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by JC
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13/150 Listeners (66 Peak), 8204 Comments (24h: 0), 103862 Votes (24h: 3), 36181 Songs, 6123 Authors, 1990 Hours, Queue: 00:08:13 (5 Songs)

Support BitJam

Glad You reached this page, because that means you are trying to find a way to support us with new music! You've found the right place, keep on reading.

We would really like to have your music in as high quality as possible (currently most of what is already in the playlist is encoded as ogg/vorbis quality 8 (~256kbps)). The reason for this is that it is re-encoded before transmission, and it really sounds a lot better if the source files are good. If you have modules (xm, mod, s3m, etc), we would be happiest if we could get them in their original format so we can do the encoding ourselves from those files.

For modules, please think about stereo separation. When listening in headphones a 4 channel module can sound pretty weird! I recommend at least 75% stereo join for such, perhaps a smaller percentage for formats with more channels. The rule is that it should sound good.

Currently Closed

Please create a new folder per uploader. And all files should clearly be identifiable (IE. Author-Track.ogg), and we would REALLY prefer if you also tagged the files properly before uploading (Only author and title are really needed), as this will make our job a little easier.

If you would rather prefer it if we got the files from you (ftp, http, whatever) please just drop Vincenzo a PM.
Or make a post in the forum, and we will get back to you.

To recap the "rules":

* As high quality as possible (Ogg/vorbis q8 prefered, but can also use mp3 if that is the only available format...)
* Modules of XM/S3M/IT/Protracker/Etc can be sent as is (and it's actually the prefered way!)
* Please think about stereo separation
* Only upload scene related stuff
* If you have something to add, just "attach" a textfile along with your upload.
* create a new directory for each uploader
* name tunes in a good way (Author-Title.ogg for example, and not something like "omgwtfcooltune.mp3")
* Please tag files before uploading

Thanks for your help
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