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Forum Rules


We all hate rules, but we have to have a few otherwise there would be total
anarchy and we are not talking about the nice amiga group;

1 Use of this site is a PRIVILEGE -not- a RIGHT and as such you can have

2 No ABUSE. If you dont know what we mean by "No ABUSE" you may as well delete
your user and never come back here. We will not tolerate shitty behaviour towards others.
To clarify:
At BitFellas we do not promote or condone offensive behaviour of any kind anywhere on the website or within our irc chanel.
This includes personal attacks of any nature with intent to undermine or demean any one person or group of people.
Opinions and discussion are encouraged and to be shared, but must be done so in a civilized manner.
If conflict arises from malicious behaviour on the forums or irc chanel the user(s) will be banned with no warning, and with no favour or bias to any one side.
Please conduct yourselves like sober, respectful adults.

3 There will be NO SPAMMING. Period. If you wish to advertise do it in the
correct section.

4 If anyone complains about a person involved with posting abusive crap
he gets probation once and then we'll decide, the admins that is, what we
do with him.

5 The primary language of this site is English. You can post in German but
please mark german language theads with (.de) in the thread name.
Sorry, other languages are not allowed, because we are responsible even for
threads we don't understand, because according to the German laws we have to take
responsibility for the content this site contains and we can only give due care to content we can

6 No warez, cracks, serials or illegally obtained copyrighted content!
There are other places for that stuff...

7 Multiple registrations are prohibited. So don't do it.

8 If an Admin tells you something you are doing is contradicting the rules.
then you stop doing it IMMEDIATELY!.

9 If you break the rules you WILL get banned.

BitFellas staff
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