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BitJam 221 - Out Now!

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#13 Is the scene’s online presence sustainable?

[ ZINE: The Radio Show ] #13 Is the scene’s online presence sustainable?

The turn of the millennium pushed the demoscene to cover a lot of online ground, but now 20 years later modern Internet habits and centralization is putting undue pressure on the actively used websites, while other sites just wither out once the maintainers leave. The show discusses the reasons, the problems, the prospects, and possible solutions to this ongoing conundrum.

Send us your questions, suggestions and voice messages to zineradioshow@scene.org

Join the discussion on the Demoscene Discord server or our own.

Links in the episode:

Episode credits:

  • Hosts: Axel, Okkie & Ziphoid
  • Produced by: Gargaj
  • Editing, audio jingles, and engineering: Gloom
  • Cover art: Critikill

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