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USA Page Loaded: 4414 times
Handle: Joshua Morse
Real Name: Joshua Morse
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://web.jmflava.com
E-mail: N/A
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 2724
Total song rating: 5.87 (based on 76 votes)
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30 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
USAJoshua MorseAir Shooter (Mega Man 2 - Air Man Stage)04:177406.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseAlligators03:5813427.0/4
USAJoshua MorseAstro Crush (Mega Man 8 - Astro Man Stage)04:1111506.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseCorridor04:057006.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseCorridor04:0512615.5/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseData Base Accessed (Mega Man & Bass - Data Base)03:289606.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseDust Crusher (Mega Man 4 - Dust Man Stage)04:218506.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseFifty Rings to Ride04:076206.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseFunk Bump03:5912516.0/4
USAJoshua MorseHold Please03:5610015.0/5dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseHyperspace Flux01:4710205.0/2nodemo
USAJoshua MorseJ! Groove03:378705.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseJenova02:369306.0/3nodemo
USAJoshua MorseLost Signal03:157204.5/2
USAJoshua MorseMarble Dash06:1510206.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseMitochondriatic Phase04:375406.0/2nodemo
USAJoshua MorsePeaceful Bean03:038906.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorsePharaoh Killer03:006005.5/2nodemo
USAJoshua MorsePower Stone (Mega Man 5 - Stone Man Stage)04:149906.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua Morse
Ryu (Street Fighter) - Satsui no Koto02:559806.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua Morse
USAposu yan
Sagat (Street Fighter) - Coconut Milk (feat. Stacy Morse)03:388806.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseSlash Claw (Mega Man 7 - Slash Man Stage)04:077306.2/4dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseSpark Shock (Mega Man 3 - Spark Man Stage)04:487106.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseSteal the Tiny Bronco!01:157807.0/2nodemo
USAJoshua MorseStreets04:4411504.5/2
USAJoshua MorseThe Ness Shot04:538006.0/3dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseThunder Beam (Mega Man - Elec Man Stage)04:1011606.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseTraining Grounds (Training Montage)05:077706.0/1dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseWinters & Morse04:409406.0/2dlnodemo
USAJoshua MorseYamato Spear (Mega Man 6 - Yamato Man Stage)04:348906.0/2dlnodemo
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