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Virgill (Essence, Artwork, TRSI) (00.00.1995) musician

on Wed 25 Apr 2007 by Pantera author listemail the content item print the content item create pdf file of the content item

in Interviews

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Interview with Virgill
Published in D.I.S.C - 1995

Pouet.net Screenshot: Virgill dreams by Essense

Pantera: Hi Virgill! Like most of us know you are one of those very talented composers in the scene today.We have heard many modules composed by you and we'll be hearing more for sure.. As always we'll begin with the introducing part..

Virgill: Hello Pantera! First of all I must say that I'm happy that I have the chance to entertain all these lucky readers of Disc a little bit with a story about me, my life and my personality. But how to start? Well, I think one of the important things is my name: Jochen Feldkötter.

It sounds really stupid in english but in german it's ok. Yes! Germany is the country I live in and my little city is called Ibbenbueren. There are not many other scene-people living in this area. Except Warhead, Tsm, the Twins and Poldi... I'm born on 08.04.1974 (21 Years now) Please send me a present next year!

Pantera: And now after those words we'll go over to the hardware part,what kind of wares do you have?

Virgill: What kind of hardware do you mean? My Amiga 1200 with a fucked up harddisk + extradrive and a motherfucking selfmade monosampler... Or do you want me to talk about my equipment like my Korg Wavestation Ex, my Roland Jupiter 6, my old Yamaha & Casio keyboard and my Kawai K4 or my e-guitar & bass? Ehrm.. Forget it!

Pantera: You seem to have been in the scene for quite some time now, when did your so called career begin and which are your former groups and handles?

Virgill: I have started with my career in early 1987. I shared my time with my amiga to code some nice copper- hoppers and sinescrollers. I was also good in painting some logos. (They really looked pretty well.) After some time of lameness a little german group called Panic discovered my coding and drawing skills. I joined and produced 2 nice intros but I didn`t liked the modules of these Panic-musicians! So I've started to compose under the handle Dr.Headcrash... After a while I left Panic because I was fed up with coding my own Intros, just to release some modules of mine. I joined Coma, composed for their fantastic McDisc and changed my handle to Virgill! After Coma died I joined the forces of Sanity for one year to produce Interference. After a big nuclear meltdown with Jester and Diddle I left for Masque of Trsi. (Oh man! this list is very boring!) Now I'm in: ... Essence & Artwork

Pantera: When did your breakthrough come and how did you feel when your module was used in a production for the first time?

Virgill: Breakthrough? I never had a real one. Except with Interference. But this was pure blame! All of the Samples were stolen and this caused a low-level opinion to other musicians. Nowadays I use only my own Samples but some musicians like Chorus & some others claimed at the party #4 that my modules are to public-orientated. But I'm very happy to proove with every release that my music is more than just for getting famous. It's a feeling!

I believe many sceners have wondered whether you are a member of Essence or both in Artwork and Essence, what's the case?

Actually I joined Artwork as a double-member. Producing quality demos is more exciting than making modules for several diskmags. Artwork is a bunch of very talented and famous sceners. Many of them are double-members like Trasher or Fiver or the Twins... I think it's no shame to be in two groups!

Pantera: You have probably composed like million modules in your life, which one are you most satisfied with?

Virgill: One million modules? Are you crazy? I have only composed ca.50-60 in my whole live. (Thats not many!) I start hating most of my modules when listening to them too often. And this happens if they are older than 2 months. I only like my new ones. At the moment this is 'Entity' and 'Nosehole'. But the best style in some of my old Music is: 'Save my Dick' or 'I stay with my Mother'!

Pantera: Since you are a musician, and musicians often play some instruments, do you and if yes, maybe even in a band?

Virgill: Of course! This is my biggest hobby! I'm playing Piano for 11 years and Guitar & Bass for 3 years. I'm not so good in the string-subject. My power is the piano. I love playing Jazz & Classic. My Girly also plays the Piano and she's much better than I ever could be!!! (She's a Russian girl and had ten times more lessons and practice than I.)

Actually I play guitar in a Metalband! We cover some of the songs from Siltskin, Metallica, Black sabbath, Toten Hosen, ect... It's a big fun!

Pantera: How is it going in the real world? Into studying or working your butt off at some factory?

Virgill: I'm working my 'butt off' as an Energy electrician in a depth of 1630 meters down in the dirt! This is the deepest 'Schacht' in whole Europe... I have to install cables and motors running with 10 kV. That's a bit dangerous and I'm very exhausted when I come home. (This causes my writing-lazyness...)

Pantera: There are many good composers in the scene today and unfortunately many are underrated.. who do you think is the most underrated?

Virgill: I really don't care about who's hot and who's not. I can only say that I admire the style of this not-so-well-known musician called Don Cato of Talent. The thing I like is not his technique. I like his way of composing. He plays all samples with his Bass, Guitar and Organ. It really sounds like livemusic!

Pantera: After your success with Viktoria, can we expect another musicdisk soon and what are your plans for the future?

Virgill: You'll get more productions for sure! Plans are already made but I won't tell any details. (Secret you know!)

Pantera: Argh, you could have revealed something at least, anyway let's get on with this interview.. Who do you think is the best musician and why?

Virgill: I won't make this decision. I may say this module is bad or this one is good but I can't say this Musician is the best. Every human has his good and his bad days. And there are many good musicians! Maybe you can ask me: 'tell me your favourite module!' then I would answer 'I really like 1989 a number / Romeo Knight or Excellent sneakers / Don Cato' One last cry is heard: I can't understand all these Techno musicians...

Mekka&Symposium 2002: Virgill and his wife Vicky

Pantera: As said there are many good musicians, now I'll give you few names and the meaning is that you'll give a comment on each of them..

Virgill: Strobo: I can`t say anything about him, because I don`t remember his modules at the moment. But I've heared a lot of good things about him.

Chromag: Easy listening music is in my opinion like a glass of beer. You drink it and it is wonderful, but after a hour you can`t exactly remember the taste but say that it was well brewed. Correct. (Hi Tim! Still awaiting your sending!)

Jester: Personally I would thank god that this guy is not my father or brother, but concerning his music I must say that he is the perfect example for guys who always become someone by using the same modules again and again... Even on PC...(Wahljahr 1990.. Naa, klingelts

Xtd: So, that's not easy. Some heights and some depths. But who has a good day ever. I don`t want to be a judge, but I think, yes only think and not mean, that he`s a bit overrated. Continuously good music is the basic thing and following is a hard way. No one should be called `cool` or `perfect`. Just call him `talented` until he has prooved his talent over a period of 2 or 3 years.

Moby: Yep, quite usable tunes with stunning guitars and wild improvisations. I like that styles, really, but I think he should expand his range of sounds, so that there will be the chance to hear a piano and string song from him again. I remember many of his modules and they always have been something special.

Pantera: And now to your favourites, who can they be?

Virgill: Graphician: Peachy & Fiver. Musician: Romeo Knight, Bruno, 4Mat & Bit Arts.

Style: Jazz, Classic & Metal (Easy to make...).

Swapper: Trasher & Control. (Cause of friendship!)

Coder: Microforce. (Ever seen his Hamsterbars? Great!)

Demo: Interference & Rsi Cebit 90.

Mag: ROM & McDisk.

Utility: SAM the Samplecalculator (From Twins / Artwork.)

Party: Pegasusparty'89.

Drink: Beer, Whisky (with Coke) and Milk (Every morning!).

Beer: Herforder Pils!!!

Food: Pilmeni (from Russia) & Pizza.

Movie: Braindead & Sex mit fetten Frauen (Wabbel)...

Real music: Mother tongue, Declam, Paradise lost & die Aerzte.

Pantera: We have reached the end once again, thanks for the interview and we wish you good luck in the future.. You may write greetings or whatever.. Bye!

Virgill: I send handshakes to these lucky winners of my friendship & respect:

Lynxx, Cons (stupidly inactive coz of no hope of getting better), Poldi (Biggest talent in Germany), Foxx, Dust (Smoking again?), Peachy (Guenni Rules!), Dreamer (Gesichtsfotze?), Wayne Mendoza, Flagg, Sniper, Jugger, Tasher, Mop (Nosehole?), Touchstone, Smt, Jesus (Er lebt!), Crazy mace (Thanx For playing the Saxophone!!!), Disney, Tron, Fiver (You are the best!), Don-Cato, Control, Uyanik, Navy, Damion, Rmb, Lmb, Microforce (Get your ASS on your Assembler!!!), Boones, Cougar, Wotw, Chromag, Laxical (Alien-Theme was cool...), Mindfuck (Write Back!), Emax (I love you!!!), Aronal, Ra, Slide, Crash, Twins (Sam is grreeaaat!), ect.pp. (You know who you are and you'll be always on my mind!)

Interview performed by Pantera

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