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Symbiface II going to production

[ Genesis8 Amstrad ]
Symbiface II going to production

The SYMBiFACE II extension card finally is ready for production and can be ordered now !

For more informations visite the Symbiface page and also the
ordering page if you want one (but who wouldnt one .

If you are forgetful, here is a summary of its features :

  • IDE harddisc interface for CF-cards and harddiscs with up to 128GB, the transfer speed is up to 162KB/s
  • 512KB Ram (dk'tronics compatible)
  • 512KB Rom (could also be used as persistant Ram-disc and can be upgraded up to 2MB!)
  • PS/2 mouse connector (finally you can connect your wireless optical mouse to your CPC
  • Realtime clock with additional 128B persistent ram

30 orders are needed to start the production. The price will be between 100 and 120 Euros, that depends on the amount
of orders. Prodatron hope that Dr.Zed will be able to build it for 100 Euro, but better calculate with the worst case.

Production should start end of september (if there are enough orders then) and will take about 3 weeks.

Personal note : we can be sure of nothing in our life, well just one : just after writing this lines, I will order one symbiface...

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Posted by Ghandy on Wed 11 Oct 2006 | Hits: 2258 | Read/Post Comment: 0 |
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