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BitFellas: BitJam :: Info for XnmE - The Cage (Broken Dreams mix by Enonimis)

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Song Info

The Cage (Broken Dreams mix by Enonimis)
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Length: 05:45, Page Loaded: 513 times
Format: NA    Platform: NA
Last Played: 15.05.23 00:35:38
Last User Request: Myx
Total Plays: 114 (added: 27.02.08)
Appears in Favourites: 0 times

Rating: 5.8 (4 Votes)

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Votes for this track:
6: Bobic 18.03.08 4: vincenzo 16.11.09 6: Mice 16.04.10 7: ALiEN^bf 07.06.10

Comments for this track:
bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2008.03.18
I am really surprised by this tune as I did not like the usual death metal stuff from Xmne and say that this music absolutely don't fit in here. This one is better with the holy choir in the background and the really nice intro. It's not as hard as other tunes from him, so I have go say that I like it.

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