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Germany Page Loaded: 7903 times
Handle: Mad Max
Real Name: Jochen Hippel
Birth Date: 1971-10-14
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: JochenHippel[at]-NO-SPAM-gmail.com
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 7498
Total song rating: 6.85 (based on 320 votes)
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60 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
GermanyMad Max104:1112527.5/10dl
GermanyMad Max5th Gear06:3212306.3/6shotdl
GermanyMad Max7 Gates Of Jambala 104:0112607.1/11shotdl
GermanyMad Max7 Gates Of Jambala 203:4814606.2/5dl
GermanyMad MaxA Prehistoric Tale Intro06:1812017.0/6dl
GermanyMad MaxA Prehistoric Tale Song 1002:3810506.3/3dl
GermanyMad MaxAmberstar End07:2114207.0/8
GermanyMad MaxAmberstar Title05:2814427.3/10
GermanyMad MaxAstaroth Song 202:1810916.7/3dl
GermanyMad MaxAstaroth Song 302:049716.8/4shotdl
GermanyMad MaxAstaroth Song 405:1211317.2/4shotdl
GermanyMad MaxBeat Nick04:409907.0/3
GermanyMad MaxBuzzer04:0713037.1/7dl
GermanyMad MaxChambers Of Shaolin Song 707:0610417.2/5shot
GermanyMad MaxComic Bakery03:0813306.2/5shot
GermanyMad MaxCrikey Loader00:3712906.2/4shotdl
GermanyMad MaxCuddly Demos Main Menu02:1310205.8/5shot
GermanyMad MaxCuddly Demos Reset02:3312426.2/4shot
GermanyMad MaxCybernoid 205:4515847.4/10shotdl
GermanyMad MaxDragonflight Song 1002:2316326.3/6shot
GermanyMad MaxEnchanted Land Title03:539617.2/5shot
GermanyMad MaxFaith03:4010106.8/4
GermanyMad MaxLeaving Teramis Game Over03:1913206.0/3
GermanyMad MaxLeaving Teramis Menu01:389917.3/7shot
GermanyMad MaxLethal Xcess Amiga08:2114946.8/12shot
GermanyMad MaxLevel 403:4311416.2/6shot
GermanyMad MaxLife's A Bitch AK Screen03:599116.4/5shotdl
GermanyMad MaxLife's A Bitch Beat Nick06:1111006.9/7shotdl
GermanyMad MaxMindbomb Menu04:2913206.0/3shot
GermanyMad MaxOoh Crikey Wot a Scorcher Main Menu03:4011517.0/7
GermanyMad MaxRings Of Medusa06:1912806.0/5
GermanyMad MaxRoll Out03:2511406.3/6shot
GermanyMad MaxSo Watt - TCB02:017605.0/2
GermanyMad MaxStormlord Title06:1211005.5/2shot
GermanyMad MaxSuper-Neo-Demo-Show05:5613616.0/4
GermanyMad MaxThalion Intro02:3713617.2/6shot
GermanyMad MaxThat's The Way It Is07:1315806.0/2shot
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 103:4912606.5/6
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 205:0313806.0/2
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 304:1912406.0/2
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 404:1811907.0/1
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 504:2011806.0/3
GermanyMad MaxThe Last Ninja Remix Song 603:2612206.4/5
GermanyMad MaxThere Aren't Any Sheep In Outer Mongolia03:3216907.5/8shotdl
GermanyMad MaxThings That Go Bump In The Night01:4710006.5/4
GermanyMad MaxTurrican 2 Level 103:2114117.6/7
GermanyMad MaxTurrican 2 Level 203:1411306.0/2
GermanyMad MaxTurrican 2 Level 302:0812906.2/4
GermanyMad MaxTurrican 2 Level 403:299707.0/1
GermanyMad MaxTurrican 2 Level 505:1113607.7/3
GermanyMad MaxVirtual Escape End03:0818247.2/15shotdl
GermanyMad MaxWarp03:3812907.3/6shot
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 103:3518927.5/13shotdl
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 202:4112706.7/6
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 302:5912906.0/2
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 404:0511707.0/2
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 503:2912007.4/7shotdl
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 603:1713407.2/4shot
GermanyMad MaxWings Of Death Level 703:2610727.4/5shotdl
GermanyMad MaxYour Mind Is My Ashtray03:3014307.4/7shot
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