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Germany Page Loaded: 5932 times
Handle: Genetic Gemini
Real Name: N/A
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.geneticgemini.org
E-mail: N/A
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 4664
Total song rating: 6.08 (based on 137 votes)
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36 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
GermanyGenetic GeminiA Child Is Dead02:5511315.2/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiAlone And Jilted02:1511905.5/2
GermanyGenetic GeminiArab Dance01:088705.0/1dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiArgh.. There's A Bouncing Mr. Young In My Ear03:1215606.8/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiB-Side Format03:3716526.8/9dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiBack From The Mission04:1816406.5/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiBitfellania03:0916876.1/13shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiBoring Sunday02:3212904.5/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiDä Robodda01:5312004.0/2dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiDemo Borgir03:4613406.5/2shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiDreck für die Massen03:4911606.6/5dlnodemo
GermanyGenetic GeminiFogscape 5:00 A.M.04:2313904.8/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiGG's Mind02:5216506.7/3
GermanyGenetic GeminiGlowing Minds03:0112806.0/3
GermanyGenetic GeminiHabemus Corazzam03:5414406.5/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiIncognito04:088905.0/2
GermanyGenetic GeminiJaultröte To The Max03:4411905.3/3dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiLeaving Home06:2314106.0/1dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiLet The Sun Shine (GG's Parapop Version)03:3512416.8/5dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiMemories02:5613617.0/6dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiPassing Uranus04:0011305.8/5shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiPiano And Violin03:5115805.7/3dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiProzium II03:3913506.5/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiRBMK Reactor No. 404:0212606.2/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiRetroperspektive03:0712606.0/1shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSandwich Vs. Cheeseburger01:3214005.0/3dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSemifluffylullaby03:129306.2/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiShades Of Blue03:3012907.0/1dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiShades Of Red03:4711906.0/2dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSlomo03:4213216.3/6dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSonial Electroshock03:1913306.0/1dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSonial Timeshock05:5910515.2/4dl
GermanyGenetic GeminiSquoquo's Mansion05:0411414.7/3shotdl
GermanyGenetic Gemini
Staatsfreund Nummer Eins04:4012706.7/6shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiWatching The Stars05:2013007.0/7shotdl
GermanyGenetic GeminiWaterflight TV01:3812805.0/2dl
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