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Category: Platforms (70) Comments Referrals
4Sceners http://www.4sceners.de
0 472
8 bit Nirvava http://www.zock.com/
0 27
8bit today http://www.8bittoday.com/
8bit related news and media
0 156
Aminet http://aminet.net/
The worlds largest archive for any computer system!
0 26
C-base e.V. http://c-base.org/
0 19
Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum http://users.rcn.com/crfriend/museum/
a private collection covering a range of calculating machines from slide rules to reasonably modern microcomputers and workstations
0 39
CD Textfiles http://cd.textfiles.com/
The Past on Plastic
0 147
Classic Gaming http://classicgaming.gamespy.com/
Gaming the way you remember it.
0 26
Commodore is awesome http://commodore.ninja/
CIA (Commodore is Awesome) is a website about everything Commodore.
0 68
Computer Demos - The Story So Far http://mlab.taik.fi/~eye/demos/
0 186
Computer History Online http://www.weller.to/
0 60
Computermuseum http://www.computermuseum.it/
0 65
CSDb http://noname.c64.org/csdb
0 28
Demoscene UK http://ukdemoscene.org/
UK demoscene portal
0 93
Demoscene.hu http://www.demoscene.hu/
0 77
Demoscene.Info http://www.demoscene.info/
Das Portal über die Demoszene
0 198
Demoscene.nl http://www.demoscene.nl/index_js.php
Dutch demoscene portal
0 30
Demoscene.no http://www.demoscene.no/
Norwegian demoscene portal
0 43
Demoscene.ru http://www.demoscene.ru/
Russian demoscene portal
0 22
Demoscene.us http://demoscene.us/
American demoscene portal
0 149
Demoscene@Xing https://www.xing.com/net/demoscene
0 27
Demoscenery http://www.demoscenery.net/
This site is dedicated to the demoscene, demoscene projects and my demoscene activities.
0 37
DJ gOOns Nostalgia Page http://g00nzor.free.fr/
C64, Atari & Amiga related stuff
0 24
Emu HQ http://www.emuhq.com/
Where the games of the Old are reborn through emulation
0 32
Emulators Unlimited http://www.emuunlim.com/
Big emulation page for all kind of computer platforms!
0 70
Emulatronia http://www.emulatronia.com/ordenado.htm
Emulation page for amiga, amstrad, apple, atari, c64, mac, msx, sinclail ql, spectrum, x68000.
0 34
Flashterm http://www.flashterm.com/
Flash telnet client
0 30
Flashtro http://www.flashtro.com/
0 36
Hacker Kulture http://www.dvara.net/HK/updatesdetails.asp?RefID=29
0 26
Hardcode http://hardcode.untergrund.net/
4KB and smaller intros
0 59
http://www.homecomputer.de/ http://The Homecomputer Museum
0 22
Intro Inferno http://www.intro-inferno.com/
0 31
Linuxdemos http://www.linuxdemos.org
0 30
MAME Emulator http://mamedev.org/
Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator
0 20
MESS http://www.mess.org/
Multiple emulator super system
0 20
Mindcandy-DVD Project http://www.mindcandydvd.com
0 31
Monostep http://www.monostep.org/
Musicvideo Blog and Demo archive
0 63
Mudia Art http://www.mudia-art.net
Net appearance of the Mudia Art - Artmag
0 172
Old-Skool-net http://old-skool.net/home.php3
The legal Amiga download archive
0 91
Oldbits Computermuseum http://www.oldbits.de/
0 37
Oldschool Gaming http://www.oldschool-gaming.com/
Reviewing new games on old platforms
0 355
Planet Emulation http://www.planetemu.net/
Cool site for emulation freaks for consoles and all kind of old computers! In French!
0 643
Pouët http://pouet.net
Online demoscene resource
0 38
Proyecto Euler http://www.scenesp.org/euler/menu.php?pc=0&pagina=0
base de datos de la escena española
0 23
Pulsdemos http://www.pulsdemos.com
PULS propose ici le téléchargement de démos pour les Thomson 8 bits.
0 38
raww.org http://raww.org/
ZX Spectrum demoscene news
0 29
Retro Remakes http://www.remakes.org/
Classic gaming for the next generation
0 33
Retro-Remakes http://www.retro-remakes.net
Retro-Remakes.Net is your number one source for flawless conversions of cracktros from days gone by. All lovingly recreated to run on the Windows 32 operating system, all free, gratis and for nothing.
0 69
Retrogames http://www.retrogames.com/
Your one stop emulation site
0 319
Scene Videos http://www.scenevideos.com
high quality video captures of demo scene productions across all platforms as torrents
0 239
Scene.cz http://www.scene.cz/
Cz demoscene portal
0 31
Scene.es http://escena.org/
Spanish demoscene portal
0 28
Scene.hu http://scene.hu/news.php
Hungarian Demoscene Portal
0 44
Scene.it http://scene-it.untergrund.net/
Italian scene portal
0 56
Scene.org http://www.scene.org
0 22
Scene.pl http://www.scene.pl/
polish scene portal
0 23
Scene.se http://www.scene.se/
Swedish demoscene portal
0 101
Scenepoints http://www.scenepoints.me/
SCENEPOINTS is the new Demoscene Currency, aimed especially at frequent party visitors and contributors. Every SCENEPOINTS certified Demoparty can issue a certain amount of SCENEPOINTS, depending on visitor count, amount and quality of releases.
0 16
Slengpung http://www.slengpung.com
0 33
Steam Demoscene Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/demoscene
Group of demosceners on the stream platform
0 22
Textfiles.com http://www.textfiles.com/
What this site offers is a glimpse into the history of writers and artists bound by the 128 characters that the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) allowed them.
0 25
The Demoscene Documentary http://demoscenedoc.com/?c=1
0 55
The Greek Qbasic Demoscene http://www.codeverse.gr/grscene/qbmain.htm
0 40
The Oldskool PC http://www.oldskool.org/
PC gaming-related nostalgia and resources
0 178
The Shoot em Up Construction Kit Vault http://www.seuckvault.co.uk/
0 77
Wanted! - A human resource hub for demomaking http://wanted.scene.org
Ever had a great idea for a demo but insufficient means to get it done? Tired of trying to find collaborators on IRC or pouët.net and getting no useful response?
On Wanted! you can ask your peers for help and get them excited for your projects - no matter what kind.
But even if you're a seasoned veteran - if you have skills in one particular field, a lot of time on your hands but nobody to work with or just looking for some side-projects, this is the place where you can offer help out others do cool stuff.
0 151
Wurst Captures http://wurstcaptures.untergrund.net/
Video captures of DOS and Win32 demos
0 133
Xbox-demoscene http://nuance.untergrund.net/xbox-demoscene/
0 58
YM Rockerz http://www.creamhq.de/ymrockerz/index.php
0 37
[d]vision http://www.dvision.at
0 82
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