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Song Info

Length: 03:03, Page Loaded: 606 times
Format: MOD    Platform: Amiga
Last Played: 01.12.20 06:35:28
Last User Request: Never
Total Plays: 123 (added: 02.03.07)
Appears in Favourites: 0 times

Rating: 3.6 (5 Votes)

The Black Lotus - Mindprobe

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Votes for this track:
2: Buzzer 11.09.07 5: Bobic 18.06.09 3: vincenzo 21.06.10 4: Mice 21.06.10 4: ALiEN^bf 23.03.11

Comments for this track:
bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2009.06.18
This sounds exactly like the techno part of "kefdemotune" from Julius, the track which was used for the brilliant demo "Psychedelic" from Virtual Dreams. The first part of this song is just a copy of the soundtrack for the TBL demo "Mindprobe". So is this just a copy here or a mistake? Or what the hell has Hollywood done here?

I see on BitWorld that Hollywood was involved in Mindprobe, but as far as I can see there with a different tune? (

bullet Bobic | Comments: 1865 | 2009.06.19
After thinking for a while and searching in my memories I now think that this has nothing to do with "Psychedelic", but is definitely the track from "Mindprobe". As far as I know not Hollywood composed this tune, but Azazel. The BitWorld page says, that Hollywood composed "sting.mod" for Mindprobe.

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