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Germany Page Loaded: 6008 times
Handle: Dr.Future
Real Name: Volker Buckow
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.drfuture.de
E-mail: N/A
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 2999
Total song rating: 5.58 (based on 74 votes)
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38 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
GermanyDr.FutureA Place I Know03:2210006.0/1dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureBattle Valley (Dream Team)05:1210405.3/3dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureBridge To The Universe04:1010806.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureBridge To The Universe (Jan Hammer Edit)04:4412605.7/3
GermanyDr.FutureCompilation III (Remix)03:363500.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureCompilation III (remix)03:363700.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureCousin's Song (25th Anniversary)02:204606.0/2nodemo
GermanyDr.FutureDancing Man04:0111405.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureFist II - The Legend Continues03:213606.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureGrand Prix Circuit03:2111014.5/4dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureGreen Beret04:3412100.0/0dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureHollywood Poker Pro (All In 2007)03:5411944.2/6dl
GermanyDr.FutureHollywood Poker Pro 200105:4511405.3/3dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureJeroen (Dreamed By Carlos)04:3612606.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureNoisy Pillars (SAW 3)03:378806.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureOverload (Pt. 2)04:248016.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FuturePapillons (Rickim Edit)03:2211616.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureSleepwalk (Unbreak My Heart)03:5014015.6/5
GermanyDr.FutureStarball (SAW 2)03:389306.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureThanatos (The Piano Dragon)02:413006.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureThe Desert04:111800.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureThe Great Giana Sisters05:2413206.5/4dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureTrojan Warrior05:3114905.2/6dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican (Title 3)04:208306.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 1 · Outpost (Concert Hall Remix)04:481706.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 1 · Outpost (Concert Hall Remix)04:482305.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 1 · Victory (Remix)04:002200.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 1 · Victory (Remix)04:002706.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 2 · The Final Challenge (Remix)03:432800.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 2 · The Final Challenge (Remix)03:432600.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 2 · The Wall (Remix)03:493100.0/0
GermanyDr.FutureTurrican 2 · The Wall (Remix)03:492306.0/1
GermanyDr.FutureWings Of Death03:5413716.0/2
GermanyDr.FutureWings Of Death (Discover Gravity) [Level 1] feat. Péter Nagy-Miklós03:326606.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureWings of Death [Level 1]03:329306.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureWings of Death [Level 2]04:006507.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyDr.FutureWizardry (Marco Polo Edit)03:5011105.0/3dlnodemo
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