Pizza, rather less for scene talents - in that regard it has always been a silent and moderate country.

While on one side a really small number of people was busy working, on the other side, a large number was there just to make an appearance on memberlists. Nothing more, nothing less. If this was the situation some years ago, today it is worse.

Dream Merchants, is a small sparkle on the italian territory. Skan, Myx and Phobia, they are a respectly graphician, musician and again graphician. Skan is also a wellknown bot ermh... user on the IRC Channel #amigascne. Actually they are without a valid coder, and if you want to apply you can feel free to write an email to -email-.

Darkage is totally full time converted to business and commercial products it does not plan to re-enter the demoscene with a valid release. Other crews are just a dream of old days and Ram Jam is totaly dead.

However, there are many single sceners left alone with their miggys. Hope they will soon move their asses in order to do something scene related. One of them is DeadPoet, the man behind that accademic article regarding the scene on the previous issue of EC. For any critic on his article feel free to write us for a deep discussion about this topic. Another one is TAD, a Sicilian coder, who has released some intros with modem/dkg time ago, under the X-Zone Label. Nowadays still follows the amiga scene, but just like a simple observer. And just to flag another one: we also have Fabbroz, who is an independant musician who runs his own Music Studio.

Morbid Visions, has released another revision of their old intro: "LaChopper". "LaChopper Dx" is the deluxe edition, featuring new effects and improved graphics. Code and graphics by: Deathbringer and The Dark Coder, while music is used without permission from Cancer.

LaChopper Dx is the final work of Morbid Visions. There will be no more productions from this crew.


If you think you are an active italian scener
If you are willing to build up a crew in italy
If you are a coder and want to team up with an italian crew
If you need some space to advertise your crew
If you need any help or infos on the scene movements
If you are italian and want to discuss about scene topics
Or If you are a sexy female and have nothing else to do...

feel free to write me at:


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