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Song Info

I Met A Girl With Butterfly Wings
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Length: 03:47, Page Loaded: 723 times
Format: NA    Platform: NA
Last Played: 18.03.23 09:21:07
Last User Request: Myx
Total Plays: 144 (added: 29.10.07)
Appears in Favourites: 0 times

Rating: 6.4 (5 Votes)

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7: ALiEN^bf 26.01.08 6: Lee CuLpRiT 20.04.08 6: madstop 20.04.08 6: vincenzo 20.04.08 7: Bobic 07.03.09

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bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2009.03.07
Vocals by Sofie Eriksson

Lyrics: I met a girl with butterfly wings and I ripped them off cause I wanted her to stay, still don't know why I did that. Now she's just like a dead bird lying on the street. When the homemade paperwings didn't work she gave me a picture of angels that had white silk wings. I got the idea and pushed her down the cliff, she hit the ground and died. I was hoping to see her fly away with her brand new white wings but I didn't see anything. She was just like a dead bird lying on the street. Maybe i was wrong, maybe she just wanted to show me a pretty picture of angels.

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