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Let's do a Stop 'ACTA' - Sampler / Music-Mega-Disk-Thing

This is my first newspost ever on Bitfellas, so please don't hit me with a stick!

Some days ago me and a few other sceners were joking about making up a music album, called "Stop ACTA". But now that I thought about it a little more, it's not a bad idea at all. First, I'd like to point out I'm not really into politics. However ACTA and its cousins SOPA and PIPA, once put into force, have the potential of changing the ways of the internet as we know it. Because of that, hundreds of thousands of people across Europe went onto the streets last saturday, to demonstrate for what they believe is a huge cut into their rights for privacy, freedom of speech and democracy.

So, I suggest let's create an album with some kick-a** tun'age, featuring various artists from the scene, label it 'Stop ACTA' and spread it all over the internet? (bandcamp, youtube etc. etc. you-name-it!). I bet people who come across it would pick it up instantly and enjoy it too .... plus it's all for a very good cause!

Anyone can participate and there's no limits on the style of music you choose or the length of your track. It should probably be within the overall theme which is 'f*** you GEMA' .. errm, or something along those lines. What I mean is that we take a stand that our music and the things we love to do in the scene cannot be compromised by ACTA, SOPA or ... well you get the idea!!

But most importantly this would be a lot of fun for everyone, what do you think?

// SunSpire
[Submitted by SunSpire]
Posted by ALiEN^bf on Mon 13 Feb 2012 | Hits: 1880 | Read/Post Comment: 2 |
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