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Germany Page Loaded: 4479 times
Handle: Patrick Nevian
Real Name: Patrick Nevian
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.amiworx.de
E-mail: mail[at]-NO-SPAM-amiworx.de
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 3015
Total song rating: 5.89 (based on 110 votes)
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47 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Beach Song00:417815.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Boss 100:517315.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Flug 101:014416.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - HeadQ-AAAB00:307114.7/3nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - HeadQ-AAAC00:326315.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - HeadQ-AABB00:464315.5/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Jungle01:047215.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Jungle Boss00:257915.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Jungle Lab01:026315.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Snow01:555015.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Submarine01:167015.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Submarine B00:516215.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAgent Lux - Title Song00:534815.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic AA-Level4Musik01:322204.5/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic DSA-Level1Musik02:062105.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic DSA-Level2Musik01:322005.0/1nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic DSA-Level3Musik01:552605.5/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic DSA-Level6Musik00:572104.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - LevelMusic DSA-Titelsong02:332005.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - Scene1300:572305.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmbermoon Arcade - Scene2300:532605.0/2nodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianAmberstar05:177106.3/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianApidya03:428707.5/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianCannon Fodder04:169006.3/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianDeath Mask04:189106.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianDeath or Glory04:457907.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianGem´X04:2211007.5/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianGods04:115706.5/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianGolden Axe04:568805.7/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianHero Quest04:188206.0/4dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianHeroes of Gorluth Trailer02:221000.0/0
GermanyPatrick NevianJim Power03:498506.3/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianLethal Xcess03:197706.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianMonkey Island03:417407.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianMr. Nutz02:427406.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianPowder06:208407.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianR-Type04:379507.5/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianRodland02:0910806.0/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianShadow of the Beast06:008006.7/3dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianShadow of the Beast II06:008705.4/5dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianShadow of the Beast III06:578406.5/4dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianSimon the Sorcerer03:126707.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianThe Great Giana Sisters03:556507.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianTurrican 209:138706.2/4dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianTurrican 303:116407.5/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianWrath of the Demon04:216707.0/2dlnodemo
GermanyPatrick NevianZ-Out04:255706.5/2dlnodemo
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