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UC11 - We are streaming some of our competitions and events

The last few days at Underground Conference had been extreme. Thunderstorms, a broken crane, a huge tree crashing upon us, two trashed trailers - basically a survival camp with us constantly fighting to not get killed.

But finally the sun has came out. We have a significant delay in our timetable, but whatever. Even with us being a 100% reallife-party, we have decided that we are going to stream some of our events and competitions. The stuff that external people who don't like the weird UC humor might find offensive won't be streamed, as everything touching the privacy of our visitors.

By the way: The party is running until Sunday, so you still have the chance to get off your sofa to enjoy the real thing.

Anyway, check out the stream here:

[Submitted by scamp]
Posted by ALiEN^bf on Wed 07 Jul 2021 | Hits: 634 | Read/Post Comment: 0 |
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