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18 Xerxes and Romeo Knight in concert at Breakpoint '08 by BP organizing

on Wed 05 Mar 2008 by Axel author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in ZINE powered by BitFellas > ZINE #13

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Xerxes and Romeo Knight in concert at Breakpoint 08
by Breakpoint organizing

Download PDF version:

It is official.

"Romeo Knight will team up with Xerxes
to perform live at Breakpoint 2008."

Romeo Knight

German scene legend and musical extraordinaire Romeo Knight (aka Eike Steffen) will team up with Norwegian electronica artist and scener Xerxes (aka Klaus Lunde) to perform live at Breakpoint 2008.


As if that was not enough, they are accompanied by Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg on drums and percussion. Bendik is now 16 years old and regarded as one of the most promising and spectacular drummers in Norway.

Aside from playing several gigs with Xerxes over the last few years, his jazz band Matto Molto has been playing all the biggest festivals in Norway, including Molde Jazz Festival, Bylarm and Slottsfjellfestivalen. He started playing the drums at the tender age of five and has never since looked back. Expect explosive artistry from Bendik, and perhaps a massive drum solo.

Romeo Knight needs very little introduction to anyone who has ever been involved with the scene. His modules that colored the revolutionary Red Sector demos can only be seen as classics, and his approach to sound and music has only evolved from there. At Breakpoint, you will experience Romeo Knight and his guitar. Bring extra underwear.

Xerxes has played live at Chillout festivals around the world for the last two years. But he never stopped loving and caring for the scene, which is certainly evident in the Chillosophy series he has made for Brainstorm. Expect some familiar and unfamiliar sounds; and some huge surprises.

The exact time slot for the concert of the two Brainstorm musicians will be announced on the Breakpoint 08 website:

See you at Breakpoint!


Axel | 2008.03.18
Comments: 165

Registered: 2006.05.17

Update: the concert is currently scheduled for 2200h on Saturday, March 22nd. Be there.

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