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SIDTool v1

[ Remix64 ]
SIDTool v1
The new SID player frontend for Windows has stepped up to version 1.0. Features:First to Support WinVice for playingSupport Sidplay2 for playbackSupport TinySID for playbackHardSID support via TinySID and Siplay2/WEasy access to the entire High Voltage Sid CollectionEasy single-click interfaceSonglength database support integrationContinuous play to discover SIDs unknown to youShuffle Funktion (Plays random SIDs)Playlist support with ability to add certain subsongs
(not supported by WinVice)Experimental sid2midi supportBuilt in search function for filenames, STIL and SID-HeaderSTIL displayBuild on .NET framework 2.0 (required)
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