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16 Beat (Sanity) (00.00.1991) musician

on Wed 06 Jun 2007 by Floyd author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Interviews

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Interview with 16 Beat/Sanity by Jester/Sanity
Publication: Crack 4 Diskmagazine

Please introduce yourself to our readers first.
People call me 16 Beat. I'm musician in Sanity, 'made in germany' 1971. (guess how old I am ...)

What were the first experiences that you have had with music ?
Well, I played the piano standing in my grand -parents house. (12 years ago - so you can imagine the results of first contacts ...) Later I took LESSONS in playing the most beautiful instrument ever developed. (piano)

When and with what computer did you start digital music ?
First I used the 'Soundmonitor' on the (good?),old C64. Then there was the better Future Composer,and then the Sound/Noise-tracker on Amiga.

What equipment do you own (computer and perhaps keyboard synths) ?
I just own an Amiga + sampler,but I hope I can afford a keyboard these days ............

Do you sample all your instruments yourself and if so, from which sources ?
I think, that NO musician uses only selfmade- samples (including me), but when I'm listening to a good CD or MC, and the quality of the copy is not too bad, I plug my sampler and ...

Tell us about your favourite Amiga music tools, please.
Well, I like the Audiomaster III coz of its' great functions. Furthermore I use the Noisetracker X.X ; sometimes a protracker.

What do you consider to be more important about a song - the composition or the arrangement/ production ?
Of course a good mixture of both factors is best, but I think that a boring but well-made track is better than cool melody combined with technical disaster.

What music do you like to listen to ?
I like Roxette,Queen,Petshop Boys Simple Minds and Erasure ...

Who do you consider to be the best Amiga musicians and why ?
I think you should divide musicians into two categories: Musicians like (ex) 4-Mat are able to create nice compositions without making toomuch arrangement (see Uncle Tom)and vice versa. So I dont want to decide this.

What kind of music real and Amiga do you hate and why ?
I don't like snap, Klf and all this weird groups too much, coz all of those 'bands' do the same kind o' music. On Amiga I could just mention RTS (ex fish(don't know 'em eh ) and some others, I don't wanna blame.

Do you think that the lyrics of a song are as important as the music itself ?
I think the quality of music depends on lyrics, so you can't divide them. Just a genius is able to make a good track with misfi lyrics.

What is your attitude to music competitions? Which ones were good, which bad and why ?
I just wanna mention the M A X I M U M P L E A S U R E sound competition. The best example for a competition, that better should never have been taken place! Generally I like all kinds of contests, coz of the thrill you sometimes feel.

What do you think about people who can only create acceptable pieces with expensive synth-equipment? Do you know any?
I know somebody, who is not (even with expensive 'quipts) able to do something, you can listen too. As always I can't tell you, that he is called wolfgang Tenbrink ...

How important is success to you ? Do you need a positive feedback from people to be willing to go on or is it only your personal opinion about your work that counts for u ?
Being succesful is really nice, but everybody should be as good as he expects from himself.

Is there anything special you want to reveal to your fans or foes ?
Regards to Jester,Diddle and Copper: The best of t he Maximum Pleasure Party was the 8.5 h car-session. (excepted the last 10 minutes) Hiho to Shade. (write faster !!!) My foes are not worth a word ..

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