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United Kingdom Page Loaded: 2249 times
Handle: Bex
Real Name: Rebecca Gurney
Birth Date: 1971-10-16
Homepage: https://soundcloud.com/bextular
E-mail: bextula[at]-NO-SPAM-googlemail.com
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 301
Total song rating: 4.56 (based on 9 votes)
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13 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
United KingdomBex1955 internal03:481400.0/0
United KingdomBexAbnormal Contact02:554005.0/2nodemo
United KingdomBexAngels at Sundown03:571800.0/0
United KingdomBexDistorted reflections03:59600.0/0
United KingdomBexDon't look at me03:321400.0/0
United KingdomBexEpic disaster01:463404.0/2nodemo
United KingdomBexFunk outside the box01:453205.0/1
United KingdomBexGreenGamers03:524404.5/2nodemo
United KingdomBexMigrating limb disorder02:44700.0/0
United KingdomBexOtherwise instructed02:421300.0/0
United KingdomBexRouge chromazon02:442700.0/0
United KingdomBexScrew levity01:181900.0/0
United KingdomBexVulgar03:583304.5/2nodemo
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