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Ghostown and Elude press statement

We all remember last year's great Amiga demo compo at Revision. But the sad fact is that the number of contributions was so low that it barely covered the minimal amount of productions required for the compo to take place. We even began to wonder if it's not actually a twilight of Amiga scene…

While 8-bit scene appears to be slowly waking up from its slumber, the Amiga is in a coma. Maybe it's time to wake up eventually?

Let's bring back the mighty spirit of the Amiga scene again. Prove to the world that Amiiigaaah is still able to kick some ass!

We call upon all the talented sceners out there - move your lazy butts and do something for Revision 2012! Remember the fire that burnt in us during the glory days of Kefrens, Sanity or Andromeda? Remember the parties with 20 Amiga entries and the heart-stopping moments when we were ruling the scene, so proud of the fact that we are Amigians? We do believe the flame has never gone out and we still can light it up.

Keep in mind that Amiga groups can compete in four compos this year: Amiga Demo and Intro for 32-bit AGA machines and Oldschool Demo and 4K Intro for 16 bit OCS Amigas. We only need to believe in Amiga again. We don't want it to be the last Amiga demo compo in the history, right?

Ghostown and Elude, 5.II.2012

[Submitted by jazzcat]
Posted by ALiEN^bf on Wed 08 Feb 2012 | Hits: 2473 | Read/Post Comment: 3 |
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