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Finland Page Loaded: 3135 times
Handle: Bass Cadet
Real Name: Risto Mäki-Petäys
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.basscadet.fi/
E-mail: basscadet[at]-NO-SPAM-basscadet.fi
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 2363
Total song rating: 5.78 (based on 78 votes)
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34 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
FinlandBass CadetAudible Anthology04:199806.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetBetween the lines01:388406.3/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetBorn Stars04:055906.5/2shot
FinlandBass CadetChrome-Vanadium03:261906.0/2nodemo
FinlandBass CadetConcentrate04:179906.0/4shotdl
FinlandLittle Bitchard
FinlandBass Cadet
FinlandBass CadetDeeper Focus03:361406.0/2shot
FinlandBass CadetDeMarse with his brain03:461505.5/2nodemo
FinlandBass CadetDesert tramp02:2112405.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetDevour04:438105.5/2shotdl
FinlandBass CadetDriller06:021706.0/3shotdl
FinlandBass CadetInfinite Diversity08:319505.5/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetKeel Off04:138105.7/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetKreikan meri00:568505.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetLiquixion04:17900.0/0
FinlandBass CadetMarkov Chainsaw02:26706.0/1
FinlandBass CadetNo perdona el conquistador04:046507.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetPatient my boy06:009805.0/1dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetReconsider The Cubic Lifeform04:249915.5/2shotdl
FinlandBass CadetRefaktor04:129105.5/2shot
FinlandBass CadetResonance Infant06:558106.2/4dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSaku 2001 groove mix06:507406.3/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSaku 2001 harsh mix05:105106.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSaku 2001 original mix02:0810206.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSatellite05:037505.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSeparated by space and coma03:231600.0/0
FinlandBass CadetSilent Guns05:2510505.0/1dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetSilent Service05:0211306.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetStress in walls04:107106.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetTabs Cased04:227806.0/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetTearcatcher05:258205.2/4dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetThe Americans Chill Out05:318506.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetTime capsule05:047005.3/3dlnodemo
FinlandBass CadetVasemman aivopuoliskon halvaus05:302705.5/2nodemo
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