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Italy Page Loaded: 4212 times
Handle: Pinozulpo
Real Name: Andy Cusato (aka. Pino Zulpo)
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: andycusato[at]-NO-SPAM-libero.it
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 2883
Total song rating: 5.16 (based on 68 votes)
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25 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
ItalyPinozulpoBlueberry Remix06:1013206.5/2dl
ItalyPinozulpoDesert Dream Part One v205:3511504.5/6
ItalyPinozulpoDesert Dream Part One v305:4212324.0/3dl
ItalyPinozulpoEchoing Remix v202:4310405.0/2dl
ItalyPinozulpoEnd Theme Remix02:108305.2/4dl
ItalyPinozulpoHQC Beat Techno Version03:2114005.0/2dl
ItalyPinozulpoHymn To Yezz01:2013605.0/2dl
ItalyPinozulpoJames Pond 2 Title02:1615105.2/4dlnodemo
ItalyPinozulpoJames Pond 2 Title v202:1212805.3/3dl
ItalyPinozulpoMetal Synth03:0017006.0/3dl
ItalyPinozulpoPlastic Pop02:579105.0/1
ItalyPinozulpoPretend Remix02:5112404.3/3dl
ItalyPinozulpoShadow of the Beast Eerie Forest02:2312506.0/4dl
ItalyPinozulpoShadow of the Beast III - 3x01 - Title02:204000.0/0
ItalyPinozulpoShadow of the Beast III - 3x02 - Caves of Bidhur04:383606.0/1
ItalyPinozulpoShadow of the Beast III The Funeral04:2514600.0/0dl
ItalyPinozulpoShadow of the Beast Underwater01:4010714.0/2dl
ItalyPinozulpoStorm 2010 (Feat. Gibs)05:0410805.0/3dlnodemo
ItalyPinozulpoSuper Frog Main Theme03:1512824.8/4dl
ItalyPinozulpoSword of Sodan (Pumped Title)03:1412115.0/3dl
ItalyPinozulpoTank Scores02:2012305.2/4dl
ItalyPinozulpoTest Drive II02:5511106.2/4dl
ItalyPinozulpoThe Killing Game Show Credits04:0213505.0/1dlnodemo
ItalyPinozulpoTristar Theme Final Remix01:4911205.3/3dl
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