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Czech Republic Page Loaded: 4092 times
Handle: Factor6
Real Name: Alan Petrik
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.factor6.ic.cz
E-mail: f6[at]-NO-SPAM-email.cz
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 3603
Total song rating: 5.88 (based on 111 votes)
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46 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
Czech RepublicFactor6AdraSTea Orbit05:02700.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Agent-X ("LSD" ZX Spectrum demo cover)02:489605.0/2dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Angeldust02:4811227.4/8dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Aomi02:152405.0/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6Aomi - the ST version02:26800.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Arkanoid's Revenge02:396406.0/2nodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Back In Time02:529705.5/2dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Back to the Gemba03:591906.0/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6Barymag #2 - 8, Atari800 (X-Ray)01:328606.0/2dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Beetle02:3814416.5/2dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Bits Main03:0114504.8/4dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Blah Blah Gal01:3011704.5/2dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Blip, Atari800 (Hugh Jorghans)02:039715.7/3dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Bonba02:3311005.0/1dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Cell Synthesis05:161700.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Clouds with Virgins in the Skies02:416606.5/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6Digiloo Digiley02:201200.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Digiloo Digiley '1302:205405.0/2nodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Don't Punish My Sync Claire02:48800.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Drea:M03:119304.5/2dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Drink Vodka!03:2612105.0/2
Czech RepublicFactor6Enigma04:4312906.2/8dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Extremes03:5514706.2/5dl
Czech RepublicFactor6GeneraliST03:518815.7/3dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Give Me Time03:132306.0/1
Czech RepublicFactor6Injected With a Poison (a cover of Praga Khan)03:586204.0/3dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Inside00:5415415.3/3dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Jeffunk02:0510804.7/3
Czech RepublicFactor6Jinseii No Tenshi04:314905.0/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6Kolohneez01:4213806.0/2dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Last02:4712506.0/1
Czech RepublicFactor6Mad Max04:2813306.6/8dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Maximum Taste01:3212606.0/1dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Micro02:092206.0/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6Mindtime03:1810106.0/1dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Neon Love04:558406.0/3dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Neutralizer II02:16700.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6NN World03:029215.0/3dl
Czech RepublicFactor6phX04:42200.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Point Of Departure03:0811615.8/4
Czech RepublicFactor6Reason03:207406.0/2shot
Czech RepublicFactor6
Czech RepublicTDM
Satellite One01:4814616.9/8dl
Czech RepublicFactor6Spring is coming02:596706.0/2dlnodemo
Czech RepublicFactor6Taio Byte (bonus guest track)03:098806.0/6
Czech RepublicFactor6The Lost Confidence04:321300.0/0
Czech RepublicFactor6Yellow Leaves Are Falling04:151200.0/0
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