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09 SCENE - 40 sceners is Ascii scene today

on Fri 06 Jul 2018 by browallia author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Diskmags > Versus #8

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40 sceners is Ascii scene today
= = = = =
by Browallia/Nukleus

IT'5 a fact, that we are all now 10 years older, relative to the category 'Best Asciian' was used in Versus last time. We, or them, or simply us. Ascii artists, belonging to a a smaller sub scene - yet so independent of the Amiga, and yet so important in the Scene Society.


IT'5 difficult to frame a population, using various kinds of criterias.. e.g: how long is a scroller?
I don't have my legs in the jam, and know other people who provide better magics with characters and the ascii-scene than myself. Still, here we are and we found out (thanks flies to some people who checked the list, including members of impure, divine stylers, dip, hellbeard, and the forgotten, + last but not least sir Garbagetruck) that the Amiga Ascii scene anno 2018 consists of 40 sceners.


IT'5 a mission of Sherlock caliber to examine the reuse of logos, or what is active anyway, if you up and then do a file_id.diz. Or is it only ascii collections thats count, or the old school scene ascii scene (before pabloDraw) or show up at irc from time to time, or .

>40 sceners.

IT'5 impossible to draw lines, whats falling under the term 'active'. When are you active is of coz something most people wonder. Well, for us, the most correct answer is "if the artist him- or herself says a status, this is overriding any rule". On 2nd place comes some releases the last years.

>40 active sceners.

IT'5 a challenge we know, and don't claim the right when we hereby in Versus #8, defined active Amiga Ascii scene. We just say that this is the best we got.

>40 active amiga asciian sceners.

IT'5 facing a bright future, when there has been many parties 2017-2018 with ascii and varities of char-art compos around on different platforms. This shines like topaz bright to me.

>40 active amiga asciian sceners left.

IT'5 not without purpose, we would like you to contribute at nukleus.nu/versus > active ascii/ansi.There we also provide contact if some info is wrong. We want you active.



browallia | 2019.05.14
Comments: 3

Registered: 2006.08.25

This was probably the shortest article I wrote in vS#8, still it was taking a lot of investigations to come up with the number of fourty active Amiga asciians in year 2018. Hopefully some more sceners will do ascii on our beautiful platform...

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