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sceneworld Video interview with Stello Doussis

He is a veteran graphic designer, coder and composer, mostly recognized for the cool soundtrack of Game Boy Color games such as “Happy Hippo” for the Kinder Surprise brand!

In this interview he talks about how he started with is love for game music, learned how to code, do graphics and finally was able to turn his love for music into an employment to make a living.

He also covers his steps working on music on the C64 for the cracking and demoscene.

Learn more about the process of creating Game Boy (Color) music and how he tried to squeeze more out of the system’s sound hardware than what he used to hear before.

Also he shares stories about working on games for the pre-smartphone mobile phones (J2ME devices) with tiny screens and crude possibilities!

A journey not to be missed!

Watch it at :

[Submitted by Nafcom]
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