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Slovenia Page Loaded: 5026 times
Handle: Nova Viator
Real Name: Luka Princic (alias DJ Nova, Luke the Wizard, Aaron Goldbody)
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.viator.si/
E-mail: nova[at]-NO-SPAM-viator.si
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 4098
Total song rating: 5.22 (based on 93 votes)
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34 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
SloveniaNova ViatorAnother Bounce02:0312506.0/1
SloveniaNova ViatorBarje Koplje01:3715005.0/1dl
SloveniaNova ViatorDeep Dipci06:3512305.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorDrop D Ebwola Deal03:4111305.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorDull Incognito Imposters00:5112204.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorEcher Stair02:4210205.3/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorElite Punami Asunder04:159505.0/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorEnter The Sound02:5012905.0/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorEver Volatile Epidemics03:0712504.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorExploding Creeps Rule02:3311803.8/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorExterminator Needs Time04:4912816.0/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorExtra Neben Tilten01:4211715.2/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorFluffy Animals02:0010506.0/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorGorey Empire Defense03:5812917.0/5dlnodemo
SloveniaNova ViatorIll Night Vigilantes01:259905.0/1dl
SloveniaNova ViatorImmersive Outline Nickels01:5910406.0/3dlnodemo
SloveniaNova ViatorInto Real Underground00:3411705.0/1dl
SloveniaNova ViatorKolezija03:2811306.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorLaw Oder Smell06:0411505.2/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorMartin Krpan02:3912800.0/0dl
SloveniaNova ViatorNext Time02:3311106.0/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorNitro Alko Nano03:2415604.5/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorNjuizi02:5111605.0/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorOffer For Slackers02:1614206.5/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorRead True Manor04:3211507.0/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorRetry Underground Development00:1713104.3/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorRunaway Lines02:5910605.5/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorSlo I Sintetik02:2712305.0/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorSomebat04:4212715.2/5dl
SloveniaNova ViatorSomething For Us05:3412005.8/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorSraka03:2711406.5/2dl
SloveniaNova ViatorStarwars Mummy03:0813604.8/4dl
SloveniaNova ViatorThe Occult Opposition02:0311803.7/3dl
SloveniaNova ViatorWhite Mice Early Aphex02:0312604.0/3dl
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