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France Page Loaded: 9560 times
Handle: Dma Sc
Real Name: Mathieu Stempell
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://dma-sc.atari.org/
E-mail: dma-sc[at]-NO-SPAM-atari.org
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 9582
Total song rating: 6.11 (based on 263 votes)
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93 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
FranceDma Sc1st Sidsound03:439906.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScAlive #7 Intro02:338306.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScAlternative Power07:308506.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScBeams Are Gonna Blind Me (Mod)04:2212935.6/8shotdl
FranceDma ScBeams Endpart02:0615913.2/5shotdl
FranceDma ScBubble Days03:0913807.0/1dlnodemo
FranceDma ScBueck in Love02:398706.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScBurton Tribute Project02:2910305.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScChipsters04:427706.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScClean Closet03:249606.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScCool Session02:4312706.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScCRAU Funk03:2811006.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScCybernetic Dancer03:0310806.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScDisco Fizz03:249105.7/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScDosk-Opus03:4212306.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScEnchanted World01:519106.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScExocooper03:3510306.7/3shotdl
FranceDma ScFantasia - 2nd Part02:339707.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScFantasia - Classic ST Tunes Medley05:228306.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScFantasia - Ending02:339007.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScFighting Against Fear04:1311405.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScFlying Over the Earth04:087807.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScForgotten Figures03:3413307.5/4shotdl
FranceDma ScFrankiki01:548205.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScGr00Vix03:5011706.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScHail to Sunny Days02:229307.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScHappy Dancefloor04:0111406.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScHiapoe02:2712425.7/6dlnodemo
FranceDma ScIs It Live?03:5212406.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScJapan Beauties and Troubles02:426206.0/2shot
FranceDma ScMagnetic Mind04:0519917.6/12shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 1 Player music #103:219505.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 1 Player music #203:208305.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 2 Players music #101:1610205.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 2 Players music #201:209605.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 2 Players music #301:169305.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - 2 Players music #401:478105.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - Introduction03:579605.7/3shotdl
FranceDma ScManical Drop - Menu00:239905.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScMongolia03:3311016.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScMr. Boomer - In game07:319205.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScNinja Action Fighter02:267204.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScO-Style02:5712206.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScOdd Stuff End02:4811727.1/11shotdl
FranceDma ScOdd Stuff Main03:4517317.9/7shotdl
FranceDma ScOric02:108406.3/3shotdl
FranceDma ScPhortem Soundtrack06:055006.0/2shot
FranceDma ScPie Bill Gates - Ingame03:1910505.7/3shotdl
FranceDma ScPie Bill Gates - Menu03:4210705.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPlug'n Fuck04:0211006.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScPocket Groove02:4013705.3/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScPooz - Highscores01:489206.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPooz - Ingame03:119406.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPooz - Intro & Menu03:369506.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPooz - Minigames01:1012205.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPooz - The Lab00:468805.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScPre Midnight Pizza03:279106.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma Scr0x - In-Game03:4510706.0/2shotdl
FranceDma Scr0x - Intermission00:468906.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScRainbows Factory01:3810406.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScReturn Of The Fighters03:1712006.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScRunning Deep05:299806.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScSantamagotchi03:047507.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScShining Dance05:0610707.3/3shotdl
FranceDma ScSkit01:109306.0/2shot
FranceDma ScSpiral Zone04:469707.5/2shotdl
FranceDma ScSpring Party03:006006.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScST 20th Megademo - Menu (Original)02:038706.0/2dl
FranceDma ScStars of the Night02:499006.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScSTreet Art02:4211205.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScStreet Robots03:069506.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScSun Burns03:1211406.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScSweet EIL03:539007.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScThe 2149 Gang06:0910604.5/4shotdl
FranceDma ScThe First Blip Blop Noel03:4910807.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScTravellers04:5110406.5/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScTrials03:4610106.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScTrip to Neverland05:1710906.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScTroubled Memories03:159905.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScTwo In One02:4316307.6/7shotdl
FranceDma ScUCM #16 Intro01:458906.0/2shotdl
FranceDma ScUCM #23 Intro01:5410506.7/3shotdl
FranceDma ScUnstructured Dreams02:369806.0/2dl
FranceDma ScUpon Their Reality01:246905.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScVisitors From Dreams05:0715747.5/10shotdl
FranceDma ScWings of Death Remix01:329506.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWolf3D - Ending00:518505.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWolf3D - Get Them02:338805.0/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWolf3D - Highscore00:489605.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWolf3D - Interlude00:4910105.0/2dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWolf3D - Wondering About My Loved Ones02:2011605.7/3dlnodemo
FranceDma ScWonderland Speedway04:1311306.0/3shotdl
FranceDma ScYM-Racing02:2511706.0/2shotdl
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