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[Progress: 04:36/05:01, Plays: 124, Rating: 4.0 (1 Votes), Comments: 0, Request: BitBot]
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Song Info

No More Tomorrow
GermanyBit Arts
Length: 04:10, Page Loaded: 1634 times
Format: NA    Platform: NA
Last Played: 12.05.23 22:38:02
Last User Request: ALiEN^bf
Total Plays: 128 (added: 28.01.10)
Appears in Favourites: 3 times

Rating: 5.8 (8 Votes)

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Votes for this track:
6: vincenzo 29.01.10 1: zeg 29.01.10 8: Bobic 30.01.10 6: Mice 31.01.10 7: ALiEN^bf 31.01.10
7: madstop 04.02.10 4: Salinga 09.03.10 7: andr00 28.06.11

Comments for this track:
bullet zeg | Comments: 331 | 2010.01.29
His early amiga tunes are 1000 times better with less of hardware possibilities.

bullet zeg | Comments: 331 | 2010.01.29
Hey, BIT ARTS if you read this. Listen to your old tunes and remember what you have done before.
Where is the music gone to?
Where is the melody?
Where is the spirit of the music?

bullet zeg | Comments: 331 | 2010.01.29
even his early Aegis Sonix scores back from 1987 are better!

bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2010.01.30
a beast of a killer track! made an OK demo to a great one!

bullet Bit Arts | Comments: 4 | 2010.02.05
You know, zeg. Music is not always about being melodic. This tune isn't supposed to be melodic and it never was. And I guess that's exactly the reason why it works as component of the demo.

While I'm not gonna compare myself with Da Vinci... *lol*... I'll just choose it as an obvious example: Would you ask Da Vinci where are all the colors gone in his scientific sketches. Would you ask him why none of his sketched machines looks like the Mona Lisa?

The track tries to create a special atmosphere. "Roadside Picnic" is no music disk. And actually both is very obvious.

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