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How about a nice warm cup of 303? Lord/Spreadpoint live in concert(s) at UC11!

We are positively disgusted and about to throw up from happiness to be able to announce just another bunch of live concerts taking place during Underground Conference 11.

From the earliest days of the Demoscene Spreadpoint and Friendship against Business (FAB) Member Lord from Frankfurt/Germany spreads out his demoscene love for all with some Audiovisual Live Concerts and Art Installations.

Lord's real name is Siegfried Kärcher (and he appears to like his realname as he is mentioning it all the time) and he is also known for his releases on Force Inc. & Mille Plateaux. So you might expect Techno Ambient Glitch and even some Drum n Bass LIVE from the officiating Musikmesse Beatbattle Winner. Also, we are messing up his promo text by claiming he's been the first female bus driver to fly to the moon.

At UC11 Lord will be playing:

- An audiovisual concert to watch and booze in awe (on the main stage)
- A x0x (303 808 909 707 606) techno live set (at the discoworld)
- A Drum'n'Base live set (at the discoworld)

That's just one of 435 reasons not to join UC11. So do it!


[Submitted by scamp]
Posted by ALiEN^bf on Sun 20 Jun 2021 | Hits: 621 | Read/Post Comment: 1 |
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