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Germany Page Loaded: 4673 times
Handle: Lotek Style
Real Name: Stefan Benz
Birth Date: 1973-09-14
Homepage: http://www.lotekstyle.de/
E-mail: N/A
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 5300
Total song rating: 5.08 (based on 145 votes)
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43 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
GermanyLotek Style80 Years02:2811606.3/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleAbandoned Droid Unit05:3911305.0/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleAge03:3512205.4/5dl
GermanyLotek StyleAlpha Proxima02:5912503.5/4dl
GermanyLotek StyleAltair 403:2513915.4/7dl
GermanyLotek StyleArche04:4812705.3/3
GermanyLotek StyleArtefakt04:1114005.0/3
GermanyLotek StyleAsk Me About Chips05:4611206.0/2
GermanyLotek StyleBeams Are Gonna Blind Me03:2114516.2/6shotdl
GermanyLotek StyleBeams Are Gonna Blinde Me (Vocal)04:1913475.1/13shotdl
GermanyLotek StyleBene Thleilax05:2813815.7/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleBurning Chrome03:3615004.0/4
GermanyLotek StyleDas Sidhäuser Tor02:2811005.0/4dl
GermanyLotek StyleDestroya02:5913106.0/3
GermanyLotek StyleDie Klänge der Neutrinowolken (Shortness)04:098905.5/2dl
GermanyLotek StyleEcholands02:5915504.0/4
GermanyLotek StyleEilig03:1215305.0/1
GermanyLotek StyleEiswelt04:1813705.5/2
GermanyLotek StyleElfworld03:2612706.0/1dl
GermanyLotek StyleEndzeit02:586906.0/2shotdl
GermanyLotek StyleFlainian03:1211606.0/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleGrussfrequenz02:1112614.0/3shotdl
GermanyLotek StyleHardrock04:3510014.5/4dl
GermanyLotek StyleHardrock (Sid)04:3612005.7/3
GermanyLotek StyleHer Face03:4312115.0/5
GermanyLotek StyleHopes05:2212705.0/4
GermanyLotek StyleIm Nebel des Orion06:5411503.7/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleIn My Heart03:047604.8/4
GermanyLotek StyleInstabil04:0212304.3/3
GermanyLotek StyleInterstellare Distanz03:4513906.0/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleLoadatune01:1612105.0/1
GermanyLotek StyleMachine Age04:2511006.0/2dl
GermanyLotek StyleMourning03:1912305.0/1dl
GermanyLotek StyleNo Promises, No Demands05:4612503.0/3dl
GermanyLotek StyleOde To DMA-SC02:5314304.3/3
GermanyLotek StylePhotographic02:2710204.5/2
GermanyLotek Style
PortugalFrequency 9
GermanyLotek StyleRays of Neon03:0212005.0/2
GermanyLotek StyleSad05:2211105.3/3
GermanyLotek StyleSilence03:1710305.2/6
GermanyLotek StyleSpace Pirate02:4616000.0/0
GermanyLotek StyleSweety03:4311606.0/4
GermanyLotek StyleZeitloch03:1414106.0/4
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