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Fourth Dimension #06 Part 1

on Mon 11 Jun 2007 by Anonymous author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

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ÿÿ ÿïÞ
Í ¼ «
š ‰xgVE4#
4thdimensionlogo Title Page ÿÿ
ò ôContents Contents

  Serious Amigastuff -
  Humour -
  Leisure -
  Miscellaneous -
001..........................Title Page
054.....................A Note To I.C.E
055.....About Fourth Dimension Graphics
056....................The Danish Scene
057...............Fuck Synthetic Sounds
011................Country News, Sweden
058............Germany Is Scared Of RAF
012...............Country News, Denmark
059.....Germany Is Indeed Scared Of RAF
013..........Country News, South Africa
060.........How To Pick Up A GirlFriend
014...............A Girl Cries For Help
062...........Having A Fag As A Teacher
015.................A Wonderful Weekend
064...................Letters to Editor
018...................Can We Stand Him?
067...........An Article About Lameness
019..................Drammen By Night 2
070.......................A Lamer's Day
020..............The Main Event of 1991
072................Some Hilarious Jokes
023....Interview with Bustman/Crusaders
076....................Jake's Billboard
030................The Ones Left Behind
077........................We're Pissed
031...........Reactions On Friendship 1
079.......................Jake's Corner
032...........Reactions On Friendship 2
081...............Interview With Angels
036......Seasons In The Abyss by Slayer
083..............Interview With Complex
086...Fourth Dimension Diskback Service
038.............Book Reviews, Coq Rogue
087.............Fourth Dimension Prices
040............Book Reviews, Golden Fox
088..................Desktop Publishing
041.............Amiga 3000 Hints & Tips
091...........................Eces 1991
046..A Journey Into The Amiga 3000 pt.2
094......................Hey Mr.Orlandÿÿ ÿÙ Ñ®OôEditorial Editorial should be quite good, so Jackmix will
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹I wish him the best of luck.
Yep, here we are again. Almost a month
too late. Well, this time we had good I want to say a big thanx to everyone
reasons for not making the release date who helped supporting me with articles.
we put up in advance. This is a quite I hope you will go on helping Jackmix
special occasion for me, because after the same way.I have a few close friends
six issues in charge of 4th Dimension, of which I wish to remain in contact
I havedecided to retire from my with. They will be informed by mail.
position and let Jackmix/Cryptoburners For the rest of you: You might remember
take over. I'm quite sure he will do a the 4D HQ address in Førde, Norway. It
good job. The reasons for leaving my is no longer possible to write to that
position,are school(Yup, I'm a address, the p.o. box is closed, and
graduate this year), time (it took too the post office will return all letters
much of my time, it was almost like a to the sender, as far as possible. That
full-timejob!) and money (Yes, I am was it, then. I'm sure you'll see more
bankrupt now!).of me later, but not as an editor. Have
)a nice issue.
Leaving the editorial seat in Fourth
Dimension was a very hard decision to Our new address:
make. I feel like it was sort of my own FOURTH DIMENSION HQ
"baby", coz I worked and worked with it P.o. Box 141
especially in the early issues when the 3055 Krokstadelva
routinessucked. Now, the routines Norwa ÿÿ ÿÿ Ä
k çôNews ^ Rumours News ^ Rumours
sold his Amiga and stopped all his
This is the section where you can find beingone of the first good sound-
out what's happening in the Amiga scene trackermusicians, and also for the
at the moment. We do, of course, depend great «Martin Galway Music Show». Fred
on you to bring us the news, so send was also taken to court for his earlier
news, rumours etc. to:membership of the French cracking team
)«Ackerlight» but did not get sentenced.
Fourth Dimension HQHis last known Amiga project was the
P.O. Box 217sound-routine he programmed for Maniacs
N-6801 FørdeOf Noise.
( Forget all speculations, Uncle Tom is
--------------------------------------- still in Scoopex. All rumours about him
Dr Awesome/Crusaders' excellent winning leavingis bullshit, he will never
tune «Tranze Seven» from the Network/ leave Scoopex unless he's told to. (Not
Theatre party was NOT composed by Dr. very likely).
Awesome! It was made by Curly M.C of ---------------------------------------
the German synth group called «Enigma», Conan was kicked out a week after he
and is called «Principles Of Lust». If joined Scoopex.
you want to check out the original, it ---------------------------------------
isavailable on their latest album JPN formed a new group called Vertical
called "MCMXC a.D".togetherwith 6 other ex-Level 4
--------------------------------------- members. They are a sole coder-group.
Fred, the French coder/musician has --------------------------------------ÿÿ
 ÿÿ Ä
k çôNews ^ Rumours --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
ACME Sweden has now joined forces with Rumoursthat most of the Brainstorm
Englands'ACME DEMO CO. Also 2 new coders left the group are WRONG!
coders in Holland and a new gfx-artist ---------------------------------------
in Finland.The second Brainstorm musicdisk is soon
--------------------------------------- (in March) to be released. It's called
Watch out for a soon coming ARTPACK#3 «The Best Of Grubi». It should be out
from ACME. It will be a different kind by the time you read this.
ofslideshow with  picturesfrom ---------------------------------------
MITHRANDIR,AIRBRUSH, CARNAIL and Setrox is working on a surprise....
--------------------------------------- Energyis the new TRAINERWORLD-
Cryptoburners will release a mixture of CHAMPION.They broke Subway's world
a music disk and a mega demo in the record trainer Midnight Resistance +38.
beginning of April. It should be out by Stranger/Energy trained the game VIRUS
the time you read this.with 41 (Fourty-one!!!) options. Try to
--------------------------------------- get this cool trainer.
Comming soon from Phenomena is Music ---------------------------------------
Dream II and III. Look out for them.Metaica(ex Savage Finland) joined
--------------------------------------- Energy.
The Brainstorm meeting-place is split ---------------------------------------
up....#Flip the page for

--------------------------------------- more news!

Patsyis the new female member of 

òO ÔNews ^ Rumours Astro left Triflex and joined Silents next demo CUTE'n'Cuddly,including parts
Sweden.  Floyd left Triflex, and formed from ex-Flash Inc., and Trash members.
Signetta  together with ex-members of ---------------------------------------
Yakuza."Seen/Kefrens joined Hare Krishna. Now
--------------------------------------- he's got peace of mind, but no hair.
The B.A.D. Megademo II wasn't spread at ---------------------------------------
the  Dexion party, because the musicans  SHOCKING NEWS!!!

wasn't  finished with their job. But ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
look around  for it..it will come as Walkman left Cryptoburners to become
soon as possible!independant. He wants to do music for
--------------------------------------- businesspurposes, and thinks his
Snickerand Hotness of Trash joined chancesare better when not being
Triflex  and Snicker did also join the involved in any group. He will still
C64 group  Danish Science at the same make music for groups in the scene, but
time.$they will not be his main priority. And
--------------------------------------- to all you groups out there wanting to
Silents and Haderslev Computer Club was make him join your group: Don't bother.
holding a small meeting on the 2th og You will not get an answer to your
March. Triflex and B.A.D. supplied them request in any case. So, you freaks out
with code,so they had sumthing to show. there, you may now vote for Walkman in
Rumoursalso said, that only one ourcharts, like some of you have
Silent(s) member was present! already done!
--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
For all C64 readers: Danish Science    Flip>>>>  
aresoonready to releasethei ÿÿÿÿyÒO ÔNews ^ Rumours --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Othon, Hawkeye and Noblestar of Armada Apache of Vertigo sold his Amiga and
claimed to be members of Dual Crew but left the scene.
they're NOT.---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- Call the Cryptoburners WHQ, Midgard, at
Zoolook also claimed to be a member of
DualCrew, but he has never been a  +47 - (0)42 54331
--------------------------------------- Sysop: Nikki
Leeper Messiah left Dual Crew because ---------------------------------------
they had no use for his 350Kb songs. Ecstasy in the U.K. have begun to crack
He went to D-Mob.---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- Cryptic U.K. is almost dead! But it has
Jazzcat,Mutant, Red Devil, Sorcerer been said that Scoopex UK and Cryptic
andD-man, all ex.-membersof The are the U.K's crapest groups. (? - ED)
Warfalcons joined Dual Crew.
--------------------------------------- Kefrens members are all involved with
Trigo, Joker, Hater and JBM, ex.members games at the moment.
of Tetragon joined Dual Crew.  ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- Crystal are looking for a demo division
Zodiak, Axis, Polarbear and Zedy, ex.- or may have even found one.
members from Defjam, Savage and Cult, ---------------------------------------
joined Dual Crew.Silents have an English division, but
--------------------------------------- it's been said not to be good.
Next column please!
-------------------------------------- ÿÿ
ÿÿ Ä
k çôNews ^ Rumours --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
No Access (Digital Warriors) was busted Important! When obtaining an invitation
by the police. They confiscated two for the CRB-Fairlight-Dexion-Violence
Amigas, 1200 disks, a modem and a 105Mb party, do NOT use the Dexion address
Harddisk. It is unlikely that it will in our invitation demo, it belonged to
be returned..... The Norwegian software Trix, who left the group. If you want
importers, BJ Electronics, who was the an invitation from Dexion, use this
responsible ones for the bust, have at address:
the same time sent messages to all Dexion
computershops buying software from P.o. Box 141
them to look out for pirates. So, you 5100 Odense
should NOT boast to your local software Denmark
dealer about all your conttacts etc.---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- Fourth Dimension has got a new editor.
According to rumours, 13 Norwegian BBSs Blackstar left the position because of
have been pressed charges against. 1 - school, economy and time pressure. The
NoAccess - 2 - Purple Haze - 3 - new editor is Jackmix/Cryptoburners and
Wonderland - 4 - Midgard etc.. (most all articles, advertisements etc. for
wanted!)!future issues should be sent to:
--------------------------------------- Fourth Dimension HQ
Most Norwegian BBS's are holding a low P.o. Box 141
profile.!3055 Krokstadelva
--------------------------------------- Norway.
Trix left Dexion to join Rebels. ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- 4D's Po Box 217, 6801 Førde is DEAD!!!ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôNews ^ Rumours --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Coke, Rebel and Gaston left Horizon to Ex. Crusaders BBS 'Golden Gate' has now
join SPRINT. But they have already left changed name to 'Wonderland' and is a
the group.WHQ for FRAXION.
--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Technique is now a member of BETRAYAL.SKILLION joined RAZOR 1911 as a new
--------------------------------------- sub-division.
F.A.S.T. is a new swedish group. Mainly ---------------------------------------
consisting of members of the old groupBanditt and Skeleton joined CLASSIC.
--------------------------------------- MAYHEM and FRAXION are in a co-op.
FOXY left SKID-ROW, he is now a member ---------------------------------------
of SPRINT.Fletch left DEFJAM.
--------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
The co-op betweeen RAZOR and CLASSIC is 'The Hideout' is now a WHQ for TARKUS
dead!$TEAM. (708-966-4135)
--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
CRYSTAL's  US-Board  'CEntrum'  is  now 'Wild Side' is now running on 1.5 GIGA-
also a  headquarter  for  the  PC-group BYTES and 4 nodes. (312-777-4184)
--------------------------------------- Lord Strangelove of RAZOR and Uncle Tom
RAZOR 1911and PHENOMENA party in are making a new game together.
Eskilstuna/Swedenthis summer, from ---------------------------------------
14th to 16th June.Legend and Masters quit their coop.
--------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- ÿÿ
ÿÿ Ä
k çôNews ^ Rumours --------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
A lame U.K. group has been founded TDC of RAF kicked out loads of members
called Imagine! The reason being lam(half of them to be exact). The only
is that they wanted use logos from old onesleft now are: VORTEX (Coder),
Imagine games.CLODHOPPER-DOG (Musician), FALCON (Gfx)
--------------------------------------- and THE KURGAN (Ex-Xyphias) (Lamer!).
Armada is reborn.---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- RAF is in friendship! Note: From Vortex
Photonas we know him has joined a of TDC/RAF: F U C K ! !

group called Equinox in Sweden.
--------------------------------------- Synergyjoined forces with Deafeat
Taurus of Ecstasy would like to chall- under the name Symbiosis. Cool products
enge Beermacht of Tristar to a drinking soon to come, or so they say.
competition at the next party. ---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- Theeditors of thepapermagazine
Crionics,Phenomena, Razor & Silents Toiletpaper joined Artemis. Toiletpaper
had to move their party because it is now an Artemis production.
crashed with the Cryptoburners, Dexion ---------------------------------------
and Fairlight party.The Swedish crew Harman Kardon joined
--------------------------------------- Artemis. Artemis now have 16 members in
TDC,the subdivision of RAF, will 4 countries.
release a music disk soon.---------------------------------------
--------------------------------------- That was the news for this time. Call
RAF + Spreadpoint in coop for the disk- our BBS Midgard for new stuff at this
mag called Royal Information. number: +47-(0)42 - 5433 ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôCountry News - Sweden 
   according to Omega/ Dual Crew..
Phenomena  welcomes  their 2 new coders
A  lot  has happened in
Rebels lately.. - Phantom - and - Celebrandil - !!
First of all, Static, Vandal and Droopy
went back to their old friends after Uncle Tom rejoined Scoopex Sweden!!
having left Paradox. Rebels Sweden was (again..) Conan waskicked out..
foundedby the old 'rebel' M:et and Photon changed his name to Protec.
An unknown musician who call himself
Leviathan also joined. Bruno (not of
Anarchy) left Endless Piracy and joined
too, and so did Mike (sysop in Sweden).
After that, Alta and Acro (ex.Silents-
members) + some other people also went
to Rebels Sweden. (Phhuuh..)

The nice publicity concerning Phenomena
last issue was both true and false.(!)
There will not be a trackloader-demo..
In fact, 2 trackloader-demos are almost
finished!!! (Way to go eeh?!)

Dual Crew will probably release a demo
at easter, a musicdisk is also planne ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôThe Danish Corner 
          THE DANISH CORNER           

The scene in Denmark is quite slow at It is impossible to make a chart of the
themoment. Few groups has released best Danish groups, it's easier to give
anything other than compilations, xcept you a list of some of the most notice-
for Kefrens, who have released their able ones. So here it is, in no order
nice Powermunker and Flash Productions, what so ever:
who have released Bubblefields  and a
quite rushy 'megademo'. But hopefully Budbrain,Kefrens, Flash Production,
there will come some cool demos at the Rebels, Arcane, Crionics, Static Bytes,
Prologic and Static Bytes party in the Prologic,Dexion, Triangle, Silents,
Easter (atleast you can look forward to Channel 42, Crystal, Goonies, Betrayal,
a lot of cool'n'crazy demos from us). The Company. It is impossible for me to
The modem scene in Denmark aint give you all the subgroups which pro-
nothing compared to the ones in Sweden bably also is present here in good old
and the other Scandianvian countries. Denmark (Gud bevare Dronningen).
While writing this, I could only remem-
ber one good HST board in Denmark, the
rest of the boards are pretty slow and
most of them run nothing but 2400 bps.
That's also why so few of the Danish
groups have modem-traders. Hopefully
this will change in the future (maybe
alreadywhen this magazine is out)ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_

- Ensignia  split up. Soniq (ex-Aerokid - Digital  Insanity is born. ( Not a
andPlexar(ex-Iceman) left andgroup but a sort of "co-operation"! )
joined Share & Enjoy.Its set to take the South African
- Ensignia plan to release their copperdisco scene by storm! (Hello Impi!)
demo soon (if not already). - Ensignia plan to make a vectordemo.
- They  also plan a musicdisk but now - Atomic Blossom have a board called
have a problem with music as theyBig Boss on ++27-11-4405937 (19-08).
no longer have a good musician.- Bjorn of Myth might join Stubble?
- Freelance  release  their second joke - Soniq of SAE made the first freefone
mag issue of Jokerama soon.box on the S.A. scene! (A BullionBox
- Stubble  are  coding  an  intro which... better than the old well known
will also be out in a few days.
GoldBox.) Maybe a BBS will be setup
- All  the differences between  the nowsoon; as the box works 100%.
Share & Enjoy members & Ensignia with - Highwayman( Ensignia ) challenged
Stubble  have been sorted out. (HelloSoniq ( SAE ) to set up a conference;
Impi & Frogfurze!)as he thought PABX's didn't exist
- Zeus has some members in South Africain South Africa. He lost the bet.
now?#- Tharg ( gfx ) leftFreelance and
- A  new group was formed called AtomicrejoinedEnsigniaafterleaving
Blossom...  they  are  busy making anEnsignia andjoining Freelance a
intro.#month or two before.
- Freelance has a BBS called Anonymouse
on ++27-11-8837478.0Soniq/S.A. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA Girl Cries for Help! I Need Help Boys! This is mine (And His!) address:
 I have just moved into my boyfriends  KELLY (Dont forget this!)
house, and as I dont really have any 17, Well Close
hobbies (Except fucking him senseless 
whenever he wants!) I have decided to Tewkesbury
take an interest in things that are Glos. GL20 8RS
goingon with his Commodore Amiga. England
 Lots of the crackers out there know
me, and I have come to know lots of  As a gift to anyone who writes, the
people through Andy (My boyfriend) and best(And longest!)letters I get
have enjoyed going to shows and seeing aboutnice thingswill get some
the people you talk to on the phone. photos of me!
Anyway,I have decided to start The best music tapes I recieve might
swapping disks with people, and also even get a topless one!
HouseMusic tapes if anybody else
listens to them. So... write to me. I
want a person from each of the companys Youcan alsophone mebetween
around the world who write 'Demos' to 7pm and 10pm on:
send me some disks, so I can send some
back and (Hopefully!!) get more people England (0684) 298778
sendingme packages than Andy does!Ask for Kelly.
(Which will annoy him no end! Hahaha!)ÿÿ ÿ3 _
òOôA wonderful weekend A real wonderfull weekend!!

This is a true story for your fun, it we arrived at Kashmir's place. We all
handlesabout aweekend which I took a beer and we picked our victim to
(VORTEX) and KASHMIR of TDC of RAF had tease! Naturally, the victim was called
when I was visiting him in his home- the Kurgan! (Hehe!) After some time
town in Hilversum/Holland.both The kurgan and the other dude left
)and we played some heavy-metal tunes!
I arrived in Hilversum at about 21:00 After a wile we went down-stairs and
hours on friday. I got of the train tooka lookatthepicture:
and played some real heavy-noise from JUNGE MADCHEN WEISSEN VIEL!!! A german
the group SLAYER when I was walking movie with a very atractive title to be
through the station. You should have honnest! (Hehe!) However, we were not
seen al those weird and surprised faces so lucky that time, it turned out to be
of all the people there! Some of them a bad Italian familie movie with some
most have searched for cover for this bad german translation. (And I don't
animal with his hellish music! (HAHA!) even like good german that much as pure
)dutch dude!!) Well, a bad ending of the
Kashmir (de turk) picked me up from the first day! SHIT! We went to bed and (as
station together with a friend of him far as you can sleep on that shitty-bed
and The kurgan, also a member of TDC! Kashmir gave me) slept till the next
I just knew we would have fun together! fucking day! (An average day I'll say!)
After a very intelligent discussion in
the car, (The kurgan squezed his pim- The next day came, and we took a little
pels so he didn't do much talking!!) bit of food to fill our stomachs. Ofcoÿÿ
 ÿ3 _
òOôA wonderful weekend I wasn't satisfied by a little bread Ofcoze his mammie was quite angry for
and some other food, so of we went to thisstupid mistake, but I and the
the nearest snack-bar! (Yeah!) After Kurgan (who turned up again) laughed
that we went to the Kurgan's place and and laughed!
borrowed his collection of CD's so we
could sample some guitars etc.. etc... Time was tikking and after winning a
Ofcoze, the Kurgan can now say goodbye lot of Speedball II games from The
to his CD's knowing Kashmir a bit! Kurgan, Kashmir and I went to a very
(Hehehe!) We sampled a few instruments cool bar called: Candle light! (No, not
and then Kashmir remembered he still a gay-bar you neard!) The Kurgan left
had to buy something for his mother's us ofcoze as he never has money. (He
birthday, so we went to the shopping spents all his money on stamps!) In the
centre. We bought 2 new CD's (with some bar we met Kashmir's friend again, and
lame reagae music which is liked by the together we waited for a pretty girl
lamer called Kashmir! hehe!) and cycled which the friend was totally in love
to another shopping centre to buy some with! Kashmir (I hate that name!) and I
expensive alcohol as a present! At that had allready made a sneeky plan, we
time the clock said: 16:50. Ten minutes would push the dude to offer the girl a
before closing time, so no problem you drink, and so he did, but the result
guess!Just to bad for Kashmir, the was nothing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
shop was CLOSED! Hahahaha, now he was We had such a big laugh. Another vic-
in BIG problems! No present for mammie! tory for us! We like it so much when
Hahaha, I laughed my ass in half, what people are suffering from hart-breaks!!
a joke. Kashmir was really mad, and I Late at night we went back home and
had the time of my life! Poor Kashmir! took another beer. We had had lot's oÿÿ ÿ3 _
òOôA wonderful weekend fun watching a bad erotic tv program. again sometimes funny weekend. Do it
Bad acting, only for old men to tosh yourselvesome time. And now I will
themselve of!! (Haha!) Well, then we leave some space open to hear a react-
went upstairs to write a scrolltext for ion of our main-editor Blackstar, who
our megademo I (TDC MEGADEMO I) which will on the other hand probably not
will be released around may or june! placethis anyway, but it's a good
Unfortunately we never finished it, and space filler for sure!! (???)
we went to bed again. (Not together you
fucking pervert!)
Signed: Vortex/TDC/RAF
The next morning I woke up with a very
bad taste in my mouth and Kashmir found
a hole in his under-pants, which I did
not examen as I am absolutely not gay!!
I was quite bored so I started to write
this little story. In fact this story
is true, however quite boring! Then why
the hell did I wrote wonderfull weekend
as title?? Well, you don't suppose I am
writing this for nothing, or are you
out of your mind! Well, perhaps I am?!?
Says who?? hey shut up man, don't make
me fucking mad or else... What, just
go home.. etc... etc...
All in all, quite a boring, but the ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôDon't Blame Me! Don't blame me!
When I, once in a while have a look at Once upon a time there was a ship which
our earth from above, I feel "revived" was stranded on a deserted island, the
by the delight of the mighty  sight! only sign of humnas were a cluister
I can't believe, that it really is my with nuns. The crew of the ship hadn't
very own creation.seen a woman in 1 year and were getting
But occasionally, something rather odd, rather horny, but they weren't allowed
quitebrain-dead is also sighted.. insidethe monanstry.One day the
When I observe
"it", I think to myself; captain was up early and then he saw
)one of his crew sneaking around the
- How could I do this???island, and the sailor dug a hole and
- What did I think about???lay down in it. All that stuck up was
Why did I create something like that? his dick. The captain didn't understand
)anything until he saw a beatiful little
So now, there's only one question.. nun plucking mushroom. When she came to
What shall we do about FALLOS??! the dick, she couldn't get it up, and
Hewasn't meant for thisplanet! eventually she gave up. This was a good
)idead thought the captain, and he did
Sincerly!the same the next day. But the cute nun
God&was sick that day and a huge nun took
)over. As he lay in his hole,he suddenly
)felt a strong grasp around his cock,and
TIP of Phenomena  )a pull. 3 days later, he was a nun...ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôDrammen By Night 2 

 Drammen by night 2 - the truth.(!)


Since last visit in the charming city of Drammen, I've felt rather

You see, I was walking through the Drammen city, towards Mc Donald's for an
evening meal (I had a MINI-burger in mind..). When suddenly this LUNATIC came
running towards me in a dark alley, groaning and driveling like hell!!
I noticed that he had his dick hanging outside his pants (Jesus! It was mis-
shaped upon all!!) and that he seemed to have
pussy on his mind too..
By the horrid sight of this creature, running towards me, I got quite paralyz-
ed! So, when the monster brutally started unbuttoning my pants, I simply stood
there, like a little angel!
Overwhelm of excitement, the groaning human (?) seemed to get a bit dizzy..
He grabbed his misshaped dick and pierced it in my
ass!! After the dirty job
was finished, the sordid Norwegian staggered away from me, satisfied after hav-
ing accomplished another "seduce" (according to him, it WAS!).. 

what the beast hadn't count on, was that I had been carrying Aids since quite a
time!! Heheee.. (and more, his victim was a man, not a woman..)
So hopefully, there will be
NO more dreadful "jokes" or "articles" by Fallos
anylonger (dying in Aids..(at least, we may pray to God for that..)!
If anyone wants to thank me for taking care of Fallos, just send a flower to the
grave-yard in Vaxjo!(!) Yours..
òOnAmegaparty '91 )from Oslo. Getting there is no problem,
but for further info., look in the
)invitation or contact your local travel
 The classic problem of not finding the
 party place when arriving the partycity
When:$won't occur because our special party-
You should have some very good reasons signswill guide you safely to the
if you choose to stay home when this "harbour".
party takes place! When, you say? 
Well,we'll open doors at 7.00 AM Entrance fees:
Fridaythe 28th of June, but if you Norwegians: 100 NoK
arrive earlier it's no problem, we'll Swedes/Danes:80 Nok
be there from 00.00! The main party other nationalities: 40 Nok
willend around 8.00 PM on Sunday *) Amplifier:20 Nok
evening (the 30th).
From Sunday (30th) evening till Monday *) Leave them at home!
or maybe even Tuesday we'll arrange a
much smaller party especially meant for Competitions:
foreigners,butalso openfor - Demo compo, deadline 0300 AM 30/6
Norwegians with a special invitation.- Music compo, deadline 0200 AM 30/6
)- Gfxcompo, deadline 0100 AM 30/6
Where:#- Gameplayin'compo,start 0000 AM 29/6
The party place is located in Porsgrunn
(southeasternNorway), about 150 KmTurn the page for more sizzling compoÿÿ
 ÿ <ÿ
òOnAmegaparty '91 Then we have some unorthodox ones:Prices:
)- As far as we know, Dexion's $1000 1st
- Video watch. compo,start 0800 PM 28/6 priceat their X-mas party is the
- Eatingcompo,start 0400 PM 29/6 highestprice in cash at any Amiga
- Arm wrestling ompo,start 0300 AM 30/6 party ever!, but for how long!?
- Football/Freesbee cup,st 1000 AM 29/6 - There will be prices for the three
- Beer drink. compo,start 0700 AM 30/6 best in all competitions.
- Surprisecompo,start 0400 AM 29/6
)Promised prices:"Hope to" prices:
Advices:!Demo compo : $900- $1500
- This area (partyarea) is a very nice Music compo : $105- $200
place in the summer, so I suggest you Gfxcompo : $105- $200
bring summer clothes/bathing clothes
There are several beautiful places 5-10 Other features:
Km away where you can take a no-Amiga - The classic 24Hrs party cafeteria
You know it's very healthy to get away with a classic party menu.
from the intense party atmosphere for - A handy storage room where you can
some hours)store your valuables while leaving the
- Bring a tent! (and simulate summer- place for a while. Remember ID!
holidaysbefore or after the party. - On Saturday evening there will be a
This part of Norway is really nice in real Norwegian barbecue party.
the summer. (Highly recommended, you - Of course we will have the popular 24
know about those blond girls? Vi går Hrs Video Room. Menus will be hung up.
lyse tider i møte - Trixal) There are
plenty of things to do during summer...Turn the page for moreÿÿ ÿ <ÿ
2OnAmegaparty '91 Distances:might be your hardest challenge yet!?
150 metres to fast food "restaurant"
100 metres to a nice sleeping room PS! If you come from outside Norway, it
400 metres to therailwaystation would be nice if you could bring a flag
400 metres to ahugesupermarket 
500 metres to centrumof Porsgrunn 
5For invitation:
Those of you who are not fond of compos Morten Helgesen (Violence)
couldparticipate in a lot of otherRodsaasen 16
"summer-activities":!3900 PORSGRUNN
- Bath, jump, dive & drown Norway
- Relax on the beach (beach volley)+473514222
- Girl hunting, watching, .......$
- Golf, bowling or billiard  Agressor of Cryptoburners
- Waste your time at several discosEspen Hagen
- and of course everything else youRoligheten 14
happen to enjoy.3029 DRAMMEN
NB! We are trying to get sponsored hard+473826211
ware in addition to the cash-prices, so
stay alert and ready! This is going to This text was written by M. Helgesen
be the ultimate Amiga experience in the with a few comments by Trixal/CRB who
year1991. Hi Anarchy, Red Sector, also typed the article. 
Scoopex, Phenomena and all you others. * Amegaparty '91 - Party of the year *
Why don't you try winning this one, it CRB - DEXION - FAIRLIGHT - VIOLENC ÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders Interview with Bustman of Crusaders, bought myself an Amiga as soon as I had
done by Jake of Rebels!enough money, and through this way I
)became a graphician on this wonderful
Hi Busty - you claim to be a graphics pieceof hardware.Additionally I
man... why? (Ironic or what?) should tell that in these three years
)that I have had my good old Amiga, I
Ey man, who said I am CLAIMING to be a have learned that only practise makes
graphician? In fact I am one, believe master.This goes both for coding,
it or not. And then you ask why... do music and graphics. I have still yet
you want to hear the full story right more to learn and experience, I guess.
fromthe beginning or what? Ok, it
started at the very moment when I was Who do you think should be in charge of
about three years old and touched my the Norwegian government and why?
first pencil. I felt it immediately,
it stroke my mind that I was borned to Argh, who mentioned politics? Jake,
draw. And so it went on, I drawed by what a question! Well, personally I
hand on everything I could get between hateevery single shitheadof all
my fingers. When I was about twelve or politicianswe have here in our dear
so I boughtmyself a computer, a homecountryNorway. They are just
Commodore128 actually. I continued preaching bullshit and allmighty about
drawing on that machine, but I always what they are going to do, but never
felthelplessbecauseof the comesdown to some real action. If
limitations.And then I discovered somebodywas to be in charge of the
the world of Amiga, totally amazing in Norwegiangovernment it should have
theopposite to a C64. Ofcourse I beenourselves,Crusaders.Theÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders everybody would have had an unlimited Dr.Claw ......... coder
beer-supply... Joking, allright! No, I Dr.Outtasight ... sysop at our 'Home
do not have an answer to your question. ... Sweet Home' board
I guess the readers do not care about Dr.Shitface ..... coder, swapper
politics anyway.ECS ............. swapper
)El Cubo ......... coder
Say, how many members are Crusaders Eno ............. coder
actually? (Too many?)Excalibur ....... coder
)Fleshbrain ...... musician
Nope, I do not think we have a lot of Funky Guru ...... graphician
members.Some people may have other Intec ........... graphician
opinions,but wenever kick out Lazerbrain ...... mainswapper
anybody.If you join Crusaders, you Madman .......... coder
have come to stay as long as you want. Raven ........... sysop at our 'Golden
We are a group based on pure friendship ........... Gate' board
between all members, nothing else! Ok, Rusc ............ graphician
we are at this very moment 22 members. Swapperboy ...... swapper
Dudes, anybody asking for a memberlist? Switchblade ..... coder, plus some gfx
Right, here it comes... alphabetical Zapotek ......... swapper
and everything...Zuggly .......... coder

Brightblade ..... swapper, not activeThis should be the lot of it. Nothing
Bustman ......... graphician, swappermore, nothing less. And all of them are
Copper .......... codersome really freaky guys, you bet!
Dr.Awesome ...... musician)FLIP >>>>>>ÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders Dr.Awesome is probably one of the most his own view, everybody has his own
known Amiga sound artists out there - taste...
what do you think about his works?
)Yeah Yeah I agree... forgive me my dear
What I think of his work? Well, his Busty!!! Anyway, How long time have you
musicis just MEGA. I just can not been in the scene, and was it by error
explain in words what I think of him (-s HEHE!) that you entered?
as a musician, he is far beyond the
incredible.And note, I am neither Hmmm.... I have been into computers for
saying this because I am a friend of five or six years, when you add the
him nor because we are in the same time I had the C128. But on the Amiga,
group.This is my personal opinion, well,I have been active on it for about
and if you agree or not is up to you. two years or so I guess. Yes, it is
And hey, my fellow Jakie-boy, why did true that I entered the scene through
you not mention Fleshbrain? He is just the group called Errors. It was at that
as good as Dr.Awesome, although he has time that I really started to do some
hisvery own andspecialstyle. serious swapping. I joined Crusaders a
Fleshbrain really gets you by the teeth year after, because I got TOO active to
his tunes are enormous! So no point be a member of Errors. I wanted to do
hiding that I just love his style too. something, you know.
Well, when we are at music I must also
make it clear that there are a lot of Okay Bustman.. Trond is your real name.
other really great musicians living on How come so many Norwegian guys are
thisplanet. I could mention a huge called that. Is Trond some kind of a
bunch, but I will not. Everybody has hero in Norway... like ADOLF (that waÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders notnice) inGermany and so on? favourites. Only a few special selected
)ones, though...
Listen up! Yep, I am called Trond for
sure. But this name is not as much used Good groups .........
as people want to believe, Trond isIt is really not many REAL good groups
ofcourse a special name as all others.to pick out when it comes to the most
A hero? What, you got to be joking.SERIOUS ones. I would say Brainstorm,
Well, maybe there was or is a great guy because they are doing a mighty fine
called Trond somewhere here in Norway,job with Zine. Phenomena, Kefrens and
but nothing I have heard about. And the Budbrain are great too when it comes to
name Trond is NOT connected with fearproducing some real good demos.
or such shit as the name Adolf (Hitler)
gives. I am a cool and freaky kind ofFine graphicians ....
Trond!#I would immediately say Slash/Kefrens.
)His graphics is fab, I must say so. In
Crusadersbring out Eurochart every fact, we are both using the same main
second month or so, but the charts does technique when it comes to shading the
not show your opinion. So tell us your open areas in the graphics. I would say
own favourites!that I was one of the first with this,
)but ofcourse I do not know for sure. I
My own favourites? Jesus, I knew it should like to get in touch with him,
would come. What would a disk-mag be butunfortunately I do not know his
without own favourites? Jake, have you address. And! There is ofcourse other
remembered to vote for our Eurochart goodgraphicians in the scene, like
then? If so, okay, here are my good old Golem/Anarchyand Uno/Scoopex. I ca ÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders mention a lot more, but you can guess ok...Hans/Euphoria,Trix/Dexion,
them out for yourself.Axel/Brainstorm, Tip/Phenomena, Teeze/
)Anarchy, Apache/Vertigo, and ofcourse
Funky musicians ..... that dude interviewing me, Jake/Rebels.
Uncle Tom/Scoopex,Walkman/Cryptoburners Theydeserve being listed as good
4-Mat/Anarchy, Tip/Phenomena,and so on. friends, nice knowing you all mates!
Also Øystein Eide/Maniacs Of Noise is And I also could mention a kid called
real good when it comes to my style of Flush/PMC, also a friend of mine.
)Tasty dinners .......
Smart coders ........The best meals I could ever think of
Well, no comment. There are many good are spaghetti, pancakes and real home-
ones around, but others will have to made pizza. Ofcourse I eat hamburgers
decide."and such fastfood, but it is just some
)chicken shit when compared to what you
Best disk-mags ......can make at home. Right?
As stated, I would say Zine. No doubt.
There are a few other nice disk-mags, Ripping movies ......
but with lower standard.Well, some new good ones would be...
)Robocop II, Total Recall and Die Hard
Coolest friends .....II. They are all great action-films,
Hey up! Here is a new one... my best but that is not the only thing I like
friends! Note, this is NO greetings- concerning movies. I just love horror-
listor a list of hellos.This is movies! Nothing is like a real chiller
just a list of my greatest friends, late at night, with all scary effectÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders possible. Ofcourse there are a lot of important that real friends seem to be
horror-movies that are shit and crap, forgotten. So one thing I can tell, it
onlybased on blood and guts and is not everything that goes through a
nothing else. No, I am talking about modem.
REAL horror. Just to mention the best
of the best, Clive Barker. Hellraiser, Does Crusaders have any kind of slogan?
Hellbound and now Nightbreed... just
bloodygreat films. Stephen King is Ofcourse we have! It goes like this...
also one of my favourites, most of his WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY! But we do not mean
films are just as good. And all books anything serious with it, it just there
by the two above mentioned guys are for fun. We do not use it much either,
beyondimagination, that would mean nowadays.
)Who is the real legends?
Everybody talk about modems, and how
they destroyed the scene. What do you Simply the guys who deserve it. Short
think, is it only a swapper syndrome? question demands short answer, that is
I have no comments on this question
really,since I have never done any Any last words?
kindof modeming. But I guess the
modem destroys the real friends that Yeah, Jake, in fact there is. I just
you gain by swapping through mail. want to say thanks for this interview,
Whenyou get to modem-trading, the it has been fun answering your question
speedand age of the stuff gets so right from the beginning. A big hell ÿÿÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Crusaders all the rest of my friends out there,if HeyBustman...Hope you like the
you read this then. And before I end, I questiones - too ordinary?
have a final request...
)Listen, is this a bonus question or
Vote for the Crusaders Eurochart now! what! Nope, the questions were nice
Sendyour votes to thefollowing enough. So once again, thanks Jakie-

CRUSADERS EUROCHARTYep, and here I take over again.Bustman
P.O.BOX 45obviously wanted to make this interview
1474 NORDBYHAGENincredible long, I sincerely hope that
NORWAY#none of you out there fell asleep while
)reading it..... bye !!!!!
Andifyou want tocontactme
personally,mainly to swap some own
productions,if you want to exchange
some graphics, or if you simply just
wantto complain or ask me about
anything,then make impact on this

5095 ULSET
òOôDear Trixal Dear Trixal..
The cure...

Bo-hoo!!! Snyft-sob.. ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹

I really don't know what to do anylong- W
ell,  I can see  that  you  have your
er.. I'm DESPERATE!! problems,and we have all been
I have to get serious help..
throughsuch a phase in our lives,
You see, it all happened about 3 months and some of us didn't make it. They
ago. It was then I started notice her!becamemaths teachers, but we don't
Her soft shapes, that colorful exterior want that to happen to you do we ?
and.. AARRGH! I mustn't think about it! No, here's my suggestion...
I've done everything to make her notice  Atfirst you got to get out that
me, but sheorgasm of yours, and you do that by
I've talked to her so many times, andworking with exam's in maths day and
never ever an answer..night for about 3 days. This will give
So now, there's only one way out; you the orgasm of your life!
I have to ask
YOU! Then you try to make a filled vector
)game, and after having failed you will
Dear "doctor", what shall I do??!not like maths anymore, and your grades
I'm in love with my MATHSBOOK!!! at school will descend till it hurts.
She makes me wild, lets the man inside
me lose, really turns me on with thoseSigned Trixal... 
sexy formulas ( y-y1=k(x-x1) )!! ŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ

PLEASE, answer soon, my orgasm wants
to get ooouuuttt!
(TIP of PHENOMENAÿÿ ÿ3 _
òOôWhat I mean about "Friendship" IS FRIENDSHIP REALLY FRIENDSHIP??

Here's a reaction on a little article in the last issue of 4D. In that article
Milkshake of Kefrens wrote some words about the Friendship movement! Milkshake
wrote that the Friendship movement is no such thing at all! Instead they tell
you how to buy the latest cracks etc..

Well Milkshake you are not alone in your opinion! I Vortex of TDC of RAF think
you are absolutely right! For instance, when I see the group list I see only
quite famous groups. What if a group called XXXXX wants to join this movement??
The group is not famous at all so they can probably not join at all! That's not
what Friendship stands for! The lame group doesn't crack and release only 1987
intros, however the group is very friendly!! I bet in a million years they can't
join the movement!

Now this is only my opinion and if RAF will ever join that movement it won't be
mine idea! So, a big handshake to Milkshake for his, in my opinion, true words!
Keep on going KEFRENS, always cool demos!

Okay, now I must have upset some guys who are actually in the Friendship move-
ment. So to all you guys...Get a pen and a piece of paper and write us your
/Signed: Vortex of TDC of RAF.
:RAF=Royal Amiga Force ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôfriedship1 What is FRIENDSHIP really like <--> BUSINESS and its consequences!

Well, asi read through MILKSHAKES You can't call those guys real friends!
article about FRIENDSHIP/4D #5 I saw, They have a simple business connection.
that I am not alone with my opinion. As a matterof fact they are only
It's obvious, that others think the BUSINESS associates!
same:ThefriendshipalltheBIG If you wanna establish real friendship
business groups talk about is nothing in your entire group, the members have
elsethanpurelies! And if you to live in the same area, so that they
have not recognized that yet, simply have the possibility to meet eachothers
read on and I will probably convince one a week or at least a fortnight.
you.%That is in my opinion the basis for a
Ok, when you check out those interviews real cool connection in your group and
from the guys from the bigger groups, to develop friendshiplike interrelation
you willmostprobablyfind the in your whole group.
question 'Is friendship important for We in ABANDON practise this, well for
your group?' most of 'em answer 'Yes about 1 year and with the time we
of course!' What do those people under- got pretty close friends and we allways
stand under the term of friendship? have lotsa fun on our meetings.
Their 'friends'oftenlivelotsa But the things which bother me most
kilometersaway from them. They only are yet to come:
know themselves from the telephone and The big business groups, let me simply
have perhaps met on a party for 1 hour take a fictive one. Well, we'll call
and just had a little chat together. them slegnA. ÿÿ
òOôfriedship2 Well,let's first take their wares. if others would follow this slogan,too!
Imagine, what is not really hard, that I must admit, for me as being a German
their cracks often do not work 100%. it is really a shame, but mostly the
Imagine,that you saw that on games Scandinaviansareproducingthe
like Beast II or Indy 500, where simply quality cracks. Let me simply state
copy-protections were left in, so that some of them like Horizon (Hi BRYCE!),
thegamesonlyrun in the first Agile,  Classic,  Defjam, Razor...
level(s), but then they suddenly crash Remember the !great! C64 times where
becauseofthestatedreasons. Triad, Fairlight, Fusion, Scg and Ikari
Such business makes me sick. For them ruledthe scene. If you dared to
the computer has become a profitable release a non 100% working crack you
sideline whereas for others it still could as well commit suicide. You would
is a hobby. have been called THE lamer of the scene
But our slegnAs just don't care about So everybody DID release 100% and even
the fact that their <100% cracks only better.Sometimesthere were even
for being first destroy the scene.They 101% (People who were present at the
only wanna make everybody see, that 'ey party in Denmark  where the Danish Gold
have yet another release. They simply standart has been established know what
wanna be first with selling the wares! it means!), megatrained,levelpacked and
That's a vicious circle!It all will end one-sided games. And today? You can not
up in an annihilation of the scene! play games cracked by our other of
Well, at this point i would like to re- course totally imaginary and fictive
call you the slogan of AGILE(Hi Elric!) group called Skip Cow without the fix
>>Quantity varies <-> Quality doesn't<< file which will !perhaps! be released a
Well, Amiga live would be much better, few days laterÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôfriendship3 Is THIS really necessary? For our big for reasons of friendship! As a matter
business men it seems to be.
of fact that is pure bullshit.
Well, I talked about computering as But where is the FRIENDSHIP all the
being a hobby. For some it was, but guys are talking about now! There IS
because of our well known money men, no! The FRIENDSHIP the business guys
some even earn money with cracking speak about is just a fassade they've
games. In the past, the crackers were created in order to cheat us all.
happy if they got the originals and It is exactly the same what MILKSHAKE
just saw a hobby and lotsa fun in has said: All of them only pretend
cracking a game. But nowadays they being FRIENDSHIPpers but in fact they
earnbunchesof money with their are what I listed up before: Mostly
sideline, which has previously been a guys cracking with low quality for
hobby. It all has developed like on BUSINESS purposesandtosell
e.g. the football-player market. The the wares to losers, who do not seem to
different clubs attract player of other care about the quality of the bought
clubs in order to join the own one. wares, either!
Well, that's very similar to the Amiga So here's a little appeal to all the
Scene. 'Hey, if you crack for us, you ones meant with this,although i am sure
will get 100 $ for each crack you do!' that it won't help us much:
'Wow, great...for my present group i've Get 100%! Less is lame! Better release
been cracking for free! Ok, i gonna a PERFECT crack a couple of days later
join you!'thanabunch of bullshit before!
So many guys, especially crackers and Get off of your BUSINESS trips! Thats
original suppliers change their groups the only solution. Stop that stupid
because of financial reasons and not SELLING for BUSINESS reasons! Wellÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôfriendship4 it is ok by me, if you sell in order to too(Hi Rygar!!!)) allready agree with
make up for the money you waste through us! I think the problems are some
post swapping or modeming BUT please GERMANS, who just can't get it into
stop selling because of earning money! their brains!
If some people would  obey such easy
rules like the listed ones, we perhaps Slaters...yours
would again get such incredibly COOL
timeslikeon the good old C64!
Well, but I honestly have to admit,
that most of us are hoping in vain,
becausemost of the BUSINESS guys
allready got IMBECILES because of the
money they want to earn with their
BUSINESS  activities on the Computer
at the expense of OTHERS!

If anybody agreesor rather would
object to what I said, simply write
to 4D, just as i did, and your opinion
about this topic will most probably be
published, too!
Hey MILKSHAKE, obviously we basically
agree, let's go on and convince others,
too! But I guess most scandinavians (as
allways we have some exceptions here,ÿÿ ýÊ ÿ_
òOôSeason In The Abyss SEASON IN THE ABYSS by SLAYERsounds a bit like Expendable Youth!
)No, 'sounds' is not the right word, it
Yep, I vortex thought of writing some reminds of Expendable Youth! That's it!
articlesabout variousheavy-metal The last three songs called: Temptation
bands and there (new) albums! Noo, not Bom of fire and Season in the Abyss are
Guns 'n' Roses, they are lame!! Well, all of quite good quality! They are
let's have a look at each different surtenlynot the best! I personally
song. The first song is called: War likeExpendable Youth and Hallowed
Ensemble. Sounds okay to you?? Well, it Point  best! Well, now for the overall
didto me, and so did the guitar ranking. This latest album is surelly
playing, but it was even better in thenot slayer's best! I think Reign in
next song: Blood red. Love them howling Blood  is the best album, but as a real
guitars!The third song is not so Slayer fan I am glad I didn't miss it!
intresting I think, so let's skip it If you like Slayer and are looking for
and go to: Expendable Youth. A bit slow something new from them, buy this CD or
song, but very good. Quite heavy too, album,justwhatyouwant!
but slow! The fifth song is not so good
either,it's too slow! It's boring!Signed: Vortex/TDC/Royal Amiga Force.
But, song number six! Yeah, that's what
we want! Trashing, banging, kicking and
smashing! A song so good, you just can-
not sit still! You'll simply move your-
selve! Just automatic! The song is cal-
led: Hallowed Point. Song number seven
is called: Skeletons of Society an ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òO´Slayer - An Insight  SLAYER - An insight

Slayer - agressive thrashers with no will call far more serious than most
sensein their texts except extreme pop/rock bands make. Take for instance
insanity, sadistic terror, blasphemy &'Silent Scream' from their album 'South
satanism. This is the impression most of Heaven' - An unbiase poem where they
persons have of the heavy/speed metal sing about the cruelty and meaningless
band Slayer. Many who claim this have ofabortion. And 'Read between the
even not heard any of their melodies.I lies' - A melody where they critisize
can tell severalexamples on that. so-called TV-preachers (esp in the U.S)
Well, Slayer have some violent texts. who plead for contributions to the good
(Their albums are not labeled following case,but often only appears to be
text for nothing: "This album contains greedy hypocrites. And 'Angel of Death'
language that may not be suitable for - about the Nazis cruelties during WW2,
some readers.") As said some of their brutalmaybe, but the bitter truth.
texts have violent contents, but not Andlast, but not least: Slayer do
sadistic. To give the true picture of perhaps play hard music, yes, but not
something it can sometimes be necesarry thrash.
to use violently language, like Slayer A small comment to all of you who likes
does.Apropos Satanism, I have heard to critisize heavy-bands for  being
that Slayer worship the Devil, but I'm  sadistic and satanic without knowing
notsure if this is fact or only what you're talking about, maybe it's
rumours.Sadistic Satanists or not, many you who are sadistic, maybe you enjoy
of their lyrics are nevertheless what I to judge something to be miserable...?
'Manhunter/Signett ÿÿ ÿ%G
 PÊà ̈DCoqRogue.PIC 4dEd Text example


Carl Gustav Gilbert Hamilton is an agent for the Swedish Secret Service.
But he is not a normal agent, he has been special trained in the U.S. by
CIA.His training has made him both superior in computertechnics as in firearms
and hand to hand combat.

It all takes part in Stockholm(Sweden) when a high swedish SAPO(the swedish
secret service) officer gets shot. Carl takes the case and starts to investi-
gate with two other swedish secret service officers. They find a trace that
leads to some arabian organisations in Stockholm and Uppsala. They are arrested
and the Secret Service boss thinks that these are the right ones. But Carl
really wonders if it really was some arabs who shot the swedish officer?
Carl has some contacts in Libanon and Israel, after some journeys he gets some
new clues and the result if terrifying.. ÿÿ
 Ê ` ñ 
 PÊà ̈DCLOROX 4dEd Text example

Coq Rouge was a bit confusing in the beginning and was caught on some
details that made it even more confusing. But after a while all got
cleared and the book got really exciting. Guillous description of the
characters and places are very detailed and professional that made the
book even more exciting to read. If your looking for a good thriller book
then give this one a try...
ÿÿ ÿ3„_
òOôBook Reviews: Golden Fox 
GOLDEN FOX by Wilbur Smith

Recently, the well-known author, Wilbur secretinformationfrom Isabella's
Smith released his 22nd book, so far. father, Shasa Courtney - South African
The Novel is titled 'Golden Fox'. In ambassador in England. Isabella gives
Norway it's called 'Dolket'. Once again birth to Ramon's child, he achieves
Smith takes his story from the untamed full control over her, he becomes the
Africa. And equal to all his other masterand she the puppet. Yet the
booksis this one alsoincluding years that follow will test Isabella to
romance,describing of landscapes, the extreme of her endurance. Years of
action and a great dose of tension.hardshipand bitter painfolloms,
London, 1969 - We meet the beatiful and hidden behind the masks of affluence
very headstrong Isabella Courtney on a and success...
Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park. Brother will be pitted against brother,
It's where some strange person rescue as they are drawn into the lair of the
her from being raped by a Hell's Angel. Golden Fox...
Andthat's theintroduction to a 
relationship between Isabella and the The book is very tense, has it's great
stranger, who is named Ramon y Machado. moments and is well written, but also
But as the story goes by we get to know contains some cliches.
that Ramon has some dirty purposes.... Marks (1-10): 7.0
Actually he appears to be a colonel of 
the notorious KGB. His task is to get Manhunter/SIGNETT ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA3000 Hints And Tips

Lastest Versions of the Operating System are as Follows

OLD O/S V1.3.3 Beta 1 (Not for General Consumption)
O/S V2.02

list >t:mon-start sys:monitors/~#?info lformat ="run >nil: %s%s"
list >t:mon-start sys:monitors/~(#?info) lformat="run >nil: %s%s"

òOôA3000 Hints And Tips
MAKING 1.3 BOOT UP BY DEFAULT:------------------
-Launch the Toolbox program in the Tools drawer and select partition drive.
Click on your V2.0 & 1.3 partition in turn and select Advanced Options.
In each partition you will see Boot proirity. The V2.0 will be 1 and 1.3 will
be 0. Swap these over by Clicking in the Gadget and deleting the number and
Typing in the new Number. Go Back to the Main Menu and select Save Changes.
Power Down and Switch on Again and Your A3000 will now Boot 1.3 By Default.
Good for Games Players.(Hang on,Games Players Dont own A3000s Do They??)

-Yes, two fewer key presses in the CLI. All you need to do to Change to a new
Directory is type in the Path for the Directory, no CD required!. Its just
a bit Diffe
Ž to Unlearn old habbits..:-)

-On this issue of 4D [in the C Directory] is a short CLI program Called RAMSAY.
This displays the contents of the Ramsay chip registers that tell you what
mode it is in. The A3000 can have Static Column Ram or Page Mode Ram and has
Selectable refresh rates for the RAM. Most of these are supposed to be set at
Boot time Automatically. The program takes no parameters and will display the
current mode of your Ramsay Chip. Ramsay is the Custom chip in the 3000 that
controls the 32Bit wide Memory.
ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA3000 Hints And Tips &A3000 HINTS & TIPS
KICKSTART V1.2 ON THE A3000: ------------------
-Dont't know why anyone would want to but its possible!. I have successfully
make a SuperKickstart 1.2 disk. You will need TrackDos which is PD program.
Make a copy of one of your SuperKickStart disks and have a Kickstart 1.2 Disk
Handy. Launch TrackDos and Select Trackdisk To Memory. Insert the Kickstart
1.2 Disk in df0: Disk offset is $200, Read length is $40000, Preferred area
Leave blank, Read from Device is df0:, then Click ok. note down the Address
that is Returned when Reading is finished and Choose Exit to go back to the
Main Menu. Select Memory to TrackDisk and insert your SuperKickStart disk in
df0:. Source Address is the Address you noted Down, but dont forget the
Preceding Dollar Sign ($). End address is +$40000 (the plus allows us to
insert Address as a length), Disk Offset is $400 and Write to Device is df0:
Click Ok and wait for the writing to finish. This Disk will now be an O/S
V2.0 and O/SV1.2 Kickstart. For Programmers the Layout of a SuperKickStart
Disk is as follows..
OFFSET $0dc.l 'KICK'
"$4dc.l 'SUP0' (Note: ascii 0)
"$8dc.l 32 bit length of BONUS code 1.3
"$cdc.l 32 bit length of BONUS code 2.0
"$400256k of kickstart 1.3
"$40400 512k of kickstart 2.0
"$c0400 2.0 BONUS code
"$c1400 1.3 BONUS codeÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA3000 Hints And Tips &A3000 HINTS & TIPS
HOW FAST IS THE A3000 REALLY:P1 ------------------
-You can run many Benchmark Programs, But how fast is it in real time?.
We ran a test program that had to search through 2.5 megs of ASCII code to
find particular labels in an assembler source code and then re-read the file
for each 2600 labels to see if they had been used. After trying this test
on many different files the resault was aproximatly 600% in speed.

XCOPY III Source Code  A2000 45.2 SecondsA3000 5.8Seconds
XCOPY PRO Source CodeA2000 44.6 SecondsA3000 5.0.1 Seconds
Auto Cli Source CodeA2000 300.1 Seconds A3000 48.3 Seconds

This is an extremly worthwhile increase in speed. The assembly time of XCOPY 3
is also a useful test. On the A2000 it takes 2.5 minutes to assemble,
On the A3000 it takes only 25 seconds!. None of these tests used the Onboard
Maths-Coprocessor. The 28mtz Accelerator card for the A2000 does beat the
A3000 ,But only when working in FAST Ram. When any Chip memory access is done
the GVP card slows Drasticaly to be less than half the Speed of a standard 500
..The 3000 on the other Hand still manages to be 3.6 times the Speed of a
Standard 500.

Continue.......ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA3000 Hints And Tips
HOW FAST IS THE A3000 REALLY:P2 ------------------
-The hard Drive is the fastest i have ever seen on an Amiga. On a drive
that was 35% full and using DiskPerf from the FishDisks my A3000 returned
the Following Resaults..
READING: 920K PerSecond
WRITING: 830K PerSecond

GVP Claim that their card with the AT Drive performs at these Speeds, But no
matter how we tried,and using the actual drive they mentioned we could not
even approach half that speed, In fact the only SCSI card that comes any where
near it is the TrumpCard 16 bit - It gave 640K Read And 520K Write.

-In Dpaint 3 To Anim-Paint, Hold Down l-Amiga Kay and Paint. With A3000,this
Combination pulls down the Screen, & overrides. Go to Prefs, Hit the IControl
and change the qualifier - Dont remove qualifiers completely or youll have to
reboot or recopy icontrol and recopy icontrol.prefs file. Note that CTRL,ALT
& AMIGA are all used in Dpaint in one way oe another.So use the Shift key
with another qualifier. Stop Press: it seams that the lastest version of
Dpaint fixes this Problemb buy Re-Routing the Anim-painting key to the L-Alt.
Also note that in a Stippled screen if the Flood-fill function is used,then
the Machine will hang. This too is now fixed in the Lastest Version ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_

A JOURNEY INTO THE A3000......PART II the A3000 to wear off,I thought it
----------------------------------- was a good idea to do a review of
 BY TIMthethoughts and experiences in
------using it over a period. The A3000
,has not been without its teething
LASTEST VERSIONS OF THEproblembsas expected i suppose,
-AMIGA OPERATING SYSTEMbut duegenerally it has been a
-----------------------pleasure to use. There may be many
,a user out there who are using
V2.02'accelerator cards, and believe that
-----'thiers run faster. I have news for
KICKSTART ---- 36.303  all those people,The A3000 is so
WORKBENCH ---- 36.102  fast in many many areas I wouldent
V1.3.3&changeit for any one of the
------¤tlyavailable accelerators.
KICKSTART ---- 34.5No Matter which way you look at a
WORKBENCH  ---- 34.34A2000,And how fast you try to
,push it, It is still only a 16Bit
THE A3000 MONTHS LATERMachineRunning 16Psudo/32Bit.
-Now that enough time has passed forArcitecture and Access to Chip Ram
the novelty of playing around withfor Example...
-it, is over 3 times faster than aits ability to Boot from different
33MTZ 68030 GVP Card. You may recallkickstarts from either Hard-Drive or
in this issue of 4D I Gave Speeds offloppy and its ability to Boot into
theA3000 Hard-Drive,thoseSpeedsaCompletelyDifferentOperating
were without any of the Static ColumnSystem,asa Floppy Bootstrap is
ModeFast Ram. Since then I haveDone before KickStart is even Loaded
Recieved 18 Megs of the new 1Meg by. The A3000 is also Compatable with
4bitSCRAM Zips. A re-test of thethe 68040 in Both Hardware and Soft-
Hard-Driveperformance gave Amazingware and is Capable of Booting with
Results and the fastest I have seenone. I look forward to being able to
To Date. On a read it returned 1.5MPlug an 040 Card! into the Amiga's
PerSecondand on a write it showedFAST Slot.!!!
1.1MPer Second. RAM: was just as EJECT BUTTONS FOR THE A3000:
astonshingwith results of 10.5Meg -In this issue of 4D I have explained
Per Second read and 3.2Meg for write.how to add a seconddrive to the
(More about this in the next issue ofA3000,butas you know the eject
4D!). I would expect that soon man-buttonisDifferent.This eject
ufactureswill start making 32bitButton is now available from CBM and
wide expansion Cards for the A3000,Fitsnicely on an A2010drive. I
and this will further increase theknowthisfor a Factbecause I
Speedover its smallerBrothers.Ordered one and Recieved it Recently
Another beaut feature of the A3000 is...........
ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôA3000_Journey-II-Part3 P
-Someusershave asked me how toAutomaticallycheck and set bits in
break into the Startup-Sequence inRamsey accourdingly.Kickstart 36.207
V2.0.The Old Control-D has beendoes not set the bits in RAMSEY so
Removed. Break is still possible butnoincrease in Speed is Noticed,
has Been Replaced in the Boot Menu,Althoughthe previous version did
Accesed by holding down both Mouse-work  for the BURST Mode. Dave Haynie
Buttons at Boot Up. once in the menu(Author of the SetCPU and Commodore
Choose Advanced options Menu. At theEngineer) in the States told me that
Bottom you will see a gadget allowingStaticColumn has not been enabled
you to disable the Startup-sequence.Dueto a Problembin either the
After this Choose USE and Click onHard-ware or the Software. There is
theDrive you wish to Boot from.anUp-Date toSetRamsey(note..
This will Normally be the Hard-DriveSpelling Change) on this Issue of 4D
'WB_2.x:'the System will then Bootin the C Directory to allow manip-
and stop as soon as the DOS Windowulation of these Bits. I have found
isopen. This windowwill be inthat if STATIC COLUMN is enabled by
HI-RES interlace which is the Defaultitself, you get an increase in Speed
mode in the Kernal.by around 20%,ifBURST is enabled
by itself then the Speed increase is
THE CUSTOM CHIP RAMSEY: Around 15%, and if both are enabled
-If this new type of Ram is used thenthe increse is 11%. .....
theKernal isSupposedto ...
ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
-I cannot explain this as yet but i amI am currently using the older Kick-
attemptingto find out. CommodoreStart(36.207)with the newer Work-
Recommend the use of BURST mode Only.Bench(36.102).Thiscombination
I am hopeing that V36.303 has fixedSeamsstable, and I have Continued
theBURST mode andPossibly theto use SetRamsey to set the BURST
STATICCOLOUMN but at the time ofmode to On.
writing i have not yet recieved it, HEAT PROBLEMBS WITH THE A3000:
I will let you know my findings in -The A3000 seams to have a problemb
the next Issue of 4D.whenthe temperaturein parts of
STOP PRESS!!!:Australiarise. I amcurrently
-Just recieved the new update of V2.02working on finding the auctual cause
andi am happy to say they haveand the cure for thisproblemb. I
partiallyfixed the Above problems.believe it may be in the FatGary but
ThenewKickstart(36.303)is nowas yet the test resaultsare in-
correctlyrecognizingSCRAM andconclusive.I must say that During
Setting the BURST bit on, But therethetime of theseproblembs CBM
is a bigger problemb. This versionhave been extremly helpful an Prompt
Seams to have a bug in input.device,in there information an Help. When
it will occasionlly lock the SystemIfinallyfind the Cure to the
whena gadget is Clicked,and onproblemb i will give the information
68000 based systems it will sometimeson a Future Addition of 4D.
guru. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
-The A3000 makes it very simple and itso on. The Startup-Sequence is very
can swap between any number of Kick-Simpleand is commented so you can
Startsvery eaisly. But some usersexactly how it works:--
who have less than legal copies ofMousewarn;Is the LeftMouse being
Version2.0asrestarting to askif warn;Held down so warn if So.
Questionsaboutgetting it up andversion >nil: graphics.library 36
Running and Still being able to run;is the currenversion
V1.3. This process is very easy and I;of GFX V2.0
Have included a small Utility calledif warn
;If not V2.0
MOUSEWARNto make it even eaiser.zkick kickstart ;then swap to 2.0
This is included in the 'C' Directoryendif;end for the if Statment
as well. Below is an example Startupkillzkick;comes here if V2.0-
-Sequencethat will allow you to;swap to 1.3
swapKickstarts if the Left Mouseendif;end for the if statment
Buttonis beingheld down while
Booting.This means that if 1.3 isversion >nil: graphics.library 36
Currentlyrunningthen it will;comes here if not
switch to Version2.0 and Stay theremousewarn
each Boot Until you once again holdif warn;and tests GFX for V2.0
downthe left button,It will thenexecute s:startup-sequence2.0
Swap Back to V1.3 and remain and..;Must be V2.0 so Do it. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
-start%Bootfrom,any one on the list is
endcli$acceptable.The advanced options
+Menuallowsyou toenable or
Thismakes changingkickstartsDisable any current Bootable Device
Painless. Mousewarn can also be used,for a Single Boot only. It also
for many other reasons you may want.Allowsthe Startup-sequence to be
Contact me if you have any Questionsdisabledas mentionedearlier in
Reguardingthis. I amCurrentlythisfile. The Boot menu is not
Working on software that will allowSpecific to the A3000 but is Avail-
a choice of kickstarts from cold-bootableon any amiga usingV2.02.
dependingon Partitionpriority,Usingthe Option to Boot another
similar to how the A3000 does it. IDeviceallows you for example to
willrelease it in the near futureBoot form a Different floppy, But
when i have finished it.Notethat some games may have a
V2.02 BOOTMENU:Problemb with this. Unless they go
-Thereseams to be quite a bit ofthoughtheOperating.Systemfor
confusionover this function. TheLoading they will still try for the
Boot menu is part of V2.02 KickstartDisk in df0: as many games use the
and is enabled by holding down BothAmiga's Hardware for disk Access.
MouseButtons at Boot Time. This
Allows you to Choose the Device to............ ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
THE A500 1000 AND 2000S:
-V2.02has newResolutionmodes(36.102) asl.library has fixed this.
Similarto High-Res interlace butIf you have not recieved this yet
withoutthe Filcker.These modesthenuse the asl.libraryfrom the
Require the ECS chip Set, ConsistingBeta 5 Disks.
AGNUS is Currently Being Shipped in -Inthe previous release of V2.0,
All Amiga's. DENISE is not, but istherewas an WBConfigoption in
Availableby ordering it from yourPrefsthat allowed you to Select
localdealer. it is pin for pin'double click to front' this has now
compatablewith the older chip sobeenremoved andplaced in the
youcan just exchangeit. These'Tools/commodites'Drawer. Strange
modes also require the use of a VGAthat they left the Option behind in
orMultiSync Monitor, Such as theprefs,even though it doesnt do
Commodore 1950.anything.The update supplies it on
BUG IN THE ASL.LIBRARY:theExtras Disk but it Belongs in
-Ever since V2.0 Beta 5 there has beenthe Tools/Commodities as Stated.
a Bug in the Library in the file
Requester.If the DRAWER gadget was...........
Clicked in, The Amiga would Reboot as
Soonas you StartedTyping. The
LastestRelease ofWorkbench.. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
-Thisbrilliant program comes with Thanx to Tim/Cyborg for excellent work
V2.0. It is a Debugging Tool desi- with the Amiga 3000. In next issue you
gned to work on any Amiga that Sports can read more about this great piece of
A memory managment Unit. (MMU). It is hardware. Until then....
excellent in finding invisible bugs.
'enforcer'and 'enforcer.par'. The
Firstsends all output to a Serial
terminal at 4800 Bps and the second
tothe printer.Any 'hit' on an
illegalmemory location causes the
System to momentarily cease, while
a full report is printed. This has
Helpedme track down some bugs in
some of my programs, and has also
foundsome i dident know existed.
Autocli is a good example: it shows
3 problembs, all of which are fixed
andhas makeautoclimuch more
Stable. The lastest version of Auto-
Cli is V1.96, and is Available free
of Charge. ............. ÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôA Note To I.C.E.  A Note To I.C.E. "lamers" who very often have nowhere
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ THATsort of informationshould be
This article reflects on your article checked out before releasing it. I wish
in I.C.E. #2 written by Amphetamine of to make it clear that I have nothing
Cytax, titled 'Scene Problems'. Here is against I.C.E., but I think you should
a quote from that article: "... And I do a little more checking out before
don't understand why a diskmag like the you say things like that. I want to
4thDimensiononly wants to have make it clear though, that we do have
articlesfrom "elite"-guys! ...". I the right to censor articles being sent
failto seewhat gaveyou that to us, and that we DON'T print shit
impression. I've read through all our people throw at each other. If someone
previousissues, and I can't find a wantsto be rude and nasty towards
single place mentioning anything even other people, they should do so else-
remotely connected to your sentence. On where.Fourth Dimension is not,I repeat,
the other side, what I have found, is NOT, an instrument of war. Other things
our wish to get articles from EVERYBODY are generally being put on print. So
in the scene, not just the so-called now you know our intentions, I.C.E.
"elite"-dudes. Just who are these elite Remember them well.
dudes anyway? I hope the article you Blackstar/Cryptoburners
wrote doesn't change/affect people's- managing editor -
attitudetowardsus, because our
intention has always been to give all Write to us if there are any opinions
people the same opportunity to express on this matter. Addresses can be found
themselves,and ESPECIALLY the so-called elsewhere in this diskmag. ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôAbout 4th Dimension Graphics 
  About 4D's grapics standards

Ok, now I've really had it! I am sick We take noresponsibilityfor the
and tired of using hours of valueable qualityof the pictures we have to
time on redrawing pictures and graphics repaint to our format! We also might
advertisments!! Is it really so hard to have to change some of the pictures in
understand for you graphicsfreaks out order to get it on the disk! That's
there that our gfxformat is:
the way of life!
 !!!XXX * 225!!!

)These are the standards supported by
You are free to use ALL graphicsformats the 4D graphics handler:
on you picture, but please don't bother
to paint your ad in interlaced HAM! We Alllo-res formats  (2-64 colours)
have problems in getting everything on Allmed-res formats (2-16 colours)
one disk! The moral should be: Don't (including "HiRes" (interlaced MedRes))
use 32 colours, if you don't need more It does NOT support Dynamic HAM piccys
than 8! For really nice pictures and ("HiRes HAM") due tothe megahuge
logos it is ofcourse allright to use copperlist it requires!
lots of colours, but please consider It does ofcourse handle lo-res and
ourdiskspace when you send in you interlaced HAM.
creations! In the future we might have 
to sort out some of the gfxads to get Ok, I hope I have made myself clear!
enough disk-space. If not we will have   Signed:
to put 4D onto two disks!   Vectorman of Cryptoburners (da coderÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôDanish Scene The Danish Scene... (Short)

Denmark has always been known for its beautiful girls, quality beer, bacon
etc. But Denmark and the Danes are also famous on the Amiga side. I.e. not
for bacon but for hiqh quality software like demos and games. One of the
recent examples on games is the sweet HUGO the STAR, a game which
recently had been used as a competition on one of Denmark's two Public
television channels. But also older games like Hybris, Battle Squadron,
Sword of Sodan and Datastorm was highly rated and got very positive
reviews. Anyway, let's come to the point. The Danish Amiga groups have
always been among the elite in the demo and cracking scene. Some of the
old legends are Trilogy (r.i.p), Dexion, Kefrens etc. And newer ones
are dudes like Crionics and Budbrain who has quite recently released
some demos of very high quality. It is very hard for me to judge who's
the best Danish group and even harder to make a chart. But atleast here's
a list of some of the most remarkable groups (no order):

Kefrens, Paradox, Dexion, Budbrain, Upfront, Silents, Flash Production,
Crionics, Arcane, Angels and Defjam (I.B.M, Marco, Weird Ed, Startrack etc),
Warfalcons (dead?). Hope I haven't forgot anybody.

If you wonder why I haven't mentioned Rebels, then it's because it wouldn't
be objective.
BJake ÿÿ ÿ

òOôFuck Synthetic music Fuck Syntetic music!!!And the biggest jerk of them all is
)Jochem Hippel!!  Come to me, and I'll
Ahh, another of those Fuck articles, knock some sence into you! Everybody
intresting!! Last week, I vortex got a loves your songs, but I don't!! Blip
new sending! Nice! I opened it and put Blop!! Jesus Christ, my watchs sounds
the disk in DF0: Krrr Krrr Aha, Scud better!! Go Home! Die!! Rot in grave!!
Row (Joke!) this must be a new game! AAAhhh,I've cooled down now! Sorry
Nice intro, but the music!! Aaaahhhh!! guys,I just had to writethis!
Fucking,stinking, smelling, bad and
ugly sounding, horrorfying, poeping,Signed: Vortex/TDC/Royal Amiga Force.
godvergetekanker synthetic sounds!
I can't stand these fucking, stinking,
smelling, bad and ugly sounding, horror
fying, poeping, godvergete kanker tunes
Who the hell invented them! Finally you
have a great machine, wonderfull sound
capabilities ans what are they making?
C64 tunes! GGGRRRR!!!Fuck you all!!
You make me sick! They are used because
they are short! Well, in my opinion I
say the composers are Short-minded!!
Aha, and I don't give a fuck what you
all think of that, fuck you too!! I am
now sooooo incredibly mad, my blood
presure is rising rapidly!! GGGRRRRR ÿÿ ÿ
òOôScared of RAF  Germany is scared of the R.A.F.!!give!
)Other people walked by and noticed the
What is this?? Why is germany scared of little sticker on the bank and read it.
the Royal Amiga Force? Wrong!! They are There face, and I am not bull-shitting
, and then I'm talking the older people you, turned peal! They really didn't
, scared of the Rotte Armee Fraction. A likewhat was standing there!RAF
terrorist organisation which used to do I think at least a dozen people looked
a lot of shit! (Perhaps they still do, at that sticker and were not happy
but I am not informed well about that!) about it! They walked away and came
So allright, they are scared of the back again to see if there was really
Rotte Armee Fraction. Big deal! why do RAF standing there, not knowing that it
I write that anyway? Well, here's why.. had nothing to do with the Rotte Armee
I, Vortex, drove back to holland after I, as the mean guy I am, stood there
a lovely weekend of skiing in Austria. for at least 10 minutes and laught like
Ofcourse I brought our stickers along a totally.... totally.... Shit, I've
and after driving some 500KM we thought lost my text! Fuck!
we deserved a rest! So we stopped along
the highway and drank some coke and ate Anyway,I think the RotteArmee
some bread etc.. Then I noticed this Fractionscared a lot of people in
lovely little bank! Aha! That one was germany, judging by this little ince-
reallybeggingfor one of my many dent!
stickers!! I put one on the bank and
walked away, not knowing what an effectSigned: Vortex/TDC/Rotte A..erm RAF
this little piece of sticky paper woul ÿÿ ÿ
òOôScared of RAF Germany is indeed scared of the R.A.F.Due to this accident I'm really sure
)the RAF (Not the Royal Amiga Force) is
Aha, another article about the Rotte fucking dangerous!
ArmeeFraction. Yeah, everybody can
fill a magazine like that! For everySigned: Vortex/TDC/ROYAL AMIGA FORCE
topic two issues! Well, let me tell you

I just spoke to Falcon, our (lame) GFX
artist!(Only joking flacy!) and he
told some bullshit and also something
about....yes, our RAF  stickers!
Falcon sent a package to Animators and
due to the fact that dutch envelopes
close very bad he put a RAF sticker on
it so it wouldn't open on it's journey
to germany!
Some time later Animators returned the
package and they told poor Falcon his
package was opened by the german post!
They thought there was some explosives
or something like that inside! HAHAHA!!

Can you fucking believe that! It's so
so..so.... Well, you know what I mean ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôHow To Get A Girl For many computer owners, it has always been a trouble to get hold of a girl.
Through 2 years of collection tricks how to do it, I have collected many
good tips, and the best of 'em, will now be written here.

1. Try to come to a party WERE she are. Try to be as much alone with her
as possible. Wait for the right musicpiece to be played at the party. When
you think it's romantic enough (In these days a piece like "A better love"
by London Beat would be great!) you start asking her a bit about which music,
films and so on she likes. You order you and herself a coke. Keep talking,
and try to be as nice as possible to her (I tried it..it's ok!)

2. If you know were she lives, when do this: Walk to her front door, ring
the bell, and just start talking! (Personally I tried this one - and it
worked!) It sounds rough, but it's great! You can add. something to it.
Find an old ladys-bike somewere (one which dosn't look like a bike anymore,
but a bike which you JUST can ride a few metres on..) And then you bikes
to her house, and asks her for a trip..I tried this one last week, and
it was great!!

3. If you have talked with her a bit, invite her on a film, in the cinema
(would be best) or by a videofilm. Let HER decide, the BEST would be a
film in the genre of Top Gun (Just to mention an good example, which every
girl likes..) And NOT horror films, or any raw and brutal films..
òOôHow To Get A Girl 4. If the girl which YOU likes has a girlfriend, when do ALSO talk to her.
It makes a good impression. Maybe you should ALSO invite her girl friend
in the first case. Do also write a letter to BOTH of them (Just seperated
by two papers), and give it to them. That makes them confused, and they
wants to find out who you are. The girl which YOU likes, must get a letter
more based on personal things, and that should make her love you. When
HER girlfriend will probably soon ask you, about you like her girlfriend
(the girl which you likes). I did also try this one, and it works.

5. Take your best friend with you. Walk to the girl you love, and talk
with her, and make jokes together with your mate. Make her laugh, and
keep saying funny things to her as possible, are you, as most computer
owners, good at making funny faces, when just do it!! A kissing effect
after her should work great! Many would get red in their face as an
tomato, but THIS is the right way to get the self confidence, and after
some time, you even don't notice anything funny in it, the GIRL just think
it's funny, and that was also the reason, right? This thing, should work
VERY good combinated with some of the other things, I use to do it,
and it works fine, especially combinated with point 1, 2 and 4.
The girl I tried it at, was pretty, nice, and maybe a bit hard to start
communticating with, but I suceeded at last. When a classmate said:
"You'll get an MARS if you ask her!!"...so I did...GOOD LUCK DUDEZ!

òOôFag teacher Having a fag as teacher
I moved to Trondheim in the Christmas, of the day talking about how great his
and when I started in school everything pupils are, except some brainless fools
was OK. Until the teacher came back whos names he shall not mention.
toschool after having been sick for
a half year. Before he got ill, he was If he doesn't have anyone to make a
on a holiday in Morocco....fool of, he talks about when he was in
Well, I discovered that the man is an Amsterdam and two drug users attacked
asshole, he uses every opportunity he him in a dark alley. Mr. Cool did just
gets to harass and talk shit about use "the famous knee" in the balls of
everyone or show that he is superior to one of them, and the other one ran away
all other people. Here's an example:when he saw what a great fighter he was
This guy in my class has forgotten to facing. Or he tells us that he is the
do his homework and the teacher says "I perfect man, and that he knows every-
spend my veeeeery valuable time, trying thing about men.
to teach you something and what do I
receive? Nothing! Where is your brain? When he is in a good mood he tells us
I'll tell you! You don't have any! You abouthis favoritesubject, sado-
areSTUPID with 70000 red lines!!! masochism; "I don't know if I've told
S-T-U-P-I-D!!! What shall you become? you about this, but if you are a maso-
A garbage man? No you're to stupid to chist, you love it when I hit you like
be that, you'll become a drunk, home- this, and this, and this," (he hits a
less, helpless fool!", and when he's boy) "and since I'm a sadist I love it
finnished with that, he spends the rest too!" NEXT PAGE » ÿÿ
òOôFag Teacher One thing that makes me hate him even Comment from the ed
more is that he seem to excuse himself ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
with the fact that he is a fag. I got If all of this is true, your teacher is
theimpressionthat he is telling clearly breaking the law. A teacher is
himselfthat the reason that nobody notallowed to beat or harass any
likes him is not the way he behave, but student of his. You don't mention which
his homosexuality!schoolyou attend, but clearly you
(don't attend a university or something
Iguess I'll stop writing now, but like that, so you are bound by law to
I just want to mention that this is be there. Anyway, here's my suggestion
true, and I wrote this article because for what to do:
I'mreally pissed off by the way our
teacher is treating people. 
The first thing you do is to contact
)your headmaster and, in an objective
-SAURON/NUKEway, inform him of what's going on.
)If this doesn't work (it will probably
)have some effect), you can bring the
Overto a less serioussubject! matter up to the school council. They
If you wanna swap candies, bubblegum, will surely support you if your state-
old rubbers (««JOKE!!!), demos, games, ments are found to be true. I suggest
dead cats or whatever, then write to:you don't sit on your arse waiting for
SAURON/NUKEsomeone else to do it, take the initia-
ROSENBORGGT. 22tive yourself. Good luck.
N-7014 TRONDHEIMBlackstar/Cryptoburners
NORWAÿÿ ÿ'ÿ Ä
k ç ‘Letters To The Editor Letters to the Editor  The bass and the chords are simply
‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ I forgot to introduce myself, I am Moby
The last few months I've received a lot the musician in Alcatraz... Back to Tip
of letters praising to new updates of The tune which was ripped is the one
FourthDimension. People especially which was used in Impact Inc.'s Vector-
liked our new and colourful design and balls,more than a year ago... As I
the articles also seem to have fallen said, he changed the pattern order, the
in good soil with most of you. Anyway, drums and the melody.That's all! I have
here's a small sortie of letters which put the two demos on the disk enclosed.
we received this time....Check it by yourself... Of course I
)would be happy if it is mentioned in
The first letter of today was a letter 4th Dim. #6 and the song removed from
from Moby of Alcatraz....the charts.
,I wrote to Dual Crew about this. Tip
Hi!&answered and explained that a friend of
)his began the song (bass and chords)
SCANDAL!SCANDAL! I received Fourth and gave it to Tip in order to let him
Dimensionlately (a cool mag anyway, finish it... etc. An incredible story
one of the best). I saw that in your in fact... (but I'm trying to believe
«Ten Golden Songs» chart, the song from it anyway). Tip told me he would talk
the «Yum Yum» demo (Dual Crew) is sixth about this problem in scrolltexts...
.. Scandal! Tip, the guy who "composed" But he never did... I thought I would
this tune (now in Phenomena), composed manage to forget it, but when I saw the
in fact only the drums and the melody.. Yum Yum song was still in your charts ÿÿ
 ÿ'ÿ Ä
k ç ‘Letters To The Editor I started to feel very upset... That's really happened. Anyway, I will talk to
why I write... That's all I wanted to Tip about this and come back to it on
say.%these pages in issue #7.As for removing
Yours, Moby/Alcatraz. it from our charts... It has already
)been beaten out, so there goes that one
P.S. Why isn't there a coder chart? I Concerning your next point. There isn't
think that in Demo review, you should a coder chart because it would be very
put the names of the guys whodidwhat?!hard to rate which demo's best coded
)because of the tremendous development
Hi to you Moby.in today's coding. Besides, the Golden
)Musiccharts reflects on which SONG
Quite an incredible letter you sent. I that was RATED highest in our demo-
will take your points one by one. First corner, and NOT on the best composer.
the song. I haven't been able to get in As you noticed, we have started with
touch with Tip about this matter yet, some charts for who's the best coder,
but I can promise you an update on this musician etc.,so that's the right place
in our next issue. As I heard the two to look for that. As for your third
songs I noticed that indeed the chords point, the credits in the demo reviews
and bassline was practically identical. would take up too much work and too
As I wish to stay as neutral as I can much space.If someone wants the credits
on this matter, I will not say who's stated in the reviews, they must write
wrong and so on, but I know how you them on a seperate piece of paper and
mustfeel about this. It isn't fun ASK for it when sending their demo to
having someone use your work and take be reviewed. That's all from me now.
all credits for it, if that is what  Blackstar/Cryptoburnerÿÿ ÿ9ÿ Ä
k ç ‘Letters To The Editor Hello!#check out this and forthcoming issues
)for RPG/Strategy/Adventure columns.
Here's a suggestion to a new article Blackstar/Cryptoburners
serie in Fourth Dimension. What if you
startedanRPG/Strategy/Adventure Then we received a letter from Switzer-
column in 4D? I'm sure there are many land complaining about our story about
people around the Amiga scene who are Nazi Fritz.....
wondering what this is. If no-one in
Cryptoburners,Razor 1911 or Rebels Hi. 
knowsanything about this, I'm sure 
there are some people in Fraxion who This is Oli/Setrox writing. Your mag
knows a little about this!(issue#5) was great except for the
With regards, Elwood of Neon. nazi shit. You should cut politics in
)future issues.
Hi there Elwood!6Oli/Setrox

We've given your suggestion a little Hi there Oli!
thought, and as you've probably noticed
your suggestion was well received. We As we (quite) clearly stated, the story
have succeeded in getting the reigning about Nazi Fritz was NOT politics, it
Norwegianchampionand also a was pure fiction. I know, however, that
contestant in the world championships many Germans could be offended by this
(with good results indeed) to assist us type of articles, and if we offended
in this serie. The responsible for this anyone, accept our humble apologies.
serie will be Trixal/Cryptoburners, so Blackstar/Cryptoburner ÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôAn Article About Lameness An Article About Lameness as any other word. If you do not have
)goodcontacts,if yourwork or
Written by Bustman/Crusaders. productionsare lousy, if you behave
)lameand soon.More orless,
To get things straight, I will everythingcan be lame. Even your
point out that this article is only my favouritetelevision channel can be
personal point of view.Some people lame when a stupid program about the
will agree, some will not. If you do worst tasting chewing gum appear.
not agree, then just keep on having
your own opinions. I have not writtenIn the computer scene it is the
this piece of text in the meaning of groups or persons that are lame. Better
convincing you readers, it is meant to groupsrun down not as good groups,
be a sort of information about what I telling everybody who is the coolest.
think of this subject. You could call Bettercoders, bettergraphicians,
it an insight. And nevertheless, I do bettermusicians or better swappers
not have anything against criticism. will always be a part of our lives. It
Youhave yourfully right to give isinevitable,we can not avoid
comments on this article.different classes in the scene. But we
)do not have to look down on each other,
I will start off with a little we do not have to quarrel or fight.
explanationon the subject lameness. Recently a lot of people have changed
There will always exist lamers, there their rather harmful attitudes. Known
will always be somebody that can not andunknownmovementsbased on
keep the same standard as others. The friendship have seen the light, trying
word lamer is commonly used, as often torebuildtheoldscene ÿÿ
^ ùßôAn Article About Lameness Everybody has been a lamer. Nobody lot more famous,resulting in no answer.
has been borned into a famous group, we  Or if they are lucky they get their
have all started at the bottom. I can disks back with some words about how
still remember the first days when I lame they are. Now, a lot of people is
bought my computer, at a moment when I alwayscomplaing about lame and old
did not even know how to boot up a stuff.Personally I think that new
disk. Everybody has had to learn and stuff do not matter so much. As long
gain experiences, everybody knows how as I get what my friends and contacts
it is to fail and to dosomething make, then I do not care the shit about
wrong. Nobody is perfect.the date of release.Concerning what
)is called lame letters, this is easy to
As I partly am a swapper, I will change. It is not difficult to write a
movethesubject on tolameness bit longer and cooler letters, I bet a
regarding trading. It is here the word lot of guys have not even tried it.
lameris mostfrequentlyused, There is a lot of things to write about
particularlywhen itcomes to everything between your latest meal to
mailtrading.Some people have lame the time when you kicked ass at the
contacts, some swappers write really local arcade.
lame letters and some guys are always
sending lame stuff.They are what weI myself think that lamers are just
simplycall lamers, and there is no totally normal people. The computer is
good explanation to this whatsoever. not the only thing in life, lamers are
The problem lays probably in the lamers just like us others when we turn the
themselves. They try to contact groups powertransformer off.If I feel
or people that are by far better and a irritatedby a lamer bothering oÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôAn Article About Lameness teasing me, I just give them a clear Comments from the managing editor.
message.If they continue, they will ---------------------------------------
just have to face the consequenses. Finally a rather objective view on what
But otherwise I have nothing against everybody talks about, nobody wants to
lamers, they are ok guys really. be, and what everyone has been; lamers.
)It would be interesting to hear from
As you now have read through my people with other opinions on this. But
article, I hope my knowledge has been if you decide to say your opinion, make
helpful.Even if this text is a bit sure it IS your opinion you write, and
long,I have reallytried to make that you don't write it just to show
myself short. There is a lot more to the world how cool you are. A big thanx
be written on the subject of lameness, to Bustman for this article.
and the discussion will always continue
But to round it up, I think that the Blackstar/Cryptoburners
word lame is out. The computer itself
does not mean so much that we have to 
abuse each other. Different classes in  Send your opinions to:
thescenewillstay,but not
necessarilythe habit to call each Fourth Dimension
other lame.(P.O. Box 217
Bustman/Crusaders. N-6801 Førde

Make sure you read the interview with
Bustmanrighthere in this magÿÿ €3°_
òOƒA Lamer's Worth-To-Live Day 
  A Lamer's worth-to-live day 1/2

Bob Kaare was 13 years old when he got Bobbywill now write about his most
his Amiga 500, big deal, the world's  happy day. It was the time of his life.
greatest lamer had entered the scene. The date was 14.march in 1991.
He's now a member of the world-famous 
gameplaying group 'Scumbags Inc.' The 07.00 Bob Kaare awakes from a terrible
games Bobby enjoy most are:cruel nightmare. In the dream he
1. 'Space Invaders'justabout managed to escape
2. 'Postman Pat'from The Evil Pacman.
3. 'Pacman'07.30 Bobby puts his coat on and walks
Bob has heard some rumours of a new down to the post-office to wait
brilliant game called 'Kick Off', so he for a sending. He don't know if
has told all his "Elite"-swappers to he, will get one, but he has
send it - as soon as it's cracked - or not had one for three weeks...
die! Bobby has two swappers, one is his The post-office opens at 09.30.
neighbour, Airbrain,  and the other it 09.30 The post opens and Bobby gets a
the notorious joystick-handler Pelle- letter that appears to be from
Raggen,from Spitsbergen. He former the greatest guy in the world;
swapped with Smart-ass, but Bobby quit (read'Lamer') PELLE RAGGEN -
when Smart-ass sent some low-quality Pinhead of Allied Mighty Suckers
games called demos...
òOƒA Lamer's Worth-To-Live Day 
  A Lamer's worth-to-live day 2/2

10.00 'YOOHOOO!!!' Bobby screams like 21.45 After a couple of cokes he is
 a horny hippo, when he finds out back with renewed strenght. Time
that he had got 'Kick Off'.for victory!!!!!
11.00 Bobby is at the local shop. He 00.00 After Bobby found out that the
needs supplies; 12 ltr of Coke, aim of the game, was to kick the
some (!) packets of crisps and round thing into the net at the
unlimited of gums, should be other side, he has in fact won 3
enough for some days of intense out of 35 'battles of death'!!!!
gameplaying. A 'Master' is born !!!! 
15.00 Yeah, it took it's time to carry
those 15 kg of snacks home, but We must all agree that Bobby is a real
in the end he makes it!! Amiga, cool computer-freak. Everybody in the
here I come, BABY!!!
 scene looks up to this 'Mighty Wizard'!
21.00 Time has passed. (Lucky readers, He has astonishing insight in the world
we saved you for all that boring of computers. - It is sad to know that
gameplaying.) Bobby is desperate Bobby was put in a sanatorium 4 weeks
coz' he's lost 90 matches and later, because his brain had shrunk!!
won 0 (ZERO,NIL,NOTHING!!!!!) He
just takes a break coz' he needs Signed the two LAMER-NERDS
to rethink his strategy. (!?!?!) 
Manhunter & Floyd of SIGNETTÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôJokes ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
When the american was in Australia he saw a kangaroo for the first time,
He exclaimed impressed:
- Goosh, your grasshoppers are actually bigger then ours.


Sven and Hasse are paratroopers and have just made a jump from the
aeroplane on 1000 meters height. Svens' parachute doesn't unfold and therefor
he shouts to Hasse:
- Hasse, what am I going to do? I'm lost!!!
Hasse shouts calmly back to Sven:
- Don't worry, it's just a drill...


Three dogs are sitting in a waiting-room at the vet. The first dog asks the
other one: - What are you here for?
- Well,when my master was out I went around in the house and pissed here and
there and made a mess of the house. So I am to be put to death.
- How about you then? Asked the second dog to the first one.
- When my master was going to bed he was only wearing his trousers and I became
so longing for his leg. So I took a bite and now I am also to be put to death.

Continued on next page..ÿÿ
 Ê ` ñ 

Then the second dog asks the third one, which is sitting a bit aside from
the other ones:
- How about you then? What are your problem?
- My master was taking a shower yesterday and she was all naked and when
she leaned over I couldn't resist it. So I jumped on her and you know..Eh..
fucked her. 
- Ahh, so you are also here to be put to death?
- No, I'm just here to cut my claws...

Hehe, hope you liked the jokes. Until next timeÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôJokes Jokes.....

The Johnsons were on their Sunday trip All the kids played on the beach, all
when Mr. Johnson, who where driving, except Caroline, she stepped on a mine!
saw a rabbit on the road. He hit the  (I just love this kind of jokes!!!) 
gas and ran over the rabbit, everyone 
inthe car almost laughed themselves "Hey, dad! Are you sure this is the
dead. After a while, he saw a deer, and rightway to learnhow to swim?"
ran  over it. Again everybody laughed. "Shut up kid, and get back into that
Some dead animals later, he stopped the sack!"
car and told his vife to go out and
checkthe front wheel, because he "Mum, can I have a cookie?"
thought it was damaged. Well, she got "Sure sweetie, just take one!"
out and when she was in front of the "But mum, you know I don't have any
he ran over her. All the kids laughed, arms!"
whenthe smallest of them suddenly "No arms - no cookies! (Hahaha!)"
started to cry. Mr. Johnson asked him 
why he cried, and the kid said: "I Some norwegian jokes:
didn't (sob, scchsjhgf!) see it!!!" ------------------------
' Alleinsektenehadde topp, utenom
All the kids looked inside the well, kleggen; han var smurt utover veggen.
all except Peters daughter; she was in 
the water!/Next page » ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
Allebarna så utenfor  kanten på Alle barna var på den stilige festen,
stupet, utenomKnut; det var han de alle utenom Roger; han ble voldtatt av
kastet ut!sin svoger!
Alle barna skjøt med mitraljøse, det Alle jentene var jomfruer, alle utenom
gjordeikke Miller; det var han de Bente; far kunne ikke vente! 
skjøt i filler!
)Alle barna spilte russisk rullet, alle
Helefamilien dro på påskeferie til utenom frode; han hadde hull i hodet!
syden, alle utenom far; han reiste med 
Scandinavian Star!Alle barna spilte fotball på plenen,
)alle utenom Frode; det var hans hode!
Alle barna svømte i det store bassenget, 
alle utenom Gunn; hun satt på bunn med Allebarna lekte med kniver, alle
åpen munn!utenom Jo, det var han de delte i to!

Alle barna lekte med dynamitt, alle Alle barna spilte fotball, alle utenom
utenomRune; han var spredt utover Arne, han gadd ikke!!! (Fooled ya!)
Alle barna så inn i den enorme stein-
knuseren, alle utenom Knut; han så ut!SAURON/NUKE
ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôJake's Billboard! 
 Jake's Billboard! 

A swapper chart? You must be kidding !! Yep, my alltime faves are:
No it's true from now on I will run an
independent chart in your fave mag, 4th 1.  Red Sector Inc........... Cebit' 90
Dimension. I often wondered howcome all 2. Cryptoburners..........Materialized
the chartmakers always seem to be for-
(and Hunt for.... I never could
getting themselves. This is gonna chan-
decide which one was the best!)
ge. There are no rules whatsoever that 3. Rebels.........................Coma
means that I'm the only one judging and 4. Scoopex.............Mental Hangover
therefore I can freely put what I want 5. Anarchy..............Phantasmagoria
on the chart. I'm also open to any kind 7. Kefrens....................Keftales
of bribery, so go ahead and send me mo- 8. Paradox..............Freddy's Back!
ney, flowers, sexy underwear (!) etc. 9. Red Sector Inc.......Their megademo
for the best result for your group. 10. Budbrain ..........Second Mega-demo
Nah, just kidding. What I want to say
is that it's only my personal opinions. You are welcome to send me your per-
I am not going to explain them, nor am favourites and then I will publish one
I going to let anybody tell me what or two of them each month.
to write. If you cannot live with that
then bug off.
------------->> next column..
>ÿÿ ¼ _ ôO¤We're pissed - page 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Milkshake and ICronite of Kefrens introduces:

  Being Pissed!


I Would like to introduce a new series  Let's start being pissed about:
of articles which ICronite and I will Demos not working on Amigas with the
write. This series will be called some-  Fat/Obise Agnus chip-set installed!
thing like this: We're Pissed! Lot's of guys are owners of Amigas
The main reason for us to start doing which are under two years of age and
this is because we find that lot's of these machines are not exactly like
different things going on these days the old ones.Firstwehad the
are really pissing us off.Kickstart problems - but after a long
Please remeber that we do NOT intend to period of time the coders found out
slag off anyone eventhoughvarious about them.
names does appear in our articles. In Now we have a new problem - the new
other words - Don't take it personal!Agnus chip-set!
Now let's start this series with a some of the demos not working on amigas
little article(Which I hope some with the new Agnus installed are:
coders will think about...)Hunt for 7th October by TEC/CRB
)Mental Hangover (Last Part) by Slayer
6--- ÿÿ
 ¼ _öO¤We're Pissed - Page 2 Skyfight (Game) by Heatseeker/CRB Comments from the editor:
T.M.N. Turtles demo by Tron/Dexion‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹
Mega-demo I+II by The Spy & co/Crionics Skyfight (The Game) by Heatseeker/CRB
Shape Change by Anarchy Finland
had some direct addressing in it, but
 + lot's of other great Amiga products. it was coded before the Kick V1.3
It really pisses me off that the coders machineswere common, and we never
of these cool products don't seem to  bothered to re-release it... Concerning
care about approx. 40% of the Amiga HuntFor 7th October by Tec/CRB, a
owners."working version for ALL machines was
In the future I really do hope that all released a week or two after the main
coders will check their demos on a new release.If it didn't get very much
Amiga before releasing it.spread,blame the SWAPPERS of this
Special message to TEC of Cryptoburners world. It might be uninteresting for
please make a new and fixed version of Kickstart V1.2 owners to get the same
your great Hunt for 7th October demo.demotwice, so you canprobably
)understand them. That was all.
  See ya in the next issue!
/ [Blackstar/Cryptoburners]
Comment from HeatSeeker :

My game, Skyfight, did not have any direct addressing!!! The only bug was one
number in the Cop.List. And why blame us coders for doing this??? It is not
our fault that Commodore
were so stupid that they didn't make a
compatiblemachine. OK, they changed the ROM, but why did they change the
hardware??? Stupid assholes!!! They didn't think when they changed the Agnus!ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôJake's Corner 
Jake's Corner!


Yeah, since this is the first time ever of Level 4. Before I continue, let me
that I'm writing this, then I'm going just point out that this is not an at-
to tell you a little about myself. You tact on JPN's person. I just disagree
obviously already discovered that my with some of his articles. Anyway, he's
name is Jake. Personally I think it's a obviously had some terrible experiences
lousy name but since it sounds a bit with some swappers and he feels that it
like my real name then I kept it.is necessary to do a little crusade ag-
)ainst --- US --- (yeah! I'm a swapper).
Today I'm going to give your my opinion Why I'm a bothered with this? Because,
on several different topics. The first it's my belief that all people are dif-
one will be about the ever so annoying ferent and therefore should be judged
people called "swappers". So let me try induvidually. I'm aware that there are
to characterize them. ----------------- some stupid swappers but there are also
--------------------------------------- stupid coders, musicians etc. I'm af-
--------------------------------------- raid that it's a common mistake that
Nah... forget it! They are all kind of swappers aren't doing anything. Swap-
different (like everybody else!). Okay, ping can actually be quite hard. To ro-
my point is that the swappers seem to und up this article I'm just gonna say
be some of the most popular dudes to that I believe every person has got a
slagg off at the moment. One of those unique quality. We weren't all ment to
guys who seems to get a kick out of be coding !!!
criticizing swappers nowadays are JPNOkay that was that... If someonÿÿ
òOôJake's Corner has any ideas, questions or just disag- And who complained when Israel didn't
gree with me, write to this address:follow the regulations decided by the
)United Nations? Anyway, this is exactly
 Fourth Dimesionmy point. Remember that there are alwa-

Passagen 10ys two sides of a case !!!

2670 Greve
Denmark!¹Bear in mind that this article was
)writtenin the early febuary. Many
Allright. The second theme for today is things can have happenend since then!
about the current situation¹ in the mid
dle east. It seems that everybody in  /Jake.
the amiga scene has taken their stand
on who to support. I've also done that.
But not without serious considerations, Ps.
because it really isn't as simple as I just came across one of the latest
the Allied and especially USA wants to issues of Ice (nice style) but I was
make it. I don't accept what Saddam has very annoyed when I saw one more friend
done and especially not the means he's ship article. Good, I'm so good damn
used to reach his goal. But, isn't it tired of them. The recipe for friend
kind of unfair that a little country as ship is that there is none. I mean, you
Kuwait sits on about 10 percent of all just become friends with somebody......
oil in the Middle East, because of
the borders England, I think, decided?
And isn't it unfair the way the Pale-
stinian people are treated by Israel ÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Angels Interview With Angels And Defjam!  JA> Would you please tell our readers
-how your dream girl looks like!?!

Starring MARCO (MA) and JAKE (JA).MA> A  bit like Kim Basinger !!! (Good
-taste dude !!! -JA)
JA> Hi Ole!  What's up with your long
awaited demo?JA> Do you read Diskmagazines regulary
-and which of them is the best one?
MA> If everything goes allright, then
it will be released at some party MA> Nah..  not very regulary - I mostly
this winter.read Zine. Which I think so far is
-the best one.
JA> How did your Amiga career start?
)JA> Lamers..... what a stupid word...
MA> Four  years ago I got it as a gift.what do you think?
In the start I just played games
etc. but soon I discovered demos MA> Well,  It depends on who they are.
and then I started coding.
)JA> And now an ordinary question. How
JA> How many members are you here inmany hours do you spend with your
Denmark?!Amiga each day?

MA> Four. They are  IBM, Startrack, MA> Aproximately  one hour. Weekends a
Weird Ed and myself of course. bit more.ÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Angels JA> Do you  know what Amiga means on MA> The groups: To stay #1!
Spanish?!My own: No ambitions.

MA> Yeah, girfriend I guess.
JA> Anything  you wanna say before we
-finish this interview?
JA> What  do you think about the Dexion
party?MA> Yeah !!! To Paradox (rip):
-We knew you could not stand the
MA> Well, the party itself very cool.life on the top.
Tough crews present, but the orga-
nizors acted quite immature. JA> See ya' around !!!

JA> Who's no.1 in Denmark?MA> Yep, just got my drivers license,
-so I'll visit you soon !!!
MA> What do you mean?
)JA> Okay - bring some new games !!!
JA> Hey  man, I'm the interviewer...
Okay,for example on demos and MA> I will....

MA> Demos: Kefrens.Interview conducted over the phone
Cracks: Angels & Defjam.
a cold winter night in January by Jake.

JA> Hey  what a surprise! Anyway, what
are your plans for the futureÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Complex As always in interviews: Please intro- ActuallyI don't care to visit all
duce yourself (age, name, real name if boring local parties. Copyparties are
any group and stuff like that).
the best.

Well, I am Hyde of Complex, I am 18 What is the lamest copy-party you ever
years (soon 19) old, my real name is have been to??? (I guess you knew that
Harri.Myfunction in Complex is this question would come)?
swapping, or should I say a demomaniac.
...I swap mostly demos...I'm sure you already know my answer...
)Lamest party was Savalame X-mas 1990
What kind of music do you listen to party in Finland. That was megalame...
most (Amiga and real music)?
)Do you have any boy/girlfriend (except
Now while writing this I am listening me)???
to bands called Merciless and Entombed,
coz I got them just from our Swedish Nope, there can only one...and that's
memberZed. Those bands are playing you, I am faithful to you.
death-metal...My favorite bands are
Metallica, Testament, Megadeth, Antrax Tell me about your most boring day of
and Stone (cool Finnish band). And if I your life?
listen Amiga-music Walkman is best.
)Well, I don't have boring days, coz I
What kind of parties are you normally am so wild... Well, schooldays are
going to (no copy-parties)?always boring. I have to wake up about
)7 am, go to shower and eat sumthing anÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Complex Then run in hurry to my p.o.box and to A few months ago I used to have about
schooland if I don't have anything 70 contacts but I got bored of that.
specialto do in school I will open
letters I just received. Then I sit 7 How do you earn money to stamps etc.?
hours in school... Boring or what???
Then school ends I run to home to copy I am working as a paperboyand of
sum disks and then I go to the post- course I beg sumthing from my parents.
office... And that's very boring day.And in the summertime I used to get sum
)real work, and then my school ends (I
What do you think about the scene right have 1 months left) I'm going to find a
now???! real job.

The  modemscene is very strong at the What do you think about the friendship
moment. It is important to get wares as corp.?
new as possible and that might be a bad
thing coz you only care about new stuff That'sgood movementcoz if there
and you don't do it for friendship. I wouldn't be friendship there wouldn't
thinkit isimportant to get good be a scene either.
friends and you will get them when you
are trading by mail... Demoswapping is What do you think about the war in the
the best way to swap.middle-east???

How many contacts do you have? Verystupid people and Saddam is a
)crazy guy if he starts a new war.He has
At the moment I have over 50 contacts. to fight against the whole world and hÿÿ ÿÿ
^ ùßôInterview With Complex is going to lose that war. I hope he So all elite guys left Image, and
won'tuse any chemical or nuclear Magnetron stopped all his activities.
weapons.!I went back to Complex and here I am.

Haveyou been in other groups than Do you believe in Satan?
Complex? If yes then please write which
and why you left them?Ofcourse I believe in my master... be
)faithfullto Satan and you will get
Yes, I have been in other teams before freedom in death ... just kidding ... I
Complex.Over 2 years ago then I don't believe in either Satan or God.
started to swap I was long time without
team.Mostlybecause I had enough And now you can write whatever you want
contacts by myself and because I too to...
lazy to find any groups. After that I
was couple of months in two different Well, I'd like say thanks to all my
groups but we decided to join Gate. I friends & contacts. And ofcourse you
was over half a year in Gate and I can always contact me for nice demo-
becamefamiliar withMic Dair of swapping... Or you can always call me:
Complex, and so I joined to Complex. I Please try this number:358 - 18 -805647
was long time in Complex and got bit ask for Harri. but please no Finnish
bored and I tried to organize a own lamersasking to swap. Only cool
group with my old friend Magnetron of foreigners.And thanx to Bozo for
Exodus. This group was Image. But now this interview... See you later, dudes!
saw what kind of lamers were in Image,
and Image was really stinking group. INTERVIEW BY BOZO/REBELÿÿ ÿ7ÿ:
òO ÆDiskback-Service 
Diskback Service! 4. If you live outside Scandinavia,
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1 text-ad for free! 4D, Box 141, N-3055 Kr.Elva, Norway ÿÿ _   DeskTop Publishing
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  ware, you can infact push your old mat-
  ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ rix to its limits. The program, that
ne of the major trends for this article is based upon is ProPage
 the more "proff" users, is v1.3. If you wonder, why I haven't used
  clearly DeskTop Puplishing, v2.0, it's because I still haven't been
Rebels 91 or shortly DTP.Not many Amiga able to lay my hands on it, even though

users seem to be into this quite a couple of guys have been promi-
type of computeruse, as it is known to sing to send it...
requirea lot of RAM, an expensive But lets get to it:
PostScript laserprinter, huge harddisks The first thing you have to know about
etc. The average Amiga freak doesn't PPage, is that it uses a nice load of
have access to that that kind of equip- your RAM. My 500 is equipped with 2MB,
ment because of economic reasnz,so most which is enough for the most uses. The
freaks just say: "Well, could be fun program CAN be used with 1MB, but it'll
if I had the money, but I certainly cause you some troubles, when using
don't".Then they load the latest demos, graphics, many fonts etc. If you cut
and forget all about DTP...off the Workbench, use only 1 bitplane
But he could also look around his room, in PPage, you should have the chance
lookat the old box next to his however. But as the RAM prices are as
computer- his good old9-needle low as ever, maybe you should expand
matrix printer. Normally only used for your mem anyway, you won't regret it!
listingsof programs and essays for When PPage is running, the first thing
school.It isn't a $7000 PostScript you have to do is to create a page. To
laser, but it might fill out his needs do this you select the menu called »»» ÿÿ
 _   DeskTop Publishing Page/Create/FromDefault, and just group and so on.
press OK in the requester. Now you have
a page with rulers in the top and on First you have to split up the page in
the left side. On the middle of the columns for the text. This is done by
page is a large box.hitting the "box" gadget in the left of
 PPage uses boxes for everything. If the screen. Then your use the mouse to
you want a picture, text or whatever on create 3 or 4 boxes in the width and
your page, you have to create a box for height you want. After that you have to
it.&tell the program that the boxes are
Creating a memberslist:going to be used for the same text. Se-
Let's say you want a memberslist for lect the "link boxes" gadget (two boxes
your group. What you need for that is:with a line between them) to link the
1. A text file containing names, num- active box with box you are clicking in
bers etc. on the members. Separeted by with the mouse. After this you select
CRs, and only in one column! The file the"text" gadget and click in the
can be in ASCII or many wordprocessor first box. Now you can use the menus to
formats. If you use TransScript, you select the point size of the chars, the
will be able to load the text file with font and style etc. For the best re-
codes for bold, italic etc.sult, I recommend that you use the CG-
2. A logo to place in the top of the fonts,as they are fully scaleable
page. Either as an IFF bitmap file, or without any loss of quality.
as a Professional Draw vector file. I Now it's Hammer ti... Time to import
recommendthe last, as it will look the textfile. Select the text format
much better on the printer.in the prefs menu, and select "Import
3. A headling saying the name of your Text". Use the file requester to loa ÿÿ _   DeskTop Publishing your tetxfile, and wait for the result. have a memberslist, which is ready to
Nothinghappens! Well you can't see be copied and published among the other
anything on the screen, but the text is members of your team... And be ready
now in the paste buffer, so press F1 or for lots of members calling and com-
select paste to fill the text into the plaining about spelling errors, wrong
boxes.#addresses and so on!
Now we need to import to import the Good luck!
logo. Make a new box in the size you - Paleface of REBELS
want, and select "Import Bitmap" or
"PDRAW clip file" to load the logo into PS: If you get into trouble using DTP
the box. If you wanna change the size, (noresponsibility for mad swappers
try doubleclicking on the box. caused by wrong addresses is taken), or
The last thing is the headling, which if you wanna send me money, disks, can-
you can either type in, directly in a dy or dead frogs (don't!), write to:
box, or import as before try finding a  Paleface of REBELS
size and style of the font that youSlagslunde Bygade 37
think fits. 3660 Stenløse
And now comes the best part: The out-DENMARK
put! Make sure that your printer is(DK+ 42 18 10 80)
connected and that the driver is right,
then select "Output/Dot Matrix". Use
the requester to select colors on/off,
resolution etc. Now wait for apprx. 1
year while the printer is working...
With a little bit luck you should no ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôECES 1991  



14-16/6 1991

In the middle of June 1991 there willThe gathering will be located in a
be a big gathering of all kinds of com- school near the center of Eskilstuna
puterized maniacs in a nice town called called STALFORSSKOLAN.
ESKILSTUNA in the middle of SWEDEN.When you read that name, some of you
Some glorious groups have decided tomight remember that two years ago, a
arrange a computer entertainment show not so very good (or bad) meeting also
for all people involved in the scene was held there. At that occasion, the
that centers around a powerful computer arrangers didn't really know how to get
called AMIGA.....the best out of everything....
These groups, with a glorious pastThis time, there will be no mistakes
and a promising future, invites every- in the organizing.
one that dares to come and watch a hugeIt all will begin Friday the 14th of
battlebetween a lot of persons and June at 14.00 and end Sunday the 16th
groups who'll try to excell each other 14.00.
in the magic world of bits'n'bytes,A little detail is that the entrance
pixels'n'colours and notes'n'sounds...fee will probably be set to 130 SEKÿÿ
w ¿OªECES 1991 but you will get 30 SEK back if youOnline cafeteria (24hrs) with a lot
have cleaned your room (that's becauseof nice stuff (coffee, sandwiches +
ofthe city'srental prices). Moremore...)
exact info about that will come in anSleeping facilities
infodemo which probably'll be releasedMap over the school with all groups
at the Anarchy party in Nykoping thisand persons present outmarked
Easter, or if you write or call to theProbably an incoming-calls phone-line
adress that follows later...where worried parents, girlfriends
+etc. can call to
Some special features:Shower facilities (hopefully)
+(otherwise, there is a big bath-house
Arcades (a couple of them)with a lot of meanless and childly
Great prices:features in the center of the city)
DemosMusicGfx Lotsa groovy people (that's up to U!)
1st  5000:-1500:-1500:-
2nd3000:-1000:-1000:-+ a lot of other things
(all in SEK, of course...)We will of course have some rules on
(Maybe even other small prices)this meeting:
Big video-screen at the competition
Fair voting system (you'll see thatNo booze allowed at all!
there can't be any cheating at all)(If anyone wants to party, the city
Pizzeria right across the street lies not far away!)
Close to the city (ca 1000m)
No smoking inside the school!
Closer to the railway station (800m)No littering! (unless you pick it upÿÿ ÿ
w ¿OðECES 1991 No damaging on the school's property!Or write to:
(There WILL be guards!)
 There will be signs up with the rulesJohn Carehag
at the school.N.Knoopg.4 3tr
-S-632 26 Eskilstuna
The competition will be held at 10.00Sweden
a.m. on the Sunday morning, and the(+46-16118221)
deadline is 24.00 on the night between
Saturday and Sunday, so be prepared and
have everything almost finished at homeWewill also have an online loud-
before you go to the meeting. We will speaker system where you can advertise
NOT delay the deadline because we have (for a small cost, of course) or hear
seen how it can be at other occasions. the latest news and so on....
More exact info will as told come outThere will also be possibilities to
in the infodemo which will be released come and pick you up at the railway
later.#station (for a cost of 10 SEK/person)
)if you can't stand to walk the way to
If there are any more questions or if the school.
you want an invitation, call:
------------------------------Have a nice day, and let's make this
 THE PLEASURE DOME +46-16127263 one a good one....
------------------------------/ ZIPHOID of RAZOR 191ÿÿ ÿ3ÿ_
òOôHey Mr.Orlando! Hey Mr. Orlando! 

Before I start, I would like to point etc. And that is exactly the point I
out that this is not meant as an attack would like to criticize. I've gotten a
on Orlando/Brs. It is only intended as lot of positive reactions on the demo,
positive criticism regarding the demo most people really do like it (other-
reviews in the wellknown Zine.
wise they're lying). I mean, it's okay
Anyway, as an always eager reader that Orlando doesn't like the demo and
of Zine, I was full of high expectati- so on, and it is alright that he gives
ons when I loaded issue 8. Especially us some negative criticism, but maybe
the demo charts and reviews got my full it could have been possible to find one
attention. Coz as a member of Rebels, I amongthe Brainstorm team, who liked
looked forward to see if our latest the special style of demo that it is;
demo, Total Triple Trouble, had been giving the readers an alternative re-
been reviewed. It had. Before I conti- view (as in some real magazines), in-
nue, let me just correct some errors stead of just slagging them off. Well,
in the review. It was Droopy, not Van- I hope you all can relate to that.
dal who coded it (Vandal weren't even"
mentioned in the demo !). Not that It"/Jake.
matter, but just to set the record
straight. Back to the review. It con-
tainssome facts (!?) about the demo
and Orlando uses several lines to tell
that he doesn't like the style, music

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