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Underground Conference 10 is taking place - Thu, July 9th to Sun, July 12th 2020

Yes, it is happening. Not offline, not streamed, but an actual demo party in real life!

Join us next week for four days of non-stop insanity at the craziest and coziest outdoor demoparty event ever.

While in the past years our focus always has been to maximize the insanity aspect of the party, the focus this time is different: We want to enable sceners who have not seen each other personally for a long time to finally be able to meet again in a safe space.

We have developed a highly detailed anti-virus security concept. At a level you'd expect from a proper Nerd and based on recent studies, we've eliminated pretty much every possible way of transmitting the Corona virus for the event. UC10 will be the safest spot on earth when it comes to having a good time with fellow demosceners. Who knows when we'll be able to meet next, so take this chance now!

Check out the party website: https://uc10.party
Read our detailed Covid-19 security concept .
And go watch our amazing invitation demo.
[Submitted by scamp]
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