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United Kingdom Page Loaded: 6345 times
Handle: Subi
Real Name: Sam Brown
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: N/A
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Total Plays: 4083
Total song rating: 4.29 (based on 112 votes)
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52 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
United KingdomSubi80s Rubik03:352400.0/0
United KingdomSubiA Night In Bed With Cathy Dennis06:0011634.0/5dl
United KingdomSubiAcceladrenaline03:461700.0/0
United KingdomSubiAll tomorrow's subis03:597704.0/2nodemo
United KingdomSubiAmiga Sex Garden04:2011403.3/6dl
United KingdomSubiAriadniphobia03:3812604.3/3dl
United KingdomSubiBass destruction at the push of a Subi04:311800.0/0
United KingdomSubiBeyond the valley of the Ultrasubi03:566904.5/2nodemo
United KingdomSubiBytten Down04:0513205.0/3dl
United KingdomSubiComa (Flal Remix)04:0016814.8/5dl
United KingdomSubiEat The Ballbearing04:0114704.8/5dl
United KingdomSubiFanfare for the common Subi04:594304.0/2nodemo
United KingdomSubiFloat04:3012604.0/3dl
United KingdomSubiGet off Subi's lawn04:362106.0/1
United KingdomSubiGlaciers are Slow04:001600.0/0
United KingdomSubiHappy Accident04:301200.0/0
United KingdomSubiHeaven is louder now03:591805.0/1
United KingdomSubiHysterists04:3110114.7/3dl
United KingdomSubiIntrochaser01:1613504.5/6dl
United KingdomSubiKing of Boggle03:498505.0/2dlnodemo
United KingdomSubiLunch (Subi Moves To Manchester Remix)05:2114305.0/5
United KingdomSubiManic Trip City03:0015204.0/4dl
United KingdomSubiManicandustrial07:4812803.0/2dl
United KingdomSubiMental In My State Of Mind02:5615004.0/2dl
United KingdomSubiMindbreak03:559803.0/2dl
United KingdomSubiOn Her Majesty's Secret Subi03:411200.0/0
United KingdomSubiPianotary assault system04:503203.0/1
United KingdomSubiPulstar03:1212204.0/2dl
United KingdomSubiRelief02:5114603.0/3dl
United KingdomSubiRock right now04:059303.0/2dlnodemo
United KingdomSubiSerendipity City03:4412704.5/2dl
United KingdomSubiSomebody03:3511304.7/3dl
United KingdomSubiSpace Madness01:26800.0/0
United KingdomSubiSpeedtrash04:0712814.0/5dl
United KingdomSubiSpeedwork03:2712504.3/3dl
United KingdomSubiSpeedwork (Remix)04:4014405.0/3dl
United KingdomSubiState:Moss03:293405.5/2shot
United KingdomSubiStratospheric City04:4912104.0/2dl
United KingdomSubiSubculture's Theme03:5012504.0/3dl
United KingdomSubiSubculture's Theme 204:0912603.8/4dl
United KingdomSubiSubi does whatever a Subi can03:27900.0/0
United KingdomSubiSubi Gets in the Fucking Robot03:501000.0/0
United KingdomSubiSubi locks it down02:45400.0/0
United KingdomSubiSubi loses the cops03:491700.0/0
United KingdomSubiThe Fail of the Bass of Escher03:533205.5/2nodemo
United KingdomSubiToxic Scarab (feat. Werdy)02:511100.0/0
United KingdomSubiTrier03:4113703.8/4dl
United KingdomSubiUpw002-a05:5312905.1/7
United KingdomSubiVacate03:56700.0/0
United KingdomSubiWe Have To Stop London04:20500.0/0
United KingdomSubiYou can't control04:012200.0/0
United KingdomSubiZero Kilometres Per Second06:56800.0/0
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