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Finland Page Loaded: 2542 times
Handle: King Thrill
Real Name: N/A
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://kingthrill.blogspot.com/
E-mail: N/A
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Total Plays: 1536
Total song rating: 6.16 (based on 63 votes)
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26 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
FinlandKing Thrill1.662607 MHz Turbo Supercar03:295206.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillA Cute Piece (Demo Mix)03:356704.0/3shot
FinlandKing ThrillAirshow04:516506.0/2shot
FinlandKing ThrillAn Instance of Epicness01:147706.7/3shotdl
FinlandKing ThrillAs we Arrr the Pirates03:326007.0/4dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillAspectus A.D. MMXCIX: Astra nos manent04:597306.7/3dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillCassette age03:36800.0/0
FinlandKing ThrillDoomsday Device03:203106.5/2shot
FinlandKing ThrillEnnennakemattomat bileet rollimetsassa01:307806.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillFast-forwarding thru Hell02:536106.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillFather Lenin's Theme Park03:306405.3/3dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillGrandpa's Humppa Riot03:129817.7/3dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillGuru Meditation03:292100.0/0
FinlandKing ThrillHighway 4k02:341706.0/2shot
FinlandKing ThrillI did not have a pony, I was a Nintendo Girl03:289804.8/5
FinlandKing ThrillIrish Rain03:349517.0/5
FinlandKing ThrillPixelated Knight Tales03:174706.0/1dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillPower Quercetin03:307705.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillRokkiponit megahyper01:381506.0/3nodemo
FinlandKing ThrillSomnia (Demo Mix)02:277405.7/3shot
FinlandKing ThrillSomnia II (demo edit)02:586006.0/2shot
FinlandKing ThrillSudden death mode activated01:332406.0/2nodemo
FinlandKing ThrillThe Animout02:417307.0/2shot
FinlandKing ThrillThe Dragons arrive to rock01:256906.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandKing ThrillThe March of the Wicked03:292606.0/2nodemo
FinlandKing ThrillTo Pirate in Good Spirits03:0510618.0/3dlnodemo
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