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Sweden Page Loaded: 5617 times
Handle: Mikael Fyrek
Real Name: Mikael Fyrek
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: N/A
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Total Plays: 2963
Total song rating: 6.03 (based on 80 votes)
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30 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
SwedenMikael FyrekA dream I never had06:1112006.0/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekA kiss of starlight on my skin05:547406.5/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekBathing In A River Of Discordant Music04:4814406.0/3dl
SwedenMikael FyrekChill City02:3512805.9/7shot
SwedenMikael FyrekDo You Think It's Just A Dream04:4312306.0/4dl
SwedenMikael FyrekEchoes of friendship06:018806.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekFaith Of The Fallen04:1514207.0/3dl
SwedenMikael FyrekFarewell today05:548706.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekGiant Reds And Blues04:2412706.0/3dl
SwedenMikael FyrekGoodnight Nobody05:329906.0/4dl
SwedenMikael FyrekIf I look back, I am lost06:438406.0/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekJourney inside 214:299405.5/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekNothing but memories03:378005.5/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekNothing left to die for07:389006.3/3shotdl
SwedenMikael FyrekSecret Rooms06:514006.5/2shot
SwedenMikael FyrekSomehow, somewhere, sometime07:2510506.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekSplendor Of Scarlet And Gold06:0812806.0/3dl
SwedenMikael FyrekSt. Mare Abelle03:4310716.8/4dl
SwedenMikael FyrekSubmarine Light04:5512106.0/2dl
FinlandPlanet Boelex
SwedenMikael Fyrek
SwedenMikael FyrekThe Smaller Oranges And Yellows04:3813605.5/2dl
SwedenMikael FyrekThe Tiny Greens And Whites04:1212405.0/3dl
SwedenMikael FyrekThere was a sudden silence06:5410306.0/2dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekThings I see05:5912705.0/1dl
SwedenMikael FyrekTraces04:511400.0/0
SwedenMikael FyrekUnder the violet sky05:109306.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekWe are infinite03:565506.0/3nodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekWe are infinite [deleteme]03:574106.0/2nodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekWe will never be here again03:589506.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenMikael FyrekXerxes Theme05:489206.0/2nodemo
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