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Finland Page Loaded: 9159 times
Handle: DJ Joge
Real Name: Jouko Karhula
Birth Date: 1973-10-31
Homepage: N/A
E-mail: djjoge[at]-NO-SPAM-gmail.com
Interview: [Link]
Total Plays: 6185
Total song rating: 6.12 (based on 203 votes)
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65 songs found
AuthorSong Length Plays comments Rating Shot/DL
FinlandDJ JogeCeltic Romances14:598506.4/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeCastles of Echoes12:0412606.0/4shot
FinlandDJ JogeSupernova10:539206.6/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeWhirlpool10:3312716.0/3
FinlandDJ Joge7th Heaven10:2910327.2/9shot
FinlandDJ JogePieces Of Eternity09:4710906.6/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeHurricane08:3810106.0/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeMeditator07:2313605.7/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeDaemon in an Angel07:0114806.8/4
FinlandDJ JogeSins of an Angel06:3510605.0/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeStormcenter06:2710805.5/2shot
FinlandDJ JogeFeels Like Dancing06:2211005.7/3
FinlandDJ JogeGhosts From Past06:0911705.2/5
FinlandDJ JogeVideo Main06:0812317.0/2
FinlandDJ Joge200kb from Heaven06:057907.5/2shot
FinlandDJ Joge200k next to heaven06:035306.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ JogeMore'n'More Trance06:0013016.0/4
FinlandDJ JogeThe Magic Touch05:4411505.3/3
FinlandDJ JogeSomething Blue05:3411306.0/4
FinlandDJ JogeJumping Danceshoes05:2811624.5/4shot
FinlandDJ JogeAngels Voice05:2211805.5/2shot
FinlandDJ JogeLet's Get Into KLF05:1710204.3/3
FinlandDJ JogeThrough Trancentral05:1514215.7/7
FinlandDJ JogeElectrica05:1011317.0/4shot
FinlandDJ JogeTrip Over Skies05:0612506.0/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeThe Power of Rhythm04:5112906.7/3
FinlandDJ JogeSunrise04:462207.0/2shot
FinlandDJ Joge2 Sided ST-01 Disk04:4110716.8/4
FinlandDJ JogeSilence Of Monastry04:3612116.0/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeSadisfaction04:3113005.0/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeLonely Wolf04:2712306.3/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeRise (Assembly 2010 quartersize teaser edit)04:249305.5/2shotdl
FinlandDJ JogeExcalibur04:0312007.0/6
FinlandDJ JogeExcubitorium (BP cut)04:008206.7/3
FinlandDJ JogeAce of Bass03:59200.0/0
FinlandDJ JogeOcean Tranquility03:543407.0/2nodemo
FinlandDJ JogeFlying Through Hyperspace (Assembly Cut)03:431605.7/3nodemo
FinlandDJ JogeElectrified03:426606.5/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ JogeSummer Scorchin' (Supreme Heatwave Mix)03:37200.0/0
FinlandDJ Joge69kb Bag of Tricks03:351906.0/2nodemo
FinlandDJ JogeIbiza Sunrise03:341200.0/0
FinlandDJ JogeEuphoric Spring Anthem (Live at Virtual Reality)03:32200.0/0
FinlandDJ JogeEquilibrium03:3110807.0/5dl
FinlandDJ JogeEquilibrium The 3rd03:3112117.0/7
FinlandDJ JogeXenomorph03:302606.0/2nodemo
FinlandDJ JogeBack to Basics03:298705.8/5dl
FinlandDJ JogeBeer and Chips03:289306.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ JogeFlatline03:236606.5/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ Joge
Nicolas Cache03:20100.0/0
FinlandDJ JogeMicrouniverse03:1711906.0/3
FinlandDJ JogeIntropiece03:1611806.0/5shot
FinlandDJ JogeDrifting 32k higher03:058506.5/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ JogePhunk That02:4610806.0/1
FinlandDJ JogeIntroductorium02:449705.7/3shot
FinlandDJ JogeEquilibrium Part II02:3211437.0/9
FinlandDJ JogeRiding Da Wild Wind02:1812106.0/2shot
FinlandDJ JogeVideomusic 302:0611406.0/2dl
FinlandDJ JogeKicking Like Hell01:4013305.0/2dlnodemo
FinlandDJ JogeAfricana01:2212703.5/2
FinlandDJ JogeEl Gondor Pasa01:189006.0/2
FinlandDJ JogeSad Introtune00:5310206.0/2
FinlandDJ JogeVideomusic 200:5311405.6/5
FinlandDJ JogeExperiment00:4613006.0/1
FinlandDJ JogeSamplekokeilu00:3112404.5/2
FinlandDJ JogeJogellus00:3011005.0/1
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