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Song Info

Length: 02:23, Page Loaded: 589 times
Format: NA    Platform: NA
Last Played: 02.11.21 06:14:10
Last User Request: ulrick
Total Plays: 107 (added: 13.06.11)
Appears in Favourites: 0 times

Rating: 5.3 (3 Votes)

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6: Bobic 14.06.11 5: ALiEN^bf 15.06.11 5: Mice 15.06.11

Comments for this track:
bullet ulrick | Comments: 14 | 2011.12.14
Well, why did I call it "unitroot"? Because unit roots is a subject I have been studying as a student in Econometrics and because "unit root" is more funny than "random walk"?! I did this tune in December 2008 with Starkos, a tracker for Amstrad which I used with APE emulator on PC. It is thus a 3-track zik, hihi!. It is a kind of remix of "Sound Position", a previous tune I did on Amiga (see on my soundcloud page). My wife said this zik sounds a bit like music in Japanese sentai ("san ko kai", "bioman",.... Okay Wife, +1. Rouquemoute of FRequency included it in his Amstrad intro for the demoscene (, but the rendering of the intro into video produced wrong slides.

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