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France Page Loaded: 5957 times
Handle: Targhan
Real Name: Julien Nevo
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: http://www.julien-nevo.com/
E-mail: N/A
Interview: Fill out interview sheet
Total Plays: 5271
Total song rating: 5.37 (based on 109 votes)
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41 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
FranceTarghanArkint (CPC)02:2512404.0/3
FranceTarghanAu Clair De La Lune Remix (CPC)02:5316204.3/3
FranceTarghanBig'o'Full'o'Dem'o Endpart (CPC)04:2715416.4/5shot
FranceTarghanBig'o'Full'o'Dem'o Magma Intro (CPC)04:1713204.2/5shot
FranceTarghanBig'o'Full'o'Dem'o Mainpart (CPC)02:2413705.7/3
FranceTarghanBordelik Meeting 1 Demo Ramlaid Part (CPC)01:3810605.0/2
FranceTarghanBordelik Meeting 3 Demo Orphee Part (CPC)04:1711806.0/3
FranceTarghanBordelik Meeting 4 Megademo Targhan Part (CPC)03:5213606.0/3
FranceTarghanCarpet Midline Process Endpart (CPC)05:2616006.0/1shot
FranceTarghanChinese Demoniak 4 Actus (CPC)02:0815804.0/2
FranceTarghanCigogne Terror Under The Xmas Tree Orphee Part (CPC)05:4412705.2/4
FranceTarghanClimaxG End (CPC)02:2814006.5/2
FranceTarghanDemoIzArt Intro (CPC)02:0917114.7/3
FranceTarghanDemoniak 4 Bidouilles (CPC)04:1814006.0/2
FranceTarghanDemoniak 4 Endpart (CPC)01:5211214.0/3
FranceTarghanDemoniak 5 Main Menu (CPC)02:2812805.0/2
FranceTarghanDemoniak 7 Intro (CPC)00:5710204.0/1
FranceTarghanDesert Dreams 2 (CPC)03:5011305.5/2
FranceTarghanGates To Delirium Endpart (CPC)03:1111905.0/1
FranceTarghanGates To Delirium Mainpart (CPC)04:5811015.7/3shot
FranceTarghanGolio (CPC)03:3912406.0/2
FranceTarghanIshido (CPC)07:2111604.0/1
FranceTarghanLandscape (CPC)04:2614406.0/1
FranceTarghanMadball (CPC)01:1713205.0/2
FranceTarghanMagic (CPC)03:0711615.2/4
FranceTarghanMolusk (CPC)05:0712505.0/2
FranceTarghanNebulos (CPC)09:5910216.0/5
FranceTarghanOctopus (CPC)08:0814504.4/5
FranceTarghanOctopus Pocus02:211000.0/0
FranceTarghanOut Of This World (CPC)03:5213305.0/1
FranceTarghanPower System Megademo Matrix Part (CPC)02:5815205.4/5
FranceTarghanRasta (CPC)02:2712204.5/2
FranceTarghanRastablast (CPC)03:1914507.3/3
FranceTarghanResonance (CPC)04:0912506.0/1
FranceTarghanSea Of Love (CPC)03:4415105.0/2
FranceTarghanSecond Reality (CPC)06:1314725.8/6
FranceTarghanSuprapok (CPC)02:5714306.0/4
FranceTarghanTelassae (CPC)05:3510504.0/1
FranceTarghanTowards Immortality (CPC)03:5712516.0/3
FranceTarghanTurrican The Bath (CPC)03:0715116.0/5
FranceTarghanTurrican The Deep Dungeon (CPC)03:1810906.0/1
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