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Denmark Page Loaded: 7535 times
Handle: Hazel
Real Name: Ketil Jensen
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://future-vision.dk/
E-mail: hazel[at]-NO-SPAM-future-vision.dk
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 5055
Total song rating: 6.21 (based on 182 votes)
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65 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
DenmarkHazelA Sad Trip To You04:5414406.7/3dlnodemo
Acid Jazz (Grand Theft Audio)04:2217157.2/11dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelArt & Music Compo 303:4212716.7/6dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelAshid vs Evil Deed04:181200.0/0
DenmarkHazelAt the end of the Universe (They listen to ACID)04:292606.0/1
DenmarkHazelAtmosphere (Touching the Sky)04:4814205.0/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelBattle Squadron (This is Goodbye)03:0712816.5/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelBattle Squadron Ingame04:2412506.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelBeginning (Full Speed Remix)07:1713915.2/4dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelBeyond The SKy04:061506.0/1
DenmarkHazelBoz Hubbard03:5912406.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelBruce Lee (Fists Of Fury)03:3815116.2/5dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelCauldron II (The Witch Who Stepped in Dub)03:5513227.0/7dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelComic Bakery (Retro Magic)05:1411806.0/1dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelComic Frame03:248806.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelContest Demo (The 2nd Choice)04:3414806.7/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelCreating the Superduck (Duck'n'Bass Edit)03:359106.5/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelDrunken Noise03:391506.0/1
DenmarkHazelEmotions From Heaven05:102006.0/1
DenmarkHazelEternal Light (When The Sky Glows)05:5611405.5/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelEvelien (Only You)03:5010106.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelFrom Denmark With Love04:4611506.0/2shot
DenmarkHazelGreen Beret (We Shall Never Surrender)06:069305.6/7dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelI Feel The Wind Beneath My Wings04:393006.0/1
DenmarkHazelI Feel The Wind Beneath My Wings04:403406.0/1
DenmarkHazelIntro Fronty II (Remix)04:283006.0/1
DenmarkHazelIntro Fronty II (Remix)04:273106.0/1
DenmarkHazelKaos (From The Past Remix)06:0312905.6/5dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelKung of FU (The Drunken Ninja)03:59706.0/1
DenmarkHazelLake Acid (There is something down there)04:20307.0/1
DenmarkHazelLiving in a dream05:272506.0/1
DenmarkHazelLiving in a dream05:283106.0/1
DenmarkHazelM.A.C.H (When Time Ends)03:1511705.5/4dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelNemesis The Warlock03:548206.0/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelNew paradise05:151506.0/1
DenmarkHazelObjects in the Sky03:3210606.0/4shot
DenmarkHazelOne Man One Button & The End of Mankind03:487506.0/3shot
DenmarkHazelParallax (Space Edit)04:357606.8/4dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelPlanet 9 is Alive04:521806.0/1
DenmarkHazelProject 11 (An Angels Love)04:4711605.2/5dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelReturn of The Forgotten Grandmaster03:582507.0/1
DenmarkHazelROTY 2013 Invite01:592506.0/2nodemo
DenmarkHazelSpace Orbiter (Demo Edit)02:572506.0/2
DenmarkHazelSpellbound (64 Knights And One Round Table)05:0710606.0/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelSunrise Over Beijing04:036206.3/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelSynth Sample 3 Remix05:4411807.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelThe Awesome Power of Nuclear Energy03:497507.0/2dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelThe Caravan Boogeyman drank all the Schnapps02:42305.0/1
DenmarkHazelThe Children of Sputnik (Got The Power)04:369006.0/3dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelThe Key03:4810917.0/7shotdl
DenmarkHazelThe Lost Race - 1x1 - The First Evidence03:262306.0/2nodemo
DenmarkHazelThe Satellites We Love06:3811107.2/4dlnodemo
DenmarkHazelThey really came to party03:596605.7/3shot
DenmarkHazelThrough the Eyes of Science (And the Agony of War)03:511206.0/1
DenmarkHazelToo Many Balls To Handle (Intro)03:218606.0/2nodemo
DenmarkHazelWhen the Sun is Gone04:03507.0/1
DenmarkHazelWhy you should not make music when zombies ate your brain03:342806.5/2nodemo
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