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BitJam 221 - Out Now!

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#14 No, really - why DO people make demos?

[ ZINE: The Radio Show ] #14 No, really - why DO people make demos?

Most of us have been in the scene for a decade or more - so much that it's become second nature. But in 2021, with the massive reach of social media and various other computer art outlets gaining popularity - why would anyone else start making demos? Are we just doing it out of nostalgia and muscle memory? The show takes a look at the shifting relevance of the scene!

Send us your questions, suggestions and voice messages to zineradioshow@scene.org

Join the discussion on the Demoscene Discord server or our own.

Links in the episode:

Episode credits:

  • Hosts: Axel, Okkie & Ziphoid
  • Produced by: Gargaj
  • Editing, audio jingles, and engineering: Gloom
  • Cover art: Critikill

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