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YERZMYEY (HOOY-PROGRAM, AY-RIDERS) (27.05.2010) (survey) graphician

on Sat 14 Aug 2010 by YERZMYEY author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Interviews

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Survey of YERZMYEY
Job: graphician

Survey submitted: Thu 27 May 2010

Handle, ex-handle(s):

Name, birthday, origin:

Group, ex-group(s):

What was your first group, your role in that group and what did that group produce?:
It was HOOY-PROGRAM. Was - and IS. I'm a musician there. Sometimes I make some crap comic-style gfx. Rarely - I code shitty BASIC demos.

What motivates you to spend time on the scene?:
I dunno. I'm bored. I do some stuff for fun. Sometimes - instead of drinking beer and sometimes - WHILE drinking beer.

On what platform(s) did you begin your computing journey, and when was this?:
ZX Spectrum 48K. In was in the second half of 80s.

What platform(s) do you use now?:
Mostly: ZX Spectrum, ZX81, Amiga 500, Atari ST, Atari Falcon. Also I'm interested in Commodore 116 / Plus4 and Atari Lynx.

What is/are your favorite piece(s) of music(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:

Outside of a demo? Spectrum and ST music by TDM, C-Jeff, Factor6, Gasman, Megus and X-Agon. Plus YM-Rockerz band.

Which graphician, in and outside the demoscene, inspirated you the most?:
Nobody from inside of the scene. But from outside - artists making non-realistic and idiotic comic-books, and the most - Tadeusz Baranowski. Maybe also Janusz Christa, in a less degree.

What is/are your favorite picture(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
Stuff from ZX Spectrum: all the best graphicians from ex-CCCP and Trixs (from Slovakia).

What's the procedure when you start a new picture?:

I don't know. My pictures must be funny and stupid. More alcohol = more brain-cells are dead = more stupidity = a new pic.

What drawing/3d program are you using the most to express yourself? Why?:
Art Studio on ZX Spectrum. DeLuxePaint on Atari ST. On PC I used AutoDeskAnimator and now it's PaintShop (also to correct some stuff from other mentioned machines).

Do you draw on any other platforms beside computers? (Painting, Graffiti etc):
Some time ago I used to draw comic-books. But nowadays I almost stopped drawing beside computers. Actually I regret. Hand forgets quickly.

Which project that you worked on was the most exciting and interesting for you? And why?:

Making graphic for a PC game "Huj hujowi nie rowny" and for ZX Spectrum games: "Droga do Duplandu" and "Ucieczka ze spejsszipu". I dunno why. They were pretty huge jobs.

What is your favorite demo, intro, megademo, retrogame, slideshow, musicdisk, diskmag, wilddemo?:
Demo - "Hiher State" on ZX Spectrum 48K. Intro - "Haiku" by Gasman (also ZX Spectrum 48K). I play only retro-games, so maybe "Hero Quest". And a lot of ZX Spectrum and Amiga platform-games. Trixs' ZX-slideshow was nice. Also some Amiga500 slideshows. Music-collections? I like many. Last times - "Modulation 2": MODs on Atari ST and YM only - rule big time. As for diskmags I liked "ZX Land". Wilddemo? I like all funny crazy-demos. Especially for Spectrum.

Discuss: minimalistic demos, cracktros, fucktros, joke demos, lamers, compo winners at big parties, demotools, diskmags, chiptunes, glenz vectors, programming languages, photoshop, textmode:
Joke demos rule. Chiptunes rule. Programming in BASIC rules (but not for audience ).

What platform(s) needs more demos?:
ZX Spectrum 48K for _sure_. It's almost abandoned. Also - ZX81 (1Kb and 16Kb). Commodore 116 and Plus/4. Atari ST 1Mb and Amiga 500 1Mb.

Which parties do you intend to go to, and which parties would you like to go to? Please describe your personal experiences with your most favourite or impressive party you have ever been at:
I like Forever party. Also Polish Atari fans organize great parties. I must admit I like my own party too - International Vodka Party. As the main organizer I'm permanently drunk then and I care about nothing more. It's great fun. Beerever was cool but last years Hellboj doesn't organize it, sadly.

How did the scene alter since you are taking an active part in it? Can you explain why?:

The changes since 1989 are HUGE. You can imagine by Yourself easily.

What are your dreams/goals in life, did scene help you and have you achieved them yet?:
I always wanted to make games. I met cool people on ZX scene and thanx to that - I was a part of many game-projects.

Finally, do you have some special greetings? Feel free to add links to your graphics, screenshots of effects, modules or other pieces of your work.:
Greetz to all ZX users, ST/Falcon fans, Amiga500 freakz, Commodore 116/16/Plus4 scene. ZX81 users should get a real kick to make more stuff for this excellent machine.

Greetz to BitFellas too.

My WWW links? Why not. Here they are:
and SOON will be also: http://ym-digital.i-demo.pl/YM_Digital-Retro.mp3

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