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Fourth Dimension #05 Part 2

on Mon 11 Jun 2007 by Anonymous author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

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ÿÿ ø
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¥ • ”„tŽ|j
Xfourth dimension b3 Title Picture

ISSUE #5 Part II - 1990/1991

 Cryptoburners and Razor 1911 presents

Fourth Dimension Issue 5 - 1991

 Issue #5, January 1991 was released 30th of January 1991

 Fourth Dimension #6 will be released 2nd of April 1991 ÿÿ
ò ôContents  Contents Fourth Dimension issue 05 II


001..........................Title Page
070..................New Video Releases
002....................Contents Part II
072..........................Kidnap 'em
003....................Articles Reading
005...........................Some News
006....................1990 - Flashback
076..............The Main Event Of 1991
010...................Gossip - The Itch
077.......How To Order Fourth Dimension
013..................Kickstart Problems
078...........How To Write Articles/Ads
015.................Motala Party Report
079.....Cryptoburners Seasons Greetings
019...Sega Mega Drive - Complete Review
080......Bookreview - All The Grey Cats
022..................The Swedish Corner
024....The Sad Life Of A Computer Freak
084.....................Foreign Affairs
025............Some Words About Vectors
086.......................Coders Corner
028....................Tipp Topp Tomato
029...................The Golden Charts
031.............Fourth Dimension Charts
032..................And On The 6th Day
093.........................Final Words
999.......Enter part one of 4D issue #5
060.................The Devil's Machine Colourguide

061............Modeming With Your Amiga

 - Humour

 - Leisure
065.......Magnetic Fields Revenge Party

 - Miscellaneous
068..............The Southjutland Scene

 - Serious Amiga Stuff ÿÿ
â % |
ª ™Articles Reading Articles Reading  button and your cursor keys have fucked
up and you cant skip off of this page!!
WHATS ALL THIS THEN? Well firstly I bye....... Turmoil of Scoopex U.K.
would like you to ask yourself why you
are reading this article? Well?? Maybe Seeing as that wasnt much of a long
its the general interest or the boredom article as you all wanted and you are
of having nothing else to do! Is it still reading I might aswell continue
that you want to know what I have to with something! Well basically I would
say because you know me or something like to mention that you will see that
like that! up above I wrote the word FUCK or one
The most popular articles I would of its very many variants! I just want
say in any magazine are those which are to say that there is an incresingly
interviews with the big names in the number of people (especially europeans)
Amiga scene or party reports! The news who are using this word! We all know
column is always a popular one and for its a swear word but by continually
all those keen swappers out there the using this verb (well it is a DOING
adverts are their main interest! Am I thing is it not!) you start to wonder
not right or wot? is that the only English they know! Is
Anyway thats beside the point, or that what you learn in English lessons!
is it? I forgot! Anyway I will tell you
why you are reading this utter load of Continues on the next page...... 
shit text!
Its because of the brilliant
presentation! NO ITS NOT!!!!!! Your
right its because your bloody mouse ÿÿ

â % |¯ ™Articles Reading Maybe you have to learn this! Comments from the Editor...
I FUCK Not much to say about this except that
You FUCK I agree on the word 'Fuck'. Everybody
He/She FUCKS (Yes, even little 13-year-old kids) use
We FUCK it. I can't say I find it very positive
They FUCK that the only words kids learn nowadays
Everybloodybody FUCKS are words like 'Shit, Fuck, Dickhead'
 and so on. Well, as long as they keep
I fuckED this girl but she FuckING did these words to themselves it's ok, but
not like it so I said fuck IT and left. it's so incredibly annoying to get five
 letters every day all containing the
Well thats about it from me so I shall same words... (Yo, let's swap and Fuck)
see you in another article and I will That was the opinion of the editor. If
now let some CRYPTOBURNER EDITOR write you have read this (You probably have
some crap about his article! since you're reading it now) and are
 thinking about sending a letter to
Look in the ads to contact our boards! Fourth Dimension, please... Don't let
 it contain the word 'Fuck'!!!!!!

 Blackstar/Cryptoburners ÿÿ ÿ è
_ë ù
GSome News +-+-+ SOME NEWS +-+-+ * On Tahiti they have found a goldfish
that changes colour when you hit it
* Foreningen 'MARSVIN PÅ MARS' trenger with a hammer !
medlemmer! Medl.blad 2 ganger i året
Kontakt Fallos/Cinefex. * Hjemme hos B.I.T er det så dårlige
tilstander at de må vaske hendene
* B.I.T / CINEFEX er dypt religiøs. etter at de har spist !
Han venter på at Guds rike skal
komme til jorden snart, og nekter * 'Det er bedre med en stikkpille i
derfor å vaske seg. 'Det er viktig ræva enn ti i munnen' meldes det fra
å kunne møte HAN med rent sinn. homofiles landsmøte.
Derfor bruker jeg all min energi på
å renske sinnet, ikke kroppen' * Nautic / Cinefex skal forandre navn
uttalte han til redaksjonen. Han har til Septic (dette er ikke bekreftet)
ventet i 10 år, og lukten begynner å
bli irriterende. Teologer mener det * Foddex / Cinefex hadde ikke hår på
er han som skremmer Gud fra å pikken. Men han hadde ei angora
opprette sitt rike. Lukten er rett katte. Nå har han hår på pikken. Men
og slett for jævlig. Ikke engang ingen angora katte.
Jehovas vitner vil ha ham med i
menigheten sin!  FALLOS / CINEFEX
‹oÿ öÚOôFlashback 1990 Flashback 1990  Enemies released their «Guru Demo» and
 ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ Cryptoburners released «Musicparty
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ 1990».
Now that 1990 is well over in history, Demo of the month: My Room
it is perhaps time to take a look at
what 1990 offered us. Many people will February 1990:
surely complain and say that much shit ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
was released, and they are right. But The big event in February was, I think,
they forget that some quite incredible the Kefrens & Dexion party in Denamrk,
demos was released too. I am going to and the best demos of the month was
take a look at this. Please remember also released here. Oddly enough, they
that I haven't seen all demos released were all megademos, Rebels released
in 1990, so if I forget to mention a their «Megademo II», done by their
great demo, it's probably because of Swedish division, Crionics released the
that. excellent «Megademo»  and Kefrens
released the almost perfect «Megademo
January 1990: VIII».
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ Demo of the month: Kefrens megademo 8
In January, party was arranged by
Phenomena & Censor, and some very good March 1990:
demos were released there. I think that ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
everyone will remember demos like «My March was a rather big month, perhaps
Room» by Fairlight, but there were some the best in 1990, with lots of splendid
other good releases as well. Dexion demos released. Everyone will surely
released their «Megademo II», Public remember «Coma demo» by Rebels and theÿÿ

‹oÿ öÚOôFlashback 1990 excellent «Cebit 1990 demo»  by Red released their nice «Filled Vectors»
Sector. But there were others too. and Phenomena had their saying with
Rebels released their musicdisk «Mega- «Ice Cold Coke».
blast», Razor 1911 and Accession both Demo of The Month: Mental Hangover.
released some nice scroller demos,
respectively «Aces High» and «Return of May 1990:
The Living Dead». Impact inc. released ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
their great «Vectorballs»,Cryptoburners After two hectic months, things calmed
released «Drammen party-info», Dual down a bit and in May there were very
Crew released «Bleed», a nice PD game, few, good demos coming out. It is, how-
and The Special Brothers were there ever, worth mentioning «Megademo IV» by
with their «3D-Demo». All in all, a Alcatraz, «Megademo II» by Gate (very
great month. good music & graphics) and «Swithblades
Demo of The Month: Cebit 1990. Balls» by Crusaders with great music.
 Demo of The Month: Alcatraz Megademo IV
April 1990:
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ June 1990
Perhaps the greatest success of 1990 ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
came this month. It was hangover time June saw the release of many Norwegian
with Scoopex and «Mental Hangover». demos. First was Cryptoburners with
After the police raid in Drammen in «Megademo II», followed by the Giants
March, a hate demo appeared against the «Megademo», Armada «Against All Odds»
guilty one, the «Revenge Demo» by and Network «Aldri I Bergen».
Fraxion. Razor 1911 released a splendid Demo of The Month: CRB Megademo II
musicdisk, «Delicate Sounds», Crusaders ÿÿ
‹oÿ öÚOôFlashback 1990 July 1990: disk with great graphics, «Hotwired».
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ Anarcy released an excellent filled
July was another great month with the vector demo in «Phantasmagoria».
peek at the Silents & Red Sector summer Demo of The Month: Phantasmagoria.
conference 1.7.90.Here some great demos
saw the light of the day, like the September 1990:
rather original «Budbrain Megademo», ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
«Keftales» by Kefrens, «Blue House» by A big anti climax, the only thing worth
Silents, another «Crionics Megademo» mentioning was «Vertical Insanity» by
and many more.Rebels released two demos Razor 1911, and the obvious choice for
in July, «Multidemo» & «Last Dimension» Demo of The Month: Vertical Insanity
Demo of The Month: Budbrain Megademo
October 1990:
August 1990: ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ If September was shit, the opposite can
August was another good month with many be said about October. Cryptoburners
great demos being released. Accession released two great demos,«Materialized»
released «Fractal Frenzy», Vertigo and «The Hunt For 7th October», Razor
released the Universal Pictures clone 1911 came with «Look No Bitplanes»,
«Vectors For All», Razor 1911 released Brainstorm delivered «Solid
the excellent «Psychedelia» and Brain- Communication» and Anarchy released a
storm came with the latest in scrollers great musicdisk «Captured Imagination»
«Another Dream».Dual Crew's new members and a great demo, «Madness».
announced their arrival with «Yum Yum», Demo Of The Month: The Hunt For 7th...
and Crusaders released their mini musicÿÿ Œÿ öÚÿôFlashback 1990 November 1990: with yet another type of effect!!!
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ No Demo Of The Month Here.
November saw the release of Scoopex' ---------------------------------------
follow-up to Mental Hangover,«Chromium» Conclusion: 1990 was a very good year
This demo was, however, not that in demo programming. Music, coding and
successful. ACME released their graphics have all had a tremendeous
«Megademo» with impressive graphics but increase of quality this year. Picking
nothing else, and Anarchy released the the best demo of 1990 is quite a
«Smoker». Dual Crew had their saying problem though. If one is to judge by
with «Vectorscroll» and Phenomena came coding and music, I think «The Hunt...»
with an excellent filled vector demo would be the winner. If I was to judge
called «Vectormania» by ideas and originality, I suppose the
Demo of The Month: Vectormania. Budbrain megademo or «Keftales» would
 have won. This is why it is so hard to
December 1990: decide which is the better demo, and
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ that is why I will go with what seems
I have yet not seen any demos from the to be the public's opinion. I am there-
Dexion party in Denmark. I hear that fore proud to announce:
Celebrandil won, ahead of Budbrain and
Crionics. Since I haven't seen any of Scoopex - Mental Hangover
those demos, all I wish to say about
December is that Cryptoburners and Exit
both released a 3D vectordemo (For use as the best demo of 1990. Congrats
with 3D glasses) at the party in Norway dudes!
and that proves Norwegians to be first Blackstar/Cryptoburners ÿÿ ÿ8ÿŒÔ?ôGossip - The Itch  Gossip - The Itch
 Dr. Awesome has got himself a new job,
 ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ a high position. He is hired as the
 prime minister's personal air-bag. He
Celebrating this megafab issue, Trixal is said to have been exposed to a
and Blackstar is back with the number of serious blows already, but it
indispensable «Gossip - The Itch». doesn't seem to affect him at all.
--------------------------------------- Hooray for the vikings.....
Sector 9/Razor 1911 crashed his car ---------------------------------------
when returning from a Razor 1911 Crusaders opened a new Elite BBS in
meeting in Ålesund, Norway. The cause Norway, it's called «The Speed Machine»
of the accident is said to be speeding. currently operating on 300 baud, but it
(To much speed when there's snow on the will soon be upgraded to an awesome
road, and when you are a lousy driver 1200 Baud!!!! They've got a huge hard-
just isn't wise!) disk, 20Mb of sizzling Crusaders demos,
--------------------------------------- slideshows and musicdisks! The BBS will
Blackstar completed the game «Altered be open during the NRK news sendings,
Beast» on the Sega the very first day! and can be reached at this phone-number
(What an accomplishment!!) (encrypted to keep lamers away): a56b94
--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Paleface/Rebels tried to communicate in The Norwegian modem scene, led by Razor
a weird language commonly known as Crusaders and Illusion, has finally
Danish, his efforts were in vain. We become bigger than the modem scene in
understood nothing! He sounded like Mozambique. Congrats dudes!
having a poodle down his throat! Only ---------------------------------------
the word «Rebels» was recognized.. Gossip continues on the next page.... ÿÿ
 ÿ8ÿŒÔ?ôGossip - The Itch --------------------------------------- slideshow, «A Jew in Four Stages»....
Trixal's girlfriend is even uglier than ---------------------------------------
Rhesus Minus. Cryptoburners send their Allah has returned!Unfortunately he was
condolences. arrested at Fornebu airport for illegal
--------------------------------------- immigration. The Moslems say they will
The Norwegian Lapps are getting high on go on hunger strike until he is
contaminated bot. This new and power- released. The Norwegian police say they
ful drug is sold at NKr 3.50 per kilo, will give him a 7 year imprisonment for
and 9 days ago the police made their so indecent exposure of his holy parts...
far biggest confiscation, an entire 757 The moslems, on their side, say they
kilos, at the Razor 1911 annual Lapp- will continue their hunger strike until
meeting. The drug causes all the Lapps he is released. We in Cryptoburners
and reindeers to zigzag all over the figure that will be the end of the gulf
Finnmarksvidda. crisis and we encourage all moslems to
--------------------------------------- keep on going....
The new, German reich has finally come ---------------------------------------
out in the open. A number of right wing After 8 months of intensive research,
extremists are flowing all over the we discovered that Saddam Hussein is
German Amiga scene. The new and promis- sponsored by FAST (Federation Against
ing group «Sturmabteilung» will soon Software Theft!).
release their new megademo, called ---------------------------------------
«Die Fahnehoch». Unconfirmed rumours After the first massive IQ test of the
also claim that a certain guy called entire population of the USA,scientists
Adolf, leader of a group called «Die concluded that if you took the combined
Adolfs» will release their tutorial IQ and multiplied it with 100,you would ÿÿ ÿ8ÿŒÔ?øGossip - The Itch have enough intelligence to tie a shoe- ---------------------------------------
lace. We hope that none of the involved
--------------------------------------- persons, races, nationalities, sexes
Here's the latest poem from Ivar The etc. are taking this column seriously.
Just, based on his X-mas experiences: We in Fourth Dimension certainly don't.
If, however, there are people out there
For six days in a row, who doesn't like being made fun of, we
I fucked a cow. would like them to send us a letter, a
It now carries my prick, postcard or the likes stating: I Don't
It made me real sick. want to be made fun of. I am xxx of xxx
The cow broke my heart, We take it for granted that people not
and another part.... sending us their name, finds it ok to
 be made fun of. There really isn't any
We don't quite know what to say to this harm intentioned, and I think most of
poor fellow, but next year he will our readers take these pages for what
surely plan an alternative X-mas... they really are: Good, old-fashioned,
--------------------------------------- plain, stupid, crazy, irresponsible,
TEC of Cryptoburners ended up at fourth silly, rotting horseshit!
place in the MUSIC competition at the On behalf of Gossip International, we
Network - Theatre X-mas party. We can can only say: Have a nice evening.
only say: The competition must have
been VERY bad!!!  Blackstar and Trixal of Cryptoburners
Fallos/Cinefex is silly!
---------------------------------------ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôKickstart Kickstart problems
Many demos have trouble running on either
1.2 or 1.3 Amigas. 4D tells you why.
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
 Is there anything worse than loading a lem occurs when the the demo is going
demo, which your friends calls the most to run on another Amiga, which has a
awesome thing ever, just to discover a bit different hardware. The result is
messy screen with modulotrips and total the one mentioned above.
flicker. And just because of the 'damn- But what can you do to prevent the pro
ed' kickstart... blem? The only thing to do is to follow
But before blaiming Commodore for the some basic rules for setting the regs:
problems, you should try and look at
at way of solving them! 1. Always set the registers with values
The most often occuring error is the divideable by 4.
one mentioned before, where the screen 2. Always make the difference between
sort of 'freaks out' and perhaps the them (DFFSTOP-DFFSTRT) be divideable by
sound begins to act weird.The most nor- 8.
mal reason for this is an error in the
setting of the DFFSTRT & DFFSTOP hard- If you follow these rules I can almost
ware regs ($DFF092 & $DFF094). These garantie your demo running (at least
registers are, as you might know, used what the screen setup is concerned) on
to set the screen width and position on all available kickstart and Amiga vers-
the monitor.There are certain rules for ions. To demonstrate the settings, I
setting those regs, but it is often have created some examples of different
possible to set them a bit different, setups:
depending on the actual Amiga.The prob- (Look at the next page...) ÿÿ
òOôKickstart Setup for standard centered screen: ing a direct ROM jump or so. Jumping to
(320 pixels wide) exact ROM addresses is one of the most
DFFSTRT ($DFF092)= $0038 sure ways to make the code incompatible
DFFSTOP ($DFF094)= $00D0 with other Kickstarts. The ROM addres-
Setup for normal overscan screen: ses WILL be changed, and the work find-
(352 pixels wide) ing the address through ExecBase is of-
DFFSTRT ($DFF092)= $0030 ten only a few bytes of code. You don't
DFFSTOP ($DFF094)= $00D8 normally jump to ROM in the loops, so
As you see, I have decreased the START forget about the speed. If you cut of
reg with 8 and increased the STOP with the system interrupts, and code direct-
the same. This has made the screen 32 ly to the hardware, the demo will most
pixels bigger, 16 to each side. often run on all Amigas (even the 3000)
Another way of asking for trouble, is This was a few (actually many) words
to code 'bad'. Commodore has done a lot about compatibility. I hope that this
of work, trying to prevent us from us- article will make some more new demos
ing the hardware directly, instead of run on the newer machines. I further-
their nice (and slow) system routines. more hope that more people will test
I'm not going to say that doing that their demos on different Amiga's before
is wrong or so, but as Commodore are releasing them.
developing their kickstart all the time The safest way of avoiding problems,
it might be smart, not directly to int- is still only to use the library rou-
erfear with it. I don't mean that you'r tines in your programmes. If you want
gonna run your filled vectors in a Work more info about that, Commodore should
Bench window or so, but just think a be willing to help you. Else call me on
bit about what you are doing, when mak- 00945-42181080!  -Paleface of REBELS ÿÿ
+OoMotala summary   MOTALA PARTY SUMMARY!


 So... This is it... A report from one of the lousiest 'conferences' so far..
The one I'm talking about is: 'AMIGA HALLOWEEN CONFERENCE 90' in Motala, Sweden.
It was held by PowerLords & Aurora 2-4/11 -90. I'm going to tell you a little
about the good(?) and bad things about it as good as I can.. Well, let's go..
It all started very well, when my companions Sir Henry & Dirk Gently and I
left our beloved hometown Eskilstuna in Sweden. We took off in my car at 4 o'-
clock in the afternoon and the journey went smoothly as far as a couple of swe-
dish miles outside Motala. Suddenly a strange noise came from somewhere under
the car, and I couldn't even change gear for a while, but suddenly it all work-
ed fine again, and we didn't think anymore about it...
About 6 o'clock we arrived at the school in Motala, and the car didn't sound
to well. We checked in (after a little trouble, bcoz the 'receptionist' didn't
really know what he should do.) and looked around a bit. After meeting some of
our friends, we tried to find a place to sit. So we did, but we couldn't find
any tables, so S.H. & D.G. went to look for some furniture we could use while I
(Ziphoid/RAZOR 1911, if you wonder) was trying to mingle around with the crowd
scattered around me. (hehehe...) Well, after a bit of carrying tables up the
stairs (thanx S.H., D.G., Mutant/Dual Crew & some other fellow I can't remember
(Stookie/Dual Crew, I think)) we could get up our gear in Dual Crew's room and
get going with some intensive computerizing...
After getting all things settled, I tried to look around and see if I could ÿÿ

+OoMotala summary find some of my friends among the amount of pedestrians walking around inside
the school.. (Pedestrians????) And think, I found some of them. Totally ab-
sorbed by the atmosphere of a totally un-organized environment...
As you may have guessed, the organizers didn't even know the inside or the
outside of their own trousers (at least, so it seemed to be...). I heard that
a couple of members of Powerlords have left just before the party, but I'm not
sure if that's correct. Well, it was VERY bad organized anyway. The list of
complaints could be endless, but I'll only mention some things in this text.
1. Drunk Finns: Some of the worst things I know is people who comes to confer-
ences and gets as drunk as possible as soon as possible and behaves as lousy
as possible to irritate as many other people as possible and thinking that
they are the coolest... Personally, I think booze & computers mix as good as
ketchup & ice-cream mixed in a glass with a little touch of coffee, i.e - IT
SUCKS!!! Not to mention any particular race or nationality, but it seems like
finnish people always likes to be the worst ones!! Just ask my good friends
Judas, UNO & Inv(al)id of SCOOPEX about their trip to a party in Finland.
5. The bad control of what really went on in the school, like drug-dealing,
little too young teenage girls running around and thinking they were in heaven
and stuff like that. I walked behind two fellows that smoked, and they were
absolutely NOT smoking ordinary cigarettes.
3. The organizing of the demo-, gfx & music-competition: Very very bad....
They had set up three prizes: 5000:- (for the best demo), 2*1000:- (for the
best tune and picture). A sum of 7000:-. But, they suddenly changed their
minds in the middle of the party and talked about a lot of other solutions,
including skipping both the music- & gfx-prizes and even lower the prizes in ÿÿ
+OoMotala summary the demo-competition too... After a lot of talking about it they
set the prizes to: 4500:- (demo), 1000:- (music) & 500:- (gfx) (I think!)
The demo-competition was won by Phenomena with a vector-demo from their new
coder Azatoth (hope I got it right, Olle). They also won the music-compo
with a song composed by FireFox (Yo Jimmy!! Twins and my hip-hop-version of
Dallas were better, hehehe...). The gfx-compo was won by a guy called 'Lorre'
or something... (Personally I think that UNO (then a member of Phenomena)
should have won!) Well, enough of that... Now back to the criticism...
4. Saddam Hussein: Kill Him!!!!

Well, there was some positive things about this party too.. Not really ABOUT
the party, but what happened AT the party. I met some cool guyz, like REDSKIN
in FAIRLIGHT) and of course some of my old friends like all other members of
PHENOMENA & DUAL CREW. (There was really no big groups there (not that I know
any members of anyway) except for us ofcoz.. Hehee.. Ego, or what?!?)

I think there's just some notes about how we got back to Eskilstuna again
left to write... S.H. & D.G. got sick of everything when we found out that
my car had broke down and called for S.H.'s father, who came and picked them
up at saturday night. I was the only Razorian left, and thought that there
was too much noise at the place I was staying (DUAL's room), so I took my
things and moved down a stair to PHENOMENA's place, and it felt like I'd got
my brain back since I could hear myself think again...
When the time had come to say goodbye to all my good friends (SOB!!) and tryÿÿ
+OoMotala summary to make my way home with my broken car (a FORD SIERRA by the way). I insured
myself that I wasn't alone. Two of my fellow Eskilstunarians, Stookie and
Mutant of DC followed me...
We came about 10km when the car sounded like ZAKABAKPLONG (my friends sfx),
and we began a little journey back to another DC member (POFF.. Ehh.. POW)
who lives in Motala and parked the car there. (Me and my father went back a
couple of days later and dragged the car home... That was NOT the funniest
way of spending 18 swedish miles in a car!) My car is now in my fathers custody
in his garage, waiting to get fixed... Fresh tips (from my father) says that
it's the gearbox that is broken and it's going to cost me about 5000-10000 SEK
to get a new one... Shit, I don't like it....
As my last words fades away and Sir Henry comes to write some bytes (BAJTS!)
of text in this bugged editor, I'd like to send a big thanx to Stookie & Mutant
of DC - my valiant knights in a shining Volvo for saving me from the fate of
being stranded in thy desolate wastelands of Motala & to Twins of PHENOMENA
(PINNOMENA!!) for driving me around Motala in a chase to find an open garage
to fix my car in.. (We didn't succeed, they were all closed! Thanx anyway,
Sir Henry: Ehhh.. Hello! Some words about the party: Ehh.. What's the
problem with party arrangers these days? Too bad you weren't at the party in
Stjordal some two years ago, arranged by RAZOR & CARTEL (and some other group)
That's what I call a party! Separate sleeping rooms etc. (not 100 lamers whir-
ling around, playing NEO-GEO!) Come to RAZOR-PHENOMENA-Z&C ECES in June 1991 &
see how a REAL party shall be arranged!!!
And so ends a sad story of a sad weekend in Motala! /Ziphoid & Sir Henry ÿÿ  ^7ÿú
ò ÆôSega Mega Drive - The Review   Sega Mega Drive - The Review  specifications, but the sound was in
 ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ stereo and there was output for head-
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ phones, extensions (i.e modem..), RF-
1991 sees the release of the Sega Mega out, videojack and ofcourse, the AC
drive here in Norway, and we have been adaptor. The console itself was black,
able to seize one of the first machines and a futuristic look, absolutely well
delivered from the Norwegian importers. thought out. All switches were easy to
We did not, however, get any technical operate. Included in the package was
specifications whatsoever, so we cannot «Altered Beast», an arcade game from
reveal any of them now. The price has (guess who?) Sega.
been set at NKr 1998 and the machine is
being imported by Brio, which can be The Sega in action...
contacted at this number: 033 - 32700. We assembled the machine with excite-
 ment and inserted the cartridges one by
First impression: one. We were a little bit disappointed
The machine was neatly arranged inside with what we saw, the graphics weren't
a large, colourful box. It was easy to that good, in fact the Amiga can do
assemble, and a nifty little TV/Game just as well. The Sega was, however,
switch was also included. The manual superior in Speed and sound, it was
was written in the following languages: more arcade-like. It should also be
English, German, French, Spanish, mentioned that gaming was much more fun
Italian and Swedish. The manual was than on the Amiga. We cannot really
clearly arranged with lots of illu- explain why, it must be experienced.
strations making it easy to understand. One thing about the games, they were in
We did, however, miss some technical general much bigger than Amiga games,ÿÿ
ò ÆôSega Mega Drive - The Review they contained much more graphics and of zombies and meanies. There was also
the pictures suited games more than the an amazing transformation sequence in
Amigas «art-like» images. In addition, the game, when the hero transforms from
all games feature option screens where Zombie to different beasts. The version
one could chose starting level, music, is better than the Amiga version.
sound-FX, difficulty etc. Truly a bonus
for the avid games player. The console «Alex Kidd In The Enchanted Castle»
came with a joy pad which fitted neatly A platform game aimed at younger people
into your hands, and which was equipped Quite funny melodies, cute graphics and
with three fire buttons, a directional smiling baddies. Contained everything a
button (much like the joy cards used to platform game needs to become succesful
have) and a start game button. Note Secret rooms, different accessories,
that you cannot connect an ordinary bonus levels, cheat mode (we haven't
joystic to the console. found it yet!) etc. The game was quite
The games we played:

 «Super Hang On»
«Altered Beast» The Amiga version of this game was very
Impressive introduction graphics. Many good. Controlling this game was rather
great samples, like «Rise from your awkward at first, but once you got the
grave...» and «Your doom has come!». hang of it, it became better and better
The game featured large, animated It included an arcade game plus an
figures. The scrolling was not quite original mode, which made this game a
smooth enough though. It was a standard whole lot better than the Amiga version
arcade game, kick and punch all sorts This game resembled the arcade very ÿÿ  ^7ÿú
ò ÆôSega Mega Drive - The Review much. The music and the graphics were however,a bit too old for playing games
exactly like the arcade, and that gave for longer periods of time, and I think
the game a more thrilling experience. we would grow tired of this machine
pretty soon. If it had appeared 5 years
«Thunder Force II» ago, and at today's price, we would
The best of the games we tried, an definitely have had this console in our
addictive shoot-em-up with all the possession though. We recommend this
magic ingredients, like huge enemies, machine to all avid game players, but
loadsa weapons, great sound-FX, many the cartridges (games) are rather
levels, 21 (!) different tunes and much expensive (approx. NKr. 400). Another
variation.(Both horizontal and vertical positive (at least for the developers)
levels!). The scrolling was perfect in aspect of these consoles is that piracy
all 8 directions, and the action was is completely dead. Pirates-Stay clear!
intense, the Amiga would never be able ---------------------------------------
to handle so much action at such an
incredible speed. This game was really The Sega Mega Drive was tested and
fast! An astonishing game. reviewed by Trixal and Blackstar of
 Cryptoburners in December 1990. The
Conclusion: console will not appear in Norwegian
The Sega Mega Drive is by far the best computer/hobby stores before January
games machine at the moment. With some 1991.
breathtaking extensions like i.e CD-ROM
extra memory and some custom chips, -Trixal and Blackstar of Cryptoburners-
this console will become almost unbeat-
able. A born winner indeed. We are, ÿÿ  
Ðw ùÝPðThe Swedish Corner
   jump  to Fairlight, but after some time
    in FLT he got all nuts and joined Razor
   Warfalcons  (Sweden)  are (almost) dead
    Some members went to Fairlight and some
  The Swedish Corner!  to Cascade Sweden.
 Leper  Messiah  (ex  Dual  Crew) joined
Edited by Tip/Phenomena. D·Mob.  Gizmo  (ex Dual Crew) joine The
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ Silents.
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
Three  members  left  Dual Crew to join A  party  will most probably be held in
Phenomena.  They  are: Mace (Code), Tip Eskilstuna  (Sweden)  at easter -91, by
(Music) and Color (Graphics). Razor  1911  and Phenomena. Invitations
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ and  info  will ofcourse be released in
Scoopex  Sweden  was born recently. The some time.
phreaks  that  are Swedish members are: ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
Photon,  Uno,  Judas  (Ex  Phenomena),  Soon (?) to come from Phenomena: Music-
Uncle Tom (Ex Razor 1911), and (if this disks (1 per musician), new demos and a
incredible  thing  is  true)  Conan and  trackloader  demo.  Watch out for them.
Redskin.  Rumours  say  that  Uncle Tom ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
left after 1 whole day! He's now making The Halloween party 1990, which was
only game music. "arranged" by Aurora - Powerlords was a
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ total intermezzo! Bad organisation, no
Mantronix (Ex. Warfalcons) decided to order, the competition prizes wereÿÿ
  ÿw ùÝP The Swedish Corner
reduced. (For example In the invitation That was it for today's Swedish Corner.
it said that the demo compo should have I hope these pages might make other
5000 SEK in 1st prize, 2500 SEK for 2nd people from other countries want to
place  and  1000  SEK for 3rd place.... write some lines about their country
Instead there wasn't even a third prize for every issue. We still accept many
and  the  other  prizes  were  brutally country editors. A big thanx to Tip of
reduced...)  Otherwise  it  was  a nice Phenomena for these pages and for being
party for swappers, wanting to meet  a nice guy.
their friends, because a lot of people
showed up (approximately 400) The lamer Blackstar/Cryptoburners
cave was huge! Indeed! Some of the
biggest groups present were: Valhalla,
Classic,  Fairlight,  Razor 1911,  Dual
Crew,  Phenomena,  Anarchy,  Accession,
Skid Row and Adept.







ÿÿ ð
Ðw ùÝP The Sad Life Of A Computer Freak THE SAD LIFE OF A COMPUTER FREAK Fact or Fiction? I only ask...... 

 When I was 12, the first symthomes
showed up. My neighbours had bought
theirselves a VIC-20 and a LASER 200, Blackstar/Cryptoburners
some irresistable goodlooking
computers and it was at that time I
got addicted to it. We could sit for
hours on end to type in listings for
the VIC from magazines like MIKRODATA
The next six years of my life have
been like this:

- C64
- AMIGA 500

Ðw ùÝP Some Words About Vectors
 Some Words About Vectors!  Now, I just know there are some guys
Some words about vectors. Yes, you've who totally disagree with me, so if you
read it right, I want to tell you some- are that guy, write an article about it
thing about vectors! Well, actually I and tell us what you think about it!
want to tell you something about vector
demos! And now you are asking yourselve Signed: Vortex/TDC/RAF
why I want to write something about vec
Well, in my opinion there are too many
vector demos and only a few of them are
really great! Most of them are simple
rip-offs! Now, don't think I say it's
easy to code a vector-demo but they are
so, so, so boring!! Who is gonna look
at rotating cube number eighthundred!!!
You see, what I'm talking about is ori-
ginality! In my opinion demos are more
and more becoming a way of showing how
cool the coder is. There's no such
thing as originality and entertaining
anymore! Only a few vector demos can
satisfy my hunger for demos! (hehehe!!)
Anyway, what I want to say to all you
coders; Start digging in your brain for
new ideas. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôHobby Section - Waterski So you want to Waterski?  times! Make sure the rope is nylon;
so it can withstand the rotting effect
First, for those freaks who don't have of the seawater and the friction of
any idea what waterskiis are...they're pulling your body around. Make sure
the same as skiis... except you get the GRIP is of a NON-SLIP material! A
towed by a boat and you ski on water! piece of wood as a grip WON'T do!

First...what do you need and what Wetsuit: If you live where the water
should you avoid buying? tends to freeze your balls off then
it will be a good idea to get one. You
A Boat: (Yep, It MIGHT help to have or can get a onepiece suit or simply a
be able to use one!) Generally, 60 hp top. Whatever suits you best...
should be enough to tow you at a nice
speed! Skiis: This is the most essential part
so let me say... make sure you get a
The pulleys & ropes: This is the thing good quality ski! It will be a good
which you hold onto and connect to the idea to get a pair of which you can
boat. DO NOT make your own as you can use one for skiing "solo" on. ie The
have BAD accidents using a homemade one skii will have 2 footholds. My
one! I used a homemade one until the skiis cost me about $120 but buy the
rope got snagged onto something in ones which you can afford!
the lake & nearly ripped my arms off!
You MUST preferably have one which has Lifejacket: It tends to come in handy
little mini-floats to keep the rope because the weight of your skiis and
on the water and not below it at all wetsuit will drown you if you don't ÿÿ
òOôHobby Section - Waterski wear a lifejacket! . Lean BACK at all times! Never lean
forward! (This can be hazardous to
Now the main part! How to get your your health!)
ass out of the water! . When making turns, ski on the outer
side of the boat's turn... that way
First; hop out of the boat with or you can pull yourself in and keep
without your skiis on. (If you're a yourself from slowing down to a stop
moron then put them on in the water!) . Be daring and ramp the wake of the
Let the boat drift away so that you boat! (Impress the girlies!)
can feel a slight pull on the rope.
Make sure that you have your legs Ofcourse if you make a fool of your-
out in front of you with the tips of self it will not impress the girlies!
the skiis ABOVE the water! If you dont Skiing on one ski is much more
have the skiis above the water you'll impressive; a definite one to show the
do many cartwheels and probably drown women! But you will have to find out
when the boat slams on the power! how to ski like that from experience!
Now lean back slightly with your arms
stretched out in front of you and tell Remember: SKi or DIe
the dude in the boat to slam on the
power! Stay in a sort of a crouched Signed: AeroKid / EnSiGnIa
position and keep your skiis out the
water...and soon the boat will pull
you right out.
Now that you're actually skiing at
last (Wow!), remember the following: ÿÿ ô
Ðw ùÝP Tipp Topp Tomato TIPP TOPP TOMATO try to add another line at the bottom
G. Struttle
The page were you'll read the hottest
text around. We'll start with a letter POOR STRUTTLE...
from long-term porno star Gugleif
Struttle, a man of thousand words and You shouldn't have sent your adress
burning bananas. to me, because now the men in white
coats are coming to get you....
I have bought a C-64 for the purpose of --- * ---
text writing, but I really do not
understand much of it. In the ads they As there aren't any other letters
say it's the perfect tool for that for me today, I will leave you with
kind of stuff, and full of hopes (and a word that will help you through the
fears!) I bought one... Now, I can't hard times, when everything seems
see what's so perfect about it, the hopeless...
man in the shop told me it could store
64000 letters, but on my version I can " IT IS NOT HARD,
only manage to feed it with 1000(40*25,
the number of letters on the screen. ALL THAT IS LONG "
-ED), and from those 1000 you must
subtract spaces, commas etc. The
problem is that the lines that are on Yours
the top of the screen dissapear when I  Fallos / Cinefexÿÿ
Y°The Golden Charts  The Golden Charts
 made a demo you would like us to review
Well, there wasn't too much to cheer Fourth Dimension
for this time. That results in the same P.o. Box 217
chart toppers as last issue. The only 6801 Førde
production making a real impact this Norway
time was Anarchy's rather splendid
musicdisk «Captured Imagination» which, And mark the envelope «Demo Corner».
as the highest newcomer in the demo-
chart reached the 4th spot. It also I am expecting to see some great demos
occupied 3 out of 5 possible places in next issue, because a lot of copy
the music charts without reaching the parties have been held, and x-mas is
top. I have nothing to say except that usually a good time for programming, so
I am really quite disappointed over the I hope next issue's charts will be full
standard of todays demos. Surely there of newcomers. So, until next time, keep
must have been released some good demos programming and have a nice couple of
which I haven't seen the last 2 months? months....
If there are any groups out there who
has released some demos of good quality  Blackstar/Cryptoburners
please, please send them to me. They
will more than likely enter the charts,
because with our rating system, any
demo reaching 70% or more has a chance
of entering the charts. If you have ÿÿ
  Ì Ì À
Y°The Golden Charts 


01. Megademo by Budbrain ...................... rating: 84.550% (89%) issue: 04
02. Keftales by Kefrens ....................... rating: 81.225% (90%) issue: 03
03. Psychedelia by Razor 1911 ................. rating: 78.850% (83%) issue: 04
04. Captured Imagination by Anarchy ........... rating: 78.000% (78%) issue: 05
05. Cebit demo by Red Sector Inc. ............. rating: 77.164% (90%) issue: 02
06. Madness by Anarchy ........................ rating: 77.000% (77%) issue: 05
06. Vectormania by Phenomena .................. rating: 77.000% (77%) issue: 05
08. Mental Hangover by Scoopex ................ rating: 76.307% (89%) issue: 02
09. Chromium by Scoopex ....................... rating: 76.000% (76%) issue: 05
10. Megademo VIII by Kefrens .................. rating: 74.935% (92%) issue: 01
10. My Room by Fairlight ...................... rating: 74.935% (92%) issue: 01

01. Poseidon by Uncle Tom ..................... rating: 83.933% (93%) issue: 03
02. Forests by 4-Mat/Anarchy .................. rating: 83.000% (83%) issue: 05
03. Vectormania by Firefox/Phenomena .......... rating: 81.000% (81%) issue: 05
03. Red Sector Theme by 4-Mat/Anarchy ......... rating: 81.000% (81%) issue: 05
05. Future Visions by KEO/Fraxion ............. rating: 80.000% (80%) issue: 05
06. Easy Demo by Bruno/Gate ................... rating: 79.800% (84%) issue: 04
06. Yum Yum by Tip/Dual Crew .................. rating: 79.800% (84%) issue: 04
08. Lunawaves at Sunset by 4-Mat/Anarchy ...... rating: 79.000% (79%) issue: 05
09. Psychedelia by Ziphoid/Razor 1911 ......... rating: 78.850% (83%) issue: 04
10. Cebit demo by Romeo Knight/RSI ............ rating: 78.022% (91%) issue: 02ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_


We have decided to try making a new you feel that you are not able to vote
chart in Fourth Dimension. Now you can for, you just leave that section out.
vote for your favourite group, your No Problems. This voting wont take you
favourite demo etc. long, maximum 10 minutes. Its very
It seems like everybody likes charts, easy.
so we want to collect votes from
EVERYBODY so we can present a FAIR When you have finished your voting you
and interessting chart in the next must send the result to us on either:
issue of 4D. 1. A disk (Containing the file)
2. A paper (Textdump of the file)
How to vote:
On this disk you will find a file Well, I think that is everything you
called 'vote.txt'. Load this file into need to now. Please help us making this
a texteditor (like Edit, Ed, Txed etc.) beeing a good chart, which people will
and look at the information you will appreciate. Thanx!
find there. You can vote for your  <SECTOR9>
favouritte demo-groups, megademos,
boards, musicians, graphicartists,

disk-mags, pirate-groups, demos and
P.S.: You are given 1 advertisement
for free when you vote, or 1 IFF-Ad
There are all in all 9 different things
for half the price! (Look How To..)
you can vote for. If there is anything
ÿÿ ÿî
Ý Ì »
ª ™And On The 6th Day And On The 6th Day ...  By  this, God had finally invented
the glasses and put them on. And he
And it got evening, and morning the was shocked, to say the least! He
6th day. God looked at his creation got so angry, he told Lucifer to go
and said to his good friend and to Hell (which he did, and he has now
favourite angel, Lucifer : "Well, I established a great business down
think this looks pretty good, don't there. In the beginning it was a bit
you? The water is flowing, the birds hot, but after the invention of the
are singing, the animals are busy microwaveoven things are quite cool).
eating each other while the people are Then God told the humans : "I will
doing their best trying to populate invent communism, advertisements,
the world. Because I'm so happy, I'll school, homework, money and lamers!
let you, my friend, create one AMEN!" It all sounded o.k to the
creature in YOUR picture." people, so they had a big party that
Lucifer got very proud by the thought night.
of him beeing worthy of this great To the Snake, God said : "I will
honor, and he created a SNAKE. This give you a new shape, and in all
was a very ugly little thing that eternity people and animals will
crept around and raped the nice little avoid you or laugh at you because
rabbits, ate all the strawberrys so you are so ugly! You will now be
that the cuddly little rubberdog called 'JACKMIX'! AMEN!"
starved to death, puked in a basket And on the 7th day God went to sleep
and sold it to the norwegians as
roemme(they still eat it today!), but, FALLOS / CINEFEX
worst of all,he made Eve eat an apple!ÿÿ° 
 € p
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Ðw ùÝP The Devil's Machine THE VIDEO - THE DEVILS MACHINE * Fallos' 1st theory:

Do you have a video recorder? The video is the devils machine!
Do you like watching video films?
Are you going to buy a video? * Fallos' 1st theory, explanation:

If you can answer YES or NO or It is quite easy to explain. The word
something on one or more of these or 'VIDEO' is lathin, and means 'I SEE';
any other question, you should read it is really TWO words, a pronomen (I)
on.... and a verb (SEE). Out of this it has
become a noun. This means that we
You see, I have recently been at a shall use the first TWO letters in
meeting at Jehovas Vitnesses, and the noun, the V and the I. This is the
after that I got a vision. It was this roman number VI, i.e the number SIX.
big angel with feathers all over who
came down to me and said : 'Fallos of Now we split the noun up into it's
Cinefex - you are the chosen one! The natural parts, which are VI-DE-O. As
child you are going to have, is we see, it has THREE natural parts.
Messias, Gods own son!' This means that we shall put THREE
numbers of SIX in a row. Then we get
After this, I understood that I was the number
something special, and I started 666 - THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST!!!!
working on my religios theories.
Unfortunately, I have just started, so  FALLOS / CINEFEX
I've only got one. (Here it is:)ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôAmiga modeming  -- MODEMING WITH YOUR AMIGA! --

To use modems on the Amiga has become and 19200 baud.
very popular these days, especially 1200 baud: about 120 bytes/second
during the last year the modem-scene 2400 baud: about 240 bytes/second
has been exploding. Hundreds of new 9600 baud: about 1000 bytes/second
boards and thousands of new modem- 19200 baud: about 1700 bytes/second
owners are getting into the exciting
world of modeming. If you are one of Approx. 100K: 600K:
the traditional mailtraders who feels 2400 baud: 14.00 mins. 84.00 mins.
like buying a modem and wonders about 2400 baud: 7.00 mins. 42.00 mins.
the advantages and the drawbacks of 9600 baud: 1.40 mins. 10.00 mins.
modeming in 1990, you should better 19200 baud: 0.58 mins. 6.50 mins.
read this article carefully. Here you can see that if you are a
First of all you need to buy a modem, demo freak you can easily manage with
today you can buy one for nearly any a 2400 baud modem. 1200 is too slow,
price and quality you want. You have but it still is usable for small
to decide what and how much you want demos and tools, though I wouldnt
to transfer with your modem. recommend you buying one. If you want
An average demo is about 100 KB and to go for bigger stuff like some good
an average game is about 600 KB. games and big usefull tools you need
Lets try to convert this into minutes 9600 baud or more.
and seconds when using the most common There are a lot of standards in the
baud-rates which are 1200, 2400, 9600 modem-scene today, the most famous ÿÿ
òOôAmiga modeming ones are V32, V42 and HST. In fact all the transfering speeds and the prices
modems are compatible up to 2400 baud. of some modems.
Then different standards like HST etc. So far so good, but what about the
will take over to give you higher human side of it. One ting is for
speed, error-correction and so on. The sure: If you enjoy long handwritten
most common standard on pirate boards letters and envelopes with cool
is US-Robotics HST(9600 baud or more). surprises inside them you should not
Some pirate-sysop's wont let you into get a modem. Communication between
their boards if they see that you are two persons is only possible via bits
running on 2400 baud. But there are and bytes, whether you like it or
still many other PD-boards and "legal" not. But relax, its not as bad as you
boards you can call with 2400 baud or might think it is, a lot of funny and
less. cool persons are active in the modem
The prices are very different from scene so it can be rather cool.
model to model. A decent 1200 baud If you on the other hand is a person
modem costs about $150, a 2400 costs which only is interessted in getting
from $180 and a 9600 (or more) baud hot and cool software, modem is your
modem costs from $1000 and upwards kind of hardware. Everything happens
here in Scandinavia. The modems are in a matter of hours. Games, demos,
alot cheaper in USA but it is not utilites and trainers are spread like
very wise to try importing modems for hell 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year.
yourself. If the collectors discovers Another exeptional thing about modem
what you are up to it wont turn out modem trading is that on the real
very good for you. fast pirate boards any new stuff is
Well, phew, now I've told you about only interesting for  a few hours, ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_O
Amiga modeming then it becomes too old for them and
the spreaders dont care about it any
longer. Its a bit sick I must admit,
often nobody cares about how the stuff
looks as long as its hot. On the more
relaxed "legal"-boards you can find
any kind of stuff, new and old. Many
people prefer to operate on these
boards and I can really understand
them sometimes.
Lets try to draw a conclusion from
this text. If you are not a 'speed' or
'warez' freak you can easily manage
with a 2400 baud modem or no modem at
all. But if you are one of those who
really would like to get into the
'modem-trading' business you need a
faster modem. But remember that its
not cheap to use modems, many people
get skyhigh phonebills so one must be
very carefull.  [SECTOR9]ÿÿ ø÷æÕò¡pP
@ 0
fourth dimension Newsflash



From issue 06 and upwards, Fourth Dimension will consist of the following groups

 Cryptoburners - Razor 1911 - Rebels 

 Fourth Dimension - First with the news that matter
ÿÿ ÿ³ƒ_P
0ôMagnetic Field's Revenge Party  THE MAGNETIC FIELD'S REVENGE PARTY
There aren't many copy parties over lots of people there already. I'd
here in ENGLAND especially cool ones brought my computer and tv with us and
so this one was expected to be a great straight away tried to find somewhere
great event. A lot of my friends were to set our equipment up.
expecting to go so I decided that it There were lots of games being spread
would be well worth going. On the day when we got there but as I've got a
of the party I got up bright and early 14400 baud modem I'd already got all
( with a hangover from the night of them !. Some of these games were
before! ) and picked up two of my Harpoon, Flippit/Magnose, ST Dragon,
friends from the local train station etc. Quite a few of the well known
(Nightsahde of Ecstasy and spellcaster crews were at the party but like most
of Rebels !). Another cool friend of parties there were many lamers as
mine (Guardian of ex-Silents!) got to well.The UK scene has changed recently
my house the night before so we were with a lot of cool and well known guys
all ready to leave for the party. quitting the scene.Also lots of lamers
The party was being held at a sports has rushed onto the scene forming
hall in Rotherham and had started at small groups which only last a few
10AM. The price was £2.00 a ticket weeks and then die. Some of the cool
wich wasn't too bad. We decided to crews that were present at the party
arrive early-afternoon as I wasn't though include Anarcy,Magnetic Fields,
getting out of bed that early with a Rebels, Quartex, Ecstasy, Mighty
hangover!. We got to the party at Druids, Miracle, Powerlords, Prophecy
about 2PM (I think !) and there were and a few others I may have forgotten.ÿÿ
0ôMagnetic Field's Revenge Party There was a bar in the party place so track but as the game has been out for
Hammer of Anarchy and myself decided some time it was classed as an old
to visit it quite often (Its your track by MF and was thus not allowed
round Hammer!). About 4PM a Kick off into the competition. Ayway, Night-
competition started which cost 50p to shade of ecstasy won the first prize
enter, though I can't remember who won of £50 with a cool jazz tune which
it. Then at about 7PM the demo- will be released on a soon to be
competition started with many teams released musicdisk by Ecstasy. You may
taking part. Unfortunately a team not have heard of Nightshade until now
called New Age decided they would but he is an excellent musician and
cheat by bribing people to vote for you'll hear a lot more of him. I've
them and were disqualified. Anarchy heard some rumours ( 2 weeks later )
picked up the first prize of £100 with that he has been disqualified from
their excellent demo coded by Dan that competition but this is pure
( which was THE best demo at the bullshit as his tune was simply the
party ! ). Express came second and best (sorry 4-MAT and NZO!). One bad
Modesty came third. point about the party was that there
Then there was a cool music compe- were no telephone lines as promised by
tition which 4-MAT of Anarchy was one MF member and so there were no new
expected to win !. 4-MAT had though games via modem released at the party.
competition with NZO (Ray Norrish of This meant that all I needed was the
Blood Money fame) of The Powerlords UK demos that were released but there
and Nightshade of Ecstasy also were some good ones !. Anyway the
releasing cool tunes. NZO tried to party finished just after 10PM (sup-
release his Killing Game Show sound- posed to finish at 12PM ) and all inÿÿ ÿ³ƒ_P
0ôMagnetic Field's Revenge Party all it seemed to be a great succsess. | MORE FACTS * MORE FACTS * MORE FACTS *
I'd just like to say hello to a few | Joker/Network is gay. We warn you and
guys who made it such a cool party. | suggest that those who swap with him
Yo's fly to Sabbath, Nightshade, Ezy, | puts a condom on his disks in case of
Hammer , Banger , Frap , Spellcaster , | a not mentioned virus.
Adec, Hybrid, Opus and anyone else I |
may have talked to there !. Hope to | EVEN MORE FACTS * EVEN MORE FACTS *
see you all at the Anarchy / Quartex |
conference in January 1991 ( If | After the IMP-666, No Limits party in
Quartex stay alive till then !) | Arendal, We (CRB) miss a few things.
| Aggressor would wery much like to have
POLTERGEIST / ex-REBELS | his extra drive back. We don't know
| who you are, but please return it.
---------------------------------------+ We are missing an AMAS soundsampler
FACTS * FACTS * FACTS * FACTS * FACTS * too. It was standing at Cinefex' place
when it dissepeared. We have an eye-
Rhesus Minus of Cryptoburners is going witness on who you are, so to stay out
to do his military serivce in the Navy. of trouble, please return it to :
He is at the moment training how-long-
can-i-hold-my-breath-before-i-drown in Cryptoburners
his bathtub at home, and we ( the rest Postboks 141
of Cryptoburners ) wish him the worst 3055 KROKSTADELVA
of luck. Rhesus Minus/Cryptoburners
ÿÿ ÿ3Ž 6êYôView Of The Southjutland Scene View of computer scene in Southjutland, the scene down here. There ain't many
Denmark. Typed by Zarch/Triflex. cool coders here, and BAD has 2 good
SEKA coders. That's very good, coz down
There seems to be very few groups down here, it's nearly impossible just to
here. I have the feeling of, that it is find 1/2 coder!?! Here were I (and
bcoz, that many guys down here are some B.A.D. members) live, we have a
afraid to show their guts. But it's lame group too.They're calling themself
mainly also bcoz of lameness. When I "The Action Team", and just the name,
started on the C64 scene for years back tells one, that they're lame. Firstly,
there wasn't any famous groups here. the buy their stuff from Triflex and
The first well known group formed here, B.A.D. Nextly, they're a pain in our
was ICE. Later on, Danish Dream Line ass, bcoz they're phoning us every
also got a member here. When Danish minute, with questions like: "Can a
Science started, things began to rule! computer be virus inffected, when the
No-one could compete here with them, power is OFF?" or.."All my (game)disks
and they had the market down here. It says not a dos disk..what shall I do??"
was a nice feeling. Then we started on etc. Nextly u can walk around on the
the Amiga, the group TRIFLEX was formed steets and find small fonts written by
We noticed, that there really wasn't certain "Action Team" members which
any cool groups here, JUST like on the says: "Triflex+BAD sukks", which means
C64! So we wanted to do something about they even can't spell! And which means
it. But fortunately we wasn't the only that they're angry bcoz we put virus on
ones! A year after Triflex was formed, their disks!That's bcoz they even can't
BUSINESS AFTER DARK was formed.It's for use a viruskiller! B.A.D. created a
sure, that they're more dominating on viruskiller, which was a virus. Thatÿÿ
 ÿ3Ž 6êYôView Of The Southjutland Scene means, if they used it, the drive began Comment from the Editor 
whole disk.. so it would write.."NOT A Today, everybody seem to like having
DOS DISK!". But ofcourse, we have  someone to have fun with/make fun of.
groups like "The Danish Intelligence", I understand very well that it's very
which isn't very well known, but who  annoying to have «lamers» crawling all
has the right contacts, to have the  over you asking for stuff, help etc.,
latest wares all the time, which means  but try to be a little more tolerant.
that they're able to create good pack  It isn't actually giving a good
disks! That's also a cool group, just impression being so rude. Not that it's
a shame, that they're so unknown! But any of my business though. Another
one day they'll all hopefully begin to  thing, concerning groups like «The
show their guts.. they also represent  Danish Intelligence», you're right
Denmark.. they just have to notice it  about them being unknown (as far as I
first! know) but why is that a shame? All big
 groups have once been unknown. If they
are as good as you say, make them show
themselves to the world. A few good
 demos is all it takes to have your name
 at least being remembered. But, you'll
 never get anywhere without going for it
so, you've got nothing to lose guys! Go
for it!!!
ÿÿ ÿ3Ž 6êYôNew Video Releases New Video Releases  Flash: the guy for whom Robocop,
Superman and Batman crawl away.
Here are some new films which will be
released in January. -DELTA FORCE COMMANDO II-
In an abandoned area in Austria lands
-BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT- an aircraft. The man who leaves the
This film starts when Russia is plane wears a general's uniform and,
attacked by an unknown nuclear-missle. he's moving towards the Nadge-Nato
The Russians suspect America of the buildings. His job is to find a traitor
attack, and they strike immediatly back who is probably inside the buildins.
The two presidents of the countries Because of the accusation of the
don't want to have another war, but all general, no one trusts oneanother
the other politicians of the countries anymore. Meanwhile two men who work in
have had their upportunaties to break Afganistan have found out who is the
the peace. The red button has been traitor, but they are being held
pushed, and the bombers are taken off prisoned. The Delta Force is marching
for the most deadly operation of all out to go there and free them.
times. The 'Grand Tour'.
The list of films coming next are films
-THE FLASH- which will be released around Christmas
Finally America's most popular time.
superhero story is filmed. The Flash is
on his deadliest to revenge his -THE PUNISHER-Much action with Dolph
brother's death. The Flash: more action Lundgren as Frank Castle.
more explosions, more fire-fights. The ÿÿ
 ÿ3Ž 6êYôNew Video Releases -CASABLANCA EXPRES- Churchill is being Comment from the Editor 
-LOOK WHO'S TALKING- A sensational Nothing to say about this except that
comedy about the coooooool baby Mikey. the film «The Punisher» has been on the
 Norwegian Video market for several
XYPHIAS/T.D.C. of R.A.F. months already, and it really sucks...

 Yes, you're right!!!! Nothing here!!!

ÿÿ ÿ³ƒ_P
0ôHow To Kindap Nice Little Kids How To Kidnap Nice Little Kids  it there till the kid has stopped
moving). For maximum fun, the kid
How to catch 'em : should be left there, and after
some months you come back. Then
You need a car. Preferably red, and you can put your dick EVERYWHERE
some sweeties (not sugar). Then you in the kids body!!!! Without
drive to Packistan Hill (Fjell) and any problems!!!!!!!!
drive around the streets very slowly Ofcourse, everything has to be
for about 2 hours. After doing this, done in private....
you should get another car in another
colour, find an attractive little girl What to tell the purk :
and ask her if she wants some
sweeties. Naturally she jumps right Tell them you're a member of
into your car, and that brings us to Cryptoburners (say your name is
the next step .... Jackmix) and you'll be declared
insane. That means you're FREE
What to do with 'em : and you may go out again and
meet other interesting kids!
You need a dick. Preferably a big and
hard one, and a little knife. On the Good luck!!
kid you will find several holes, and
that is where you are about to place
it (the knife or dick). If you don't  FALLOS / CINEFEX
have a knife, you can hold your hands
infront the the kids mouth (and keepÿÿ ÿ è
_ë ù
GSinterklaas  Sinterklaas
 be inside some condoms, but ofcoz they
Yes, you dutch fellows read it right, broke! (Dangerous man!) So I ended up
this is an article about Sinterklaas!!! with my hands all sticky and dirty!
A typical dutch festivity, something Anyway, everybody laught and laught and
like Santha Claus in other cuntries. laught while I was digging for my disks
Just and old man (who does not exist!!) (which were also full of glue!) which
giving presents away. Well, actually we were inside the surprise!
have to buy the presents ourselves! So I hear you laugh outthere! (Grrr!!)
that means bye bye money!! (And then I A lot of guys think it's silly to make
am talking especially for swappers!!!) surprises but they can be a lot of fun!
Anyway, a lot of people do something For instance, you could make a toilet
else cause they make surprises for each filled with Shit. (Fake shit ofcoze!!)
other with a present hidden in it! Big You could also make something with food
fun I hear you say! Well, IT IS big fun in which the present is hidden. In
because you can make really disgusting other words, you'll have to dig into
surprises. (That's allowed) For example some rotten pancakes etc... etc... Yes,
I made something with yoghurt so every- now it must be getting more intresting
thing was really wet and sticky! Ofcoze for you. I can almost see you smile you
the present was hidden somewhere in the dirty fellow!! Whoaha, well, I allready
sticky and smelly mess, so we had a lot know what I'm gonna make next year.....
of fun while the victim was digging for I will make some puke (Make that of old
his little present! Hahahaha! Now comes food, just mix it in the blender!!!!!!)
a less funy part though! (For me!) It in which the present is hidden! Very
was my turn and I got a box filled with disgusting indeed, and I'm really
very sticky glue which was supposed to looking forward to it!!  VORTEX/R.A.F.ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôSome Jokes Jokes....

It's joking time. Here are some...

-What's green and goes 156 miles/hour?
-A frog in a blender!!!

-Why does a sailor knows there's a man on the moon?
-Because he went to sea!!!

-Did you hear about the cheap jerk who got away with giving his girlfriend
an empty box for her birthday?
-He told here it was a STEALTH-BOMBER jacket!!!

-Ever heard about the guy who tatooed the name of his girlfriend on his dick?
When it was erect, it read W E N D Y, when flaccid W Y.
Then, one day, they went to Jamaica for holiday and the man saw a native
guy with W Y on his dick. He asked the fellow if his girlfriend was named
W E N D Y too.
The man said, no way man! Mine says:
Welcome to jamaica man, have a nice daY
= =
òOôSome Jokes
-A man walked into his daughters bedroom and spotted her with a vibrating
dildo. My god, what are you doing? he asked. Listen daddy, she said.
I am 45 years old, fat and ugly and this is the best I can get.
The man ran away with tears in his eyes.
The next day, when the daughter came home she saw here father sitting in-
front of the television, in one hand a beer, and in the other hand the
dildo. What are you doing she asked her father.
-Well, said the man, I thought I'd have a beer with my son-in-law!!!

-What's a crocodile with an artificial dick?
-A crocodildo!

Well, that was all for this time, watch out for more jokes and if you
know a cool one, sent it to us!


ÿûÃ À

1991 - Partytime  Cryptoburners - Dexion - Fairlight party - The Main Event of 1991

Cryptoburners, Dexion and Fairlight * Many exciting activities arranged,
will arrange a party in Porsgrunn, probably including a volleyball
Norway the summer of 1991. The party competition, football competition etc
will be a legal party, and competition * All the latest warez available
prizes will be huge. More details about * Possibility to buy food, snacks, coke
the party will follow in later issues and so on at the party place.
of Fourth Dimension. A folder has been
spread at the Dexion X-mas party in  There will ofcourse be much much more,
Denmark and at the Theatre X-mas party but details will be released later. We
in Norway. You will find some info can guarantee you the party of a life-
about the happening there. For those time, so you had better show up! This
of you who haven't seen the folder, party will truly be the best ever
here are some of the goodies in store: arranged.

* Large building, rooms at least 800 Invitations are not ready yet, you will
 people and 400 Amigas be informed as soon as possible about
* Special prices for specially invited this. Expect to see more details in the
 people, free entrance for people near future.
 outside Scandinavia.
* Big prizes and many competitions! Signed Cryptoburners,Dexion & Fairlight
  Don't you dare miss it, the event of 91 ÿÿ
ÿûÃ À
 How To Order  How To Order Fourth Dimension  The prices include postage and packing.
 ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹  sure it is errorfree. The copy will be
Since last issue, we've had some minor verified and checked to make sure it is
complaints about not being able to pay 100% working when sent from our office.
in other currencys than Norwegian. We Send your order to the following
have therefore changed our order address:
service after your wishes. Below a step
by step guide on how to order will Fourth Dimension
Postbox 217
1. Take an errorfree 3.5" disk, write N-6801 Førde
 your name
on it. Norway
2. Put it in an envelope and address it
 to Fourth Dimension. And mark the envelope «order»
3. Payment can be made in one of the
 following ways:

- 6 German Marks (DM) Blackstar/Cryptoburners
- 2.50 Pounds Sterling (£)
- 4 US Dollars ($)
- 25 Norske Kroner (NKr)

4. Please, put some demos on the disk
 to support the poor editor. ÿÿ
ÿûÓ À
 How To Write Articles/Ads  How To Write Articles and Ads 
Advertisements are no longer for free!! 
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ (Unless you vote for our charts!!!!)
Included on this disk you will find a Due to the incredible amount of ads, we
file called 4dEd. (In the C directory!) have to charge a symbolic amount for
Use this editor to write your articles. the ads. Prices are:
By pressing the HELP key, you will find
an instruction file which will tell you - 1 US Dollar ($)
anything you need to know about the - 2 German Marks (DM)
editor. You can also mix a text file - 0.50 Pound Sterling (£)
with an iff-picture provided the - 5 NKr
picture is in med-res and uses 16 cols. You cannot pay with disks!!!
Please notice that our screen format is We are sorry to do this, but the amount
NOT 640x256, it is 640x225!!! This you of time and space we spend makes it a
must remember when you paint a picture, must! IFF files will cost slightly more
otherwise you'll lose some of it! If since they occupy more diskspace:
you write an advertisement with the
editor,it will probably not get printed - 2 US Dollars ($)
so don't bother! Advertisements should - 4 German Marks (DM)
be sent as either: - 1 Pound Sterling (£)
- iff-files (pictures) - 10 NKr
- ASC-II files You cannot pay with disks!!!
- On paper When sending your ads/articles, please
Article writers will get their disk put some demos on the disk. Address:
back with the next available issue! 4D, P.O. Box 217, N-6801 Førde, Norway!ÿÿ
Ð Cryptoburners Seasons Greetings  Cryptoburners Seasons Greetings and wishes of a cheerful new year goes to:

Our parterns in Fourth Dimension: Razor 1911 and Rebels.

The special ones go to:


Kefrens - Dexion - Fairlight - ACME - Brainstorm - Phenomena - Level Four - DCS 
Cinefex Designs - Fraxion - Dual Crew - Stacey King - Crusaders - No Limits -

The normal one go to:


Paradox - Tristar and Red Sector - Royal Amiga Force - Illusion - Amaze -
Network - Triumph - Theatre - Scoopex - Anarchy - D-Tect - North Star - Ensignia
Legend - Zero Defects - Soundwave - Gate - Errors - ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôAll The Grey Cats ALL THE GREY CATS



Craig Thomas was born in Cardiff, in 1942. He has been working as a teacher,
but is now a full time author. His books are very appreciated and many of
them have been filmed for example FIREFOX. Some other books he has written:
Winter Hawk, Firefox I and II, Snow Falcon.


Kenneth Aubrey has arranged a defection from East-Germany.The defector is
the son of General Brigitte Winterbach the leader of East-Germany's secret
service. Brigitte is hisworst enemies since 40 years.
At the same time Sovjet and East-Germany are planning an invasion of Nepal.
When Aubrey just have succeded with Kurt's defection, Brigitte gets the
knowledge what has happened to Kurt. And Kurt's family can't leave East-
Germany. Later Kurt commits suicide and Aubrey is kicked from the english
secret service because of the failure with Kurt's defection. Aubrey has a
"son", Timothy, who was serving in the famous Gurkha-armyin Nepal and he
is still stationed there. He discovers what the KGB are doing in Nepal and
tries to get in touch with Aubrey. And the KGB is on the move and wantsÿÿ
òOôAll The Grey Cats Timothy's head. Now the action begins.. will Tim stop the russians? Or will
Brigitte get her revenge for Kurt's death by killing Timothy?... I seem to be
lucky this year. All books I have read so far this year have been great
(Except Candide, a novel written by Voltaire in 1700). In the beginning it's
a bit difficult to enter the action but after a while it became better and
better. Craig switches from one scene to another. So when one scene has
become exciting he switches to another scene but it doesn't matter. It's
like watching a movie, but much better.

If you haven't read any book of Craig Thomas before, I really recommend this
one to you...


- The CINEFEX Design BBS will not open yet, coz Slash's grandmother is
sick and she might call anytime, Night or day ........
NOTE: This is NOT a joke, it's pure reality..........

- ILLUSION BBS in NORWAY call one of the only ELITE-boards in Norway....

- Rhesus Minus and IQ (of CRB) is going to seve their military service, we
wish thearmy good luck with these two braindead persons...
Jackmix/Cryptoburners ÿÿ

LD †"Condomery Condomery ÿÿ

ª@0 PD †"Condomery2 Condomery ÿÿ Ê 3 ñ v Ï PC
¥ ÿsaudimap! Foreign Affairs  Bimbex/Cryptoburners ÿÿ
Ê 0
LD †
"Comic2 Comics ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôCoders Corner -------------------------------------------------------------------
Simple hints on how to make your programs work on all Amiga models.


A little tech-talk by Promax/Kefrens

It is always great when you get a disk with good new proggys/demos for
your wonder machine. You boot the disk and wobla what is this ???
It looks like somebody has chewed on the screen and spit it out again !!
What is the matter ??

The problem is dirty coding. (Hey this concerns you too!!). In order
to get your programs shorter and faster you often do things that are
illegal. (Now I sound like your mom and dad I know). So lets get down
to business:

Here is a list of things you must try to avoid:

- Use only values that are a multiplum of 4 when you set DDFSTRT
and DDFSTOP. Using eg. $32 and $DA will cause modulo problems
on the Fatter Agnus. (1M chip version)

òOôCoders Corner - Newer access not yet implemented registers. Eg. newer start the blitter
with a longword, people actually do this because they, to save time,
sets all registers with a MOVEM.L instruction.

- Always set x marked bits in the custom chips to zero. The x means
that this bit isn't implemented yet. But in the newer versions of
Agnus some of these bits are actually implemented featuring new
screenmodes etc.

- Always first store and then clear all bits in the DMACON and INTENA
registers, when you want to take over the hardware. And enable only
the interrupts you want to use. Use Copper1 jump ptr so that you do
not count on the system to activate your Copper2. You can find the
old Copper ptr in the gfx-base. Restore anything back to how it were
by using the values you stored in the start. Do not just activate
all the interrupts or the once you think the system uses.

- Do not access the blitter without waiting or at least beeing sure that
it is finished. I have seen people first setting some of the registers,
waiting on the blitter, and setting the rest. Don't do this unless it has
a higher purpose. (You can of course move any global settings like modulo
up to the front of your routine, to prevent these values from beeing
set multiple times).
ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôCoders Corner - Remember to initialize all registers when you are using the blitter,
bitplanes etc. Kickstart V2.0 has some new overscan modes, this
will cause problems when a program thinks the modulo is always set to

I think this was all for now. There are of course many other thinks
that you have to be careful about, but I think that the above has described
some of the most common failures. Please try to correct some of the
things because it is boring having to "crack" a demo before getting
a chance to see it.

If you want to get in contact with Promax, write to the address below:

Rune Gram-Madsen
Elmevej 41
DK - 3450 Alleroed

Tel +(45) 42 27 39 39

Please notice that I use the same deadly telephone lamer-protection as
Delta/RSI. Do not call unless it is absolutely necessary. No tele-

Have a nice day!! ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôCoders Corner   Making

guess you've heard of something in raster interrupts (one interruption
called NTSC and PAL, and for you who on every raster). And since raster
don't know what this is, I can tell you runs on 60Hz on NTSC machines, every-
that PAL is the Europeean current thing runs faster, including the music
standard format and NTSC is the but not the samples, so the music can
American standard format. The reason sound kinda strange when it's made on
why this is so, is that the electric an 50Hz Amiga, and is beeing played on
current in Europe runs on 50Hz and the and 60Hz Amiga. To avoid this, I use
American runs on 60hz. A screen in USA a timer interrupt (Level 6 generated by
has fewer lines than in Europe. A PAL CIAA). And on the following page, I've
machine has about 316 raster lines, and included a source that generates a lev6
a NTSC machine has about 262 raster interrupt that runs in 50Hz even if you
lines. That means that what you can do have an 60Hz Amiga (NTSC). But be
on one raster on PAL machine (in 316 careful! It will interrupt on 50Hz and
raster lines) you have to do on 262 not each raster, and it has a higher
raster lines on a NTSC machine. And the priority than level 3 interrupt and
screen display is about 54 lines any other interrupt (except level 7)
shorter (and not 56 as most people and it may interrupt some of your tasks
think). So the first thing you do is to that can produce some strange bugs!
avoid using graphics below line $106. But if you are carefull with what
The second thing you have to do is to you do, this can be avoided, and your
avoid using more than $106 raster lines demo will work on NTSC. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôCoders Corner move.l $78.w,OldLev6
move.l #Lev6Int,$78.w
move.b #%01111111,$bfdd00 ; Stop CIAA interrupts
move.b Time(pc),$bfd500 ; Timer A high byte
move.b Time+1(pc),$bfd400 ; Timer A low byte
move.b #%00010001,$bfde00 ; Start Timer A (contniuous)
move.b #%10000001,$bfdd00 ; Start CIAA Timer A interrupt
Mouse: btst #6,$bfe001
bne.s Mouse
move.l OldLev6(pc),$78.w
move.b #%01111111,$bfdd00 ; Stop CIAA interrupts
Time: dc.w 28419 ; number of 02 pulses between each interrupt
; (28640 = 50Hz)
OldLev6:dc.l 0

Lev6Int:movem.l d0-d7/a0-a6,-(a7)
move.w #$2000,$dff09c ; Clear Lev6 interrupt request bit
tst.b $bfdd00 ; Clear CIAA Timer A irq

; do your interrupt tasks here!

Lev6End:movem.l (a7)+,d0-d7/a0-a6
 Diz article continues ÿÿ ÿ³ƒ_P
0ôCoders Corner If you are a NTSC user and would like and all it does is to return '-1' in d0
your music to run on 60Hz on an 50Hz if you've got a NTSC machine, and '0'
Amiga, you can change the time value in d0 if you've got a PAL machine.
from 28419 to 23683. DON
use this (No problem, just checking if there's
interrupt for any animation, because it rasterlines below line $106 or not!)
is no raster interrupt, is's a timer-
interrupt. And if you want to code two  And for you who wants to write to
modes in your demo, one PAL and one  

NTSC, I've written this source for you, with questions, just use this address
 (And I'll answer them in my article
 move.w #$4000,$dff09a called «Ask Dr.Heatseeker»)
moveq #-1,d0
moveq #4-1,d1   Heatseeker

 move.b #$2c,d2  Ivar

NTSCloop:  Mobergslien

 cmp.b $dff006,d2  5200
OS (or

 bne.s NTSClop  NORWAY

 btst #0,$dff005
bne.s NTSCcn1 ‹‹‹‹ ‹‹‹‹ ‹‹‹‹Œ
 subq.b #1,d2  Œ
 dbf d1,NTSClop   ŠŠŠŠ ŠŠŠ Œ
 bra.s NTSCcn2 ‹‹‹‹ Œ
NTSCcn1:moveq #0,d0  Œ
NTSCcn2:move.w #$c000,$dff09a ŠŠŠŠ ŠŠŠŠ ŠŠŠŠŠ 
 rts ÿÿ
 Credits   Credits for Fourth Dimension Issue #5

Editor..........Blackstar/Cryptoburners Coding..........Vectorman/Cryptoburners
Sub-Editors........Trixal/Cryptoburners Music..........Blackstar & Trixal / CRB
....................Sector 9/Razor 1911 Graphics.......Heatseeker/Cryptoburners
 Country sections edited by: 
.......................Aerokid/Ensignia Sweden....................Tip/Phenomena
.........................Fallos/Cinefex Editor coding: Heatseeker/Cryptoburners
............................Stacey King
 Contributors to Fourth Dimension #5 
 Contributors to Fourth Dimension #5 
......................Milkshake/Kefrens .................Poltergeist/ex. Rebels
............Crescendo/ex. Cryptoburners ..................Jackmix/Cryptoburners
.........................Promax/Kefrens ..........................The Fly/Index
.................Zendick/Resolution 101 ............................Karl Larsen
.....................Ziphoid/Razor 1911 ........................Paleface/Rebels
........................Andy/Inner City ............................Clorox/ACME
.............Rhesus Minus/Cryptoburners ...................Bimbex/Cryptoburners
..................Bugbear/Cryptoburners ................Vectorman/Cryptoburners
......................Irax/Zero Defects
.....................Turmoil/Scoopex UK
ÓÿFinal Words  Final Words  their own, you'd better be sure you do
 having given me good coders and good
As this issue of Fourth Dimension nears contributors. That makes the job a hell
it's completion, it is very easy to of a lot easier (Pardon the expression)
think back and ask yourself: "Is it I wish to send some personal thanx to
really worth going through all this the following people:
trouble just for a diskmag?" I really Vectorman/CRB (for having coded and
don't know. On some occasions, running worked so hard for 4D), Heatseeker/CRB
a diskmag is quite hard. Everything (for a great editor to 4D), Clorox/ACME
seems to go the wrong way. You never (for many good ideas), Sector 9/Razor
seem to get the time to do anything (for all the help + the intro),Paleface
else than the diskmag, you don't of Rebels (for nice calls and good
exactly make a fortune out of it, in ideas), Milkshake/Kefrens (For being
fact, it's quite expensive compared to the best of friends, for his graphics
some other jobs you could do and all and for his articles) JPN/Level 4 (For
you seem to get is complaints. When the putting up with my slow mail and for
coders are late with their routines, it being a nice guy), Chester/Brainstorm
makes it even worse. But, there are (For always sending Zine and for being
great moments as well. When all the a good friend), MCDeal/D-Tect (For
work for an issue is complete, you can always sending Hack-Mag and being nice)
sit back in your comfortable chair and Aerokid/Ensignia (For being a great
really enjoy the finished product. That friend and cool calls) and to all other
I guess, makes it worth it. If some of helping with 4D. Thanx a lot guys!!!
our readers are planning a diskmag of Blackstar/Cryptoburners, editor

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