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Mittwoch Support Team

BitFella #1
Joined: 2006.03.18
Posts: 6945
Another visitor. Stay awhile. Staaaaaaaaaay FOREVER!

Demoscene from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It's great that you have found your way to our homeground and that we can welcome you here.
The BitFellas (BF) are providing a content database for almost all platforms, combined with a nice forum to exchange the latest gossip and information.
BF is supposed to become a huge scene community offering extended and unique content next to the communication opportunities.
Among other things you are welcome to advertise your demoscene project/group at the (upcoming) BF Group Representing Section which is intended as a kind of scene yellow pages.
Please keep in mind that content and forum are divided, the best and most interesting parts of the forum will be saved in the content database to make sure it won't get lost in the endless width of the forum.
Our intention is to offer something for the entire scene of all possible platforms, may it be oldschool or newschool.
Our intention is to bring people together, to discuss topics, to develop new ideas in order to make the scene a much better place.
The content will contain various scene related material such as exclusively and reprinted articles from various scene magazines, party reports, interview section, tutorials, calendar service with all possible scene related dates you can't afford to miss.
You see, this is far more than just another forum.
As usual the quality of the material depends on the visitors and the contributors.
Please do us and the scene a favour and support our project with interesting stuff, may it be in the forum or for the content section.
We and all the visitors will appreciate your effort.

How can you support us or contribute to our project?
We are looking for almost everything such as articles, links, tutorials, sourcecodes, reports, reviews, stories, news...
We are still developing our ideas and expanding our conception so we are open for ideas to make things better over here.
Why do we collect articles here?
There are often problems to use emulators finding the right settings or preferences.
Instead of wasting your time configurating an piece of software you can access the information here, simple and fast.
We do provide centered and exclusive room for all platforms, even for not so popular and widely spread platforms.
We are a community and don't intend to steal members from any groups.
We are a team of people knowing each other for a quite long time and our intention to realise some projects like this one together.
Regarding illegal content and copyright issues we need your support, too. Please inform us about any form of violation and we will immidiately remove it.
It would be great if you could start over with a short hello and an introduction in our welcome area so that people have an impression who has joined us lately.
It simplifies future communication and makes it more easy for people to get in touch or to find topics to talk about.

Read the Forum Rules and please place your first post here:
BitFellas -> Forums -> BitFellas -> Welcome
Perhaps you'll find the time to fill in the (upcoming) interview sheet for our archive, too.
And set your marker to our map if you like: http://www.frappr.com/bitfellas

Many thanks in advance.

And now enjoy your time here.
Regards, BitFellas staff

[ Edited 2006.10.24 ]

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