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Sweden Page Loaded: 5894 times
Handle: Sonic Wanderer
Real Name: Mattias Johansson
Birth Date: N/A
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: N/A
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Total Plays: 3449
Total song rating: 5.96 (based on 97 votes)
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27 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
SwedenSonic WandererAntics (Back From The Dead)03:313006.0/1
SwedenSonic WandererBall Blasta02:3612205.2/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererBeyond The Zero (Re-Entry)04:1014106.5/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererBoing (FutuRetro Remix)03:2913106.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererBreaker03:3413505.0/1dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererCrazy Comets (BITLite Invintro)02:3214816.8/5dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererCybernoid Remix (Short Edit)04:0012505.0/3dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererDruid II - Enlightenment (Turbo Edit)03:4815806.0/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererFlimbo's Quest (For The Ultimate Beat)03:1511615.8/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic Wanderer
Gordian Tomb (Energy Boost Party Edit)03:372100.0/0
SwedenSonic WandererGreat Giana Sisters (Pedal To The Metal Distortion Remix)02:5814415.7/6dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererGreen Beret (Distant Dreams)03:5114905.3/3dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererKikstart II (Kik-It Mix)03:2917308.0/1dlnodemo
SwedenSonic Wanderer
Last Hero04:5811426.7/7dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererLast Ninja - The Palace (128bpm Freestyle Edit)02:4111805.3/3dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererLast Ninja Wilderness04:5413707.0/5dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererNoisy Pillars (Euro-4-Sure Mix)03:1413506.5/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererOcean Loader 2 (Dance X-Periment)03:5315915.7/7dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererOcean Loader 4.5 (Feel The Beat)04:2713405.2/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererOperation Wolf (Touched By The 80's Remix)03:1911105.3/3dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererOuter Space (Spaceboost Remix)03:3811806.2/4dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererParallax (Wanderized)05:5112115.8/5dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererTai Pan (Jumpin' Japanese Remix)03:5612905.2/4dlnodemo
United KingdomBoz
SwedenSonic Wanderer
SwedenSonic WandererTo Be On Top - Tune 2 (Smooth Earcandy Edit)03:5712106.0/2dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererWrath Of The Demon (Aphelion of Solitude)03:1113605.8/5dlnodemo
SwedenSonic WandererX-mas Paranoimia01:4315805.0/2dlnodemo
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