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635 - 3DMark veröffentlicht (.de)

on Wed 06 Feb 2013 by Bobic author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in .deMOSZENE News

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3DMark veröffentlicht

Futuremark hat soeben den neuen 3DMark veröffentlicht. Das Benchmark-Programm kann diesmal nicht nur die Leistung von PCs testen, sondern auch von iOS- und Android-Geräten. Die Basic-Edition enthält alle drei Tests (Ice Storm, Cloud Gate, Fire Strike) und kann kostenlos runtergeladen werden.

Download: 3DMark Version 1.0.0 (966 MB)

"With three all new tests you can bench everything from smartphones and tablets, to notebooks and home PCs, to the latest high-end, multi-GPU gaming desktops. And it's not just for Windows. With 3DMark you can compare your scores with Android and iOS devices too."

Editionen und Preise
3DMark Basic Edition - FREE
- Includes all three tests: Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike.
- Test everything from tablets to gaming PCs.
- Easy to use, no technical know-how needed.
- Free online account to manage your results.

3DMark Advanced Edition - 24,99 Dollar
- Run each test individually for faster benchmarking.
- Unlock the Fire Strike Extreme preset for extreme hardware.
- Explore your PC's performance limits with custom settings.
- Use benchmark looping for stability testing and burning in.
- Get in-depth insights with interactive performance graphs.
- Automatically save your results offline.

3DMark Professional Edition - 995,00 Dollar
- Licensed for business and commercial use.
- Command line automation.
- Image Quality Tool.
- Private offline results option.
- Export results as XML.

Autor: Marcel Kleffmann
Quelle: Futuremark

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