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Maytz (Loonies) (14.04.2010) (survey) musician

on Sat 14 Aug 2010 by Maytz author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Interviews

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Survey of Maytz
Job: musician

Survey submitted: Wed 14 Apr 2010

Handle, ex-handle(s):

Name, birthday, origin:
Martin, 1975, .dk

Group, ex-group(s):

What is your favorite color?:
Every color is my favorite color.

On what platform(s) did you begin your computing journey, and when was this?:
C-64 (1985), Amiga 500 (1989), A1200 (1993), A4000 (1997?), A4060+PPC (1999?), PC!!! (2002)

What platform(s) do you use now?:
Mostly PC, but Amiga never dies

What is/are your favorite piece(s) of music(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
Desert Dream / Kefrens, Extension / Pygmy Porjects, Arte / Sanity, Friday At Eight / Polka b. + 100 others.

What music program are you using the most to express yourself? Why?:
Protracker and Renoise - why? What a stupid question!

Do you play any instrument? Which?:
Coffee machine.

What is your favorite demo, intro, megademo, retrogame, slideshow, musicdisk, diskmag, wilddemo?:
Desert Dream / Kefrens.

Discuss: minimalistic demos, cracktros, fucktros, joke demos, lamers, compo winners at big parties, demotools, diskmags, chiptunes, glenz vectors, programming languages, photoshop, textmode:

Lamers are just as cool as Glenz - you can see trough them.

What platform(s) needs more demos?:

Which parties do you intend to go to, and which parties would you like to go to? Please describe your personal experiences with your most favourite or impressive party you have ever been at:
lots of lots...

How did the scene alter since you are taking an active part in it? Can you explain why?:

Amiga almost died, PC took over, and Gamers ruined everything

Finally, do you have some special greetings? Feel free to add links to your graphics, screenshots of effects, modules or other pieces of your work:
Heine du tar' bare den næste taxi på en andens regning.

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